party rentals riverside ca for all your parties

party rentals riverside ca for all your parties

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party rentals riverside ca

Party Rentals: The Perfect Rental Place

Party rentals riverside ca is the perfect place to rent all your needed supplies. Whether you are hosting a wedding. a tent reception, birthday party, holiday event or need rentals for a gala, BeDazzle My Events has got you covered! We offer great rentals at great prices and are at your service.  Our 12 years expert coordinators are ready to help plan your next great affair. There are lots to choose for party rentals. This all depends on your needs and to make your party a successful one.

Party Rental Items to Choose from in Riverside Ca

There are a number of great party rentals Riverside Ca to choose from when you are hosting a party. For a kids party, a park or large open space is always a great option. A themed party is great for an indoor hall or a private banquet room. You can decorate the party with party rentals for a fun theme or event. Whatever type of party you are hosting, or which venue you choose, our party rental experts in Riverside are here for you.

Party Venues and Party Rentals

Most people don’t like to host parties at the same places over and over again. If you are one of those people than you might consider something a bit different. We have an extensive list of venues and restaurants we work with in the area and would love to give you different options to host your next party.

Table and Chair Rentals Riverside Ca

Renting tables and chairs is necessary for any party or event. It is so important to have the perfect chairs and tables. Whether you are looking to rent chaivari chairs, folding chairs, plastic chairs or even bride and groom chairs, we have a chair for any type of party you can imagine.

Our tables come in a variety of sizes and shapes. We carry round tables, square tables, serpentine and a whole lot more. Our party rental inventory for tables and chairs is a unique one. Check out our link for more information on table and chair rentals.

Options for Table and Chair Rentals

Below are details of BeDazzle My Events chair and table inventory. This will help you decide on the proper rentals for your next party.

Chiavari Chairs

Black Chiavari Chairs, gold, white, brown or silver chiavari chairs in Riverside Ca are always elegant and classic for a grand affair. Whether you  have a wedding, a gala, a formal dinner, etc. it is a great way to add a touch of class to your party.

Folding Chairs

Plastic white folding chairs or resin white folding chairs make great for a picnic, a birthday party or a casual lunch. These are great for seating with a budget and are strong enough to hold weight.

Bride and Groom Chairs

Bride and groom chairs in Riverside Ca are crystal tufted chairs that make great for a head table at a wedding. They are made for a king and queen! Our clients love these chairs. They are very elegant and chic.

Round Table Rentals Riverside Ca

Round tables come in a variety of sizes. They can seat anywhere from 2 guests to 12 guests per table. They are great for any type of party or event. Consider round tables for your next party.

Square Tables for Rent

These tables are fun and look amazing. They also come in different sizes and work great at a party. They pull away from your traditional round table look and add a more chic look. Consider these tables for a more modern wedding.

Serpentine Table Rentals

These tables are great for desserts, gift tables, escort card tables at weddings or a party and more. Our table rentals are also great for guest seating. Pair these tables with chiavari chairs and have an elegant affair!

Wedding/Party Theme

Creating a perfect theme for your wedding or party can be as difficult as finding the perfect dress. Luckily, with BeDazzle My Events event planners it doesn’t have to be. The best part of getting a theme for your wedding or event is imagining how your party will look.

The details of your location, budget and the feeling of the overwhelming of the planning the party can take over and consume you, but what you really should focus on is the colors, the theme and the style. It will make you feel excited about your party and all your party planning.

The ambiance is the touch for a creative party or wedding theme that will enhance your party. Party rentals riverside Ca can offer you colorful linens, an extraordinary amount of color to set the mood, and the creativity you endure adds the personal touch for your guests.

Color of Party Rentals

Throwing a party or having a wedding, is an expression of your personality. Party rentals should contain the colors of your choice when it comes to linens, decor and party lighting rentals.

Idea Board for Your Party

Try keeping an idea board at work, home or in a favorite place. Pin down the ideas on the board to not forget them. Cut pictures, theme favorites, place cards, favorite lounge party rentals Riverside Ca, cake ideas and more. This will help ensure in finding the perfect party theme fall in place.


No matter who the party is for, where the party held, or what the theme of choice is, there is a great party rentals Riverside Ca to order from, for any event, wedding or party you are planning. When selecting the party rentals, it is a good idea to first choose the party venue and select a theme. After, you can decide on the items to rent for the event or party you are holding. Contact BeDazzle My Events today to get started on all your party planning and rental needs.