Wedding Tent for Rent Pasadena

Wedding Tent for Rent Pasadena

Tent for Rent Pasadena

Tent for Rent Pasadena

Wedding Tent
Tent for Rent Pasadena

Tent for Rent Pasadena

Planning an outdoor event in Pasadena? Have you decided on the most important item for it? The tent! Tent for rent Pasadena is the way to go! No matter which outdoor location you choose for your event, deciding on the tent is one of the most important considerations you would have to take. Tent not only provides shade from the scorching sun but it also offers protection from the cold and rain, as well as pests lurking in the nature. A tent also allows you to decorate your party in creative and innovative ways. BeDazzle My Events not only help you in planning out your outdoor event in Pasadena, but will also assist you in picking out the right tent for rent for your event.

Why You Need a Tent for Rent in Pasadena?

The possibilities of using a tent for your outdoor event in Pasadena are endless! You can rent a tent to use on a beach, in a garden, in your back yard and so many more places where you and your guests can enjoy the nature but also be protected. If you are still unsure whether you want to rent a tent for your event in Pasadena, here are the major reasons that will help you realize why you need to rent a tent:


Weather in Pasadena

The weather in Pasadena can get unpredictable. There can be chances of unexpected rains. This means if you rent a tent for your event in Pasadena, you would be protecting your guests from this unexpected weather.


Food in a Tent

The tent you rent can also be used to indicate a separate food area and also protect the food from the temperature outside in Pasadena.


Customization of Rentals

When you organize an outdoor event in Pasadena and use a tent, it also gives you a chance to play around with the layout of the space you rented. It makes way for customization. You want several separate rooms, rent different sized tents, you want clear walls or want windows, rent the tents that come with windows or are made from clear material.


Atmosphere for Tent

The tent you rent would be a blank canvas. You can decorate the tent in whatever way you want. The tent you rent out will be a perfect opportunity for you to set the right mood and feel for your event in Pasadena. You can make the feel of the place relaxed, causal, dramatic or elegant just with the décor you select for your tent.


Bugs Protection Before Renting a Tent

No one likes to be disturbed by pests and bugs, especially if they are at an event. Unfortunately, when holding an outdoor event in Pasadena, there is a possibility that there might be begs and pests, especially if the event is at a garden, field, or even beach. When you rent a tent, it provides protection against these pests and bugs.


VIP Segregation

In case of a formal or official event in Pasadena, you might want to keep a separate special place for your VIP guests. This segregation can be done by using a tent. When you rent the tent you can even choose different colored small sized tents that can indicate which section is for which guests.


Size Variety of Tents for Rent

The best thing about tents is that you can rent a tent in various sizes and shapes as per your need. If you are worried that a tent would be small or too big for your event in Pasadena, BeDazzle My Events can help you in determining the right size of the tent as per the count of your guests. That will make it easier to rent the right tent that can easily accommodate everyone.


Sound Barrier

If you rent a tent then it can also work as a sound barrier. Your guests won’t hear the hustle and bustle of Pasadena happening outside the tent while outsiders won’t get be disturbed by the music playing inside the tent.



If your event in Pasadena is happening during the summers than without a tent, your guests will get sweaty, uncomfortable and irritated. They will also be more vulnerable to a heat stroke, if the temperature is too high or a sun burn. Remember, children are even more vulnerable. You wouldn’t want your guests to get ill due to standing for long hours in the sun. It is best to rent a tent so that it provides protection and shade from the sun in Pasadena.


Privacy with a Tent

Another major reason why you need to rent a tent for your event is that it would give you and your guests some privacy. Since your event in Pasadena is at an outdoor location, there might be a lot of onlookers which might make your guests uncomfortable. A tent you rent out can work as a barrier between the party and the outsiders. It will make your event in Pasadena more private and intimate where you and your guests can comfortably enjoy.


Types of Tents

Now that you have realized the importance to rent a tent for your event in Pasadena, it is time to determine what kind of tent you would need. Tents come in various different sizes and shapes. The most common types of tent that you can rent in Pasadena are as follows:


Canopy Tent

The canopy tent is the most affordable, versatile, popular, and traditional tents you can rent in Pasadena. This tent is a free standing tent and has no center poles. This would enable you to utilize the maximum use of space as per your requirement. When you opt to rent a canopy tent, it also offers you the option to not utilize the side walls which would create an airy, open but covered space for your event in Pasadena. However, if you want to rent a tent with sidewalls and even windows, canopy tent also gives you this option. BeDazzle My Events can assist you in transforming the interior of the canopy tent you rent out in an elegant environment.


