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Wedding Planner Los Angeles

Wedding Planner in Los Angeles Looking to Hire a Wedding Planner in Los Angeles? Here are some things to consider when hiring a Wedding Planner: After browsing wedding websites and magazines you’ll begin to realize how exciting and stressful it is to plan one of the biggest days of your life. A Wedding Planner is a great person to hire depending on your budget and ideas. You may contact a …Read More

Glamorous Tent Rentals

At BeDazzle My Events, we specialize in giving you a tent event of your dreams. We carry flexible tent structures and rental tents to bring your event to life. With our reliable service and expertise, we can guarantee your event tent rental will meet all expectations. Our staff and event planner specialists will guide you with our friendly and professional services every time. We have canopies and tents ranging in …Read More

Being Married in Los Angeles

It may seem more stressful than necessary, but sometimes, being married in the busiest places can be the most satisfying. There’s an inherent energy to be found in major cities such as Los Angeles, and your wedding can be fully absorbed in the nightlife and spirit of these locations with ease, enhancing both the guests’ sense of wonder and the overall tone of the event. If you choose to hold …Read More

Booking a Party in California

It can sometimes seem like a nightmare to plan your party without the right support. There are a variety of things to consider when planning any party or event, and you’re never guaranteed to have a truly successful party without getting a bit of outside help. Fortunately, those living in California already have a leg up on those who live elsewhere, since the amount of party planning companies and potential …Read More

Food Ideas for Your Wedding

On the day of a wedding, you should never have to worry about Food Ideas. A wedding is perhaps the most significant day in the life of any man or woman, and if your wedding happens to be the event in question, you should try your hardest to avoid the curse of forgettable meals. After all, your guests may show up to your wedding with the distinct hope of experiencing …Read More

Why You Need a Wedding Planner

The biggest day in any man or woman’s life, very often, is the day that they’re married. It can be a time of great stress and confusion because of the planning, which is the exact opposite of the event’s purpose. To take some of the stress out of your wedding and focus more on the event itself, you should consider hiring a personal planner who will assess the event and …Read More

Three Party Essentials

If you’re thinking of throwing a Three Party, there are a few things that you should consider before you even begin imagining elements like your theme or location. You should always begin with the basic question of how many people will be attending the party, and what the party’s planned purpose will be. These may seem like incredibly simple questions, but they will open up a host of doors for …Read More

Tent Rentals – Los Angeles

Some of the most beautiful weddings occur outdoors. There is just something so effortlessly gorgeous about a union of love which occurs in the beauty of a natural setting, with all of the sounds and sights of the outdoors. Many people, for this reason among others, choose to be wed outside. The unfortunate part about an outdoor wedding is that it is difficult to account for weather. Due to the …Read More

Pipe and Drape Orange County

A wedding is a momentous event. It is a celebration of the love between two people which is so great and so strong that it will last as long as they live. As such, weddings are quite possibly one of the most beautiful occasions we find occurring in our modern society. These important occasions, however, come with a lot of stress and pressure as they are things which we remember …Read More

Pipe and Drape Los Angeles

Huge, life-altering events like weddings are usually very stressful and intense to plan. They require a lot of organization and effort to ensure that they happen just as you want, which is the goal because your wedding is something that you will remember for the rest of your life. Depending on where your wedding is located, you may require different accessories to ensure that the space in which you are …Read More