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The Most Unique and Amazing Places to Get Married in California

What we love about love is that it’s unexpected. It’s unpredictable; it’s unanticipated and serendipitous. And that’s exactly what makes it magical and so incredibly beautiful. It’s amazing what love does to us. It makes us see a world beyond our comprehension. It makes us do things we’ve never done before. It makes us see what cannot be seen by others around us.  So, in a world full of at …Read More

Our Love Is In-Tents: Everything You Need For the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

If your love is as intense as one of Byron’s poetic masterpieces, there’s no way we’re letting you compromise on anything for your wedding day. You, your SO, and your love deserve the best in life—and especially on the biggest day of your life—because you’re best for each other! It’s a rare surprise that in a global community of 7.7 billion people you were able to find, meet and fall in …Read More

You Mer-Maid for Me: The Ultimate Guide to Beach Weddings

It’s time to seas the day! After all, your special day is coming up soon and there’s so much planning to do. And if you’ve always wanted a beach wedding, we’ve got everything you’re looking for! Planning your big day isn’t easy. It’s not a walk in the park and you need to pay great attention to every detail. If you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue, we’ve rounded up a …Read More

Eat, Drink, and Be Married: The Most Romantic Wedding Venues in Orange County

When you think of Orange County, you probably get an image of a region full of strip malls, hiking trails, beaches, The Real Housewives, and of course, Disneyland parks. But that’s not the only thing the beautiful region has to offer! It’s also home to some of the most scenic and gorgeous wedding venues. And if you’re planning your big day, what better way is there to celebrate than in …Read More

Miss Out on Nothing with Wedding Planning Checklist

Got engaged recently? #Congratulations! Here’s to a new beginning and a long and prosperous partnership! You’ve probably envisioned your special day a thousand times in your head. From the invitations, to the event décor, to your wedding dress and even the food – you have thought out all the details and know exactly how you want everything to be. However, there’s a lot of work to be done before you …Read More

The Ultimate Wedding Rental Checklist

Planning a wedding is a herculean task. From meeting with dressmakers to find the perfect dress to deciding on the menu, planning every last thing can leave you feeling frazzled. By the time you’ve finalized the wedding venue, you’re too exhausted to even think about the tiny details! But before you decide to call it a night, know that just having the perfect venue will not make your event as …Read More

Hiring the Right Party Rental Company for Your Big Event in LA: All You Need to Know

Ever since you were little, you’d watched your mother host picture-perfect parties at home. She would get out the hand-painted floral dishware to go with the ivory colored tableware. She would hang down the fairy lights and the tealights to illuminate the corners of the dining area. And you’d watch, fascinated by the magic of her elegant touch. But today, you don’t have fancy hand painted dishware at your home and the …Read More

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