Festival Tent

A festive tent will give your event in Pasadena a fun touch. This tent includes 50% less parts as compared to any other tent you can rent. This is a super easy tent to set up. The festival tent is impressive and has the ability to withstand strong winds that are up to 85 miles/hour. This tent can be rent out and installed with a few more festival tents to create an array of visually stunning peaks. You can also rent a single festival tent to create a futuristic and modern feel.


Push Pole Tent

A push pole tent has dramatic sweeping slopes and higher peaks which make this tent resemble the traditional tent rent out for circuses. If you want to give that effect or want the tent you rent to look magnificent then this is a tent for you. Push pole tent has big vertical center poles which run down from the center of the tent in 20 foot increments. You can also add colorful flags on the top of the tent you rent making it a unique and fun event in Pasadena.


Structural Tent

The structural tent is weather resistant, making it perfect to rent out for larger events and for longer events in Pasadena as well. This tent doesn’t have center poles but have peak height of a minimum 22 feet, and side height of about 16 feet. This makes for a secure and impressive environment. If you are looking for a tent to rent for bigger events, and/or if your event in Pasadena would be a long event then this is an ideal tent to go with.


Tension Tent

You can also rent out tension tent which are visually stunning with graceful lines and sculpted high peaks. The tent has a big interior with unique ceiling that has swooping curves and dramatic peaks. If you opt to rent a tension tent, its high peaks will redirect the strong winds and rain around and over the sides of the tent you rent for your event in Pasadena.


There are so many options of tents to rent for your event in Pasadena. It can indeed get overwhelming but BeDazzle My Events can help you in determining which tent would be right for you to rent out for your event in Pasadena.


Factors to Consider When Selecting the Right Tent for Rent in Pasadena

After you have learned about the different types of tents that you can rent for your event in Pasadena, you now have to factor in various considerations in order to pick the right tent. Here are a few things you must consider before you rent the tent:

  • Firstly, you need to determine the space you have to install your tent. There are some tents that might need more space in order to install properly. Therefore, determine the size of the venue you have selected so that you can rent the tent in the right size.
  • Another thing you have to factor in before you rent the tent is the amount of guests that will be coming to attend your event in Pasadena. The tent you rent must be large enough to accommodate all your guests easily with enough room for them to comfortably walk around.
  • Aside from this, you would also need to consider the activities you would be holding inside the tent you rent. Determine how much space those activities would need and then deicide the size of the tent.
  • Moreover, you would also have to consider whether you want all guests to have a complete view of the event or not. For instance, if the event you are organizing in Pasadena is a ceremony that requires a stage, you might want all guests to have a clear view of the stage. For this, the best tent to rent would be the ones without interior poles so that they don’t obstruct the view of your guests.
  • Another thing to consider before you rent a tent is the duration of your event in Pasadena. As mentioned above, there are certain type of tents that can withstand string winds and rain which could be ideal for a longer duration event. Therefore, you can rent a tension tent or a push pole tent for your event in Pasadena.
  • You would also need to consider the surface on which the tent you rent would be installed. There are some surfaces like concrete and pavement which require more work and equipment for installing the tent. This might increase the cost of the rent.
  • You would also have to determine the number of tents you want to rent. This would be based on the circumstances and requirements of the event you are organizing in Pasadena. The multiple quantity of tent you would rent might also get you discount on the rent. The installation and dismantling of the tent are typically included in the rent rates.



There you have it a detailed guide on how you can rent the right tent for your party or event in Pasadena. Aside from the basic requirements which include the number of guests and the size of the space, as well as other factors highlighted above, your decision to rent the tent would also be based on your personal preference.

There are bound to be a number of different tents which would fill all your criteria and requirements so in the end it would be your choice and your aesthetic desires that can help in finalizing the decision to rent the ideal tent for your event in Pasadena. Contact BeDazzle My Events right away to get started on organizing your event in Pasadena. The team will also help you in selecting the right tent to rent for your outdoor event.