Party Rentals – Pasadena Pool Party

Party Rentals – Pasadena Pool Party

Party Rentals Pasadena

Party Rentals Pasadena

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Party Rentals Pasadena

Party Rentals Pasadena is the way to go! Summer is in full swing and that calls for spending more time outdoors with your family and friends. The best way to enjoy the sunny days and pleasant evenings is by throwing outdoor parties. When it comes to outdoor parties, pool parties are the most popular because you can swim (who can live without swimming in summers?). Golden sunlight, water, colorful décor, festive floats and fruity cocktails make pool parties ideal to make the most of summers.

Want to throw a perfect pool party, this summer?

Contact Party Rentals Pasadena because they can help you plan the most amazing pool party that your guests will remember for years. Whether you want help with planning, décor, invitations, catering, equipment, or entertainment, party rental Pasadena is the one stop solution to all your party needs. We are not only the best event rentals in Pasadena, but are also acclaimed event rentals in Anaheim, Orange County, Inland Empire and Los Angeles. We also provide lounge furniture rental and draping and lighting for weddings and events in Burbank.

Tips for Throwing a Perfect Pool Party Rentals Pasadena

Pool parties may seem like the easiest of all – all you need is a pool, some guests and food, right? But, they require equal (if not more) thought and effort. If not done right, a pool party can also be dull and boring.

Wondering how to ensure that your pool party is a success?

Here are some tips and suggestions that will help you throw the coolest pool party ever:

·         Do Not Skimp On the Décor Party Rentals Pasadena

Just like all other types of parties, having a wonderful pool party is all about providing your guests with the right atmosphere. Although pool parties are casual, this does not mean you cannot have a theme for your pool party.

To upscale your pool party, choose an interesting theme and correspond the décor, food, and floats to it. You can even ask your guests to wear suits that go with the theme. Some unique pool party themes are:

  • Vintage surfing
  • 80s music videos
  • Country picnic
  • White/ black party
  • James bond
  • Beach club
  • Summer camp
  • Moroccan riad
  • Tropical

While we all love themed parties, a lot of people could not throw them because they need a lot of planning and work. Party Rentals Pasadena can make throwing a themed pool party a lot easier for you. Let us take care of all the difficult tasks while you decide who you should invite and what people can ruin the fun of your party and hence, are best to keep off the list. And hey! Do not forget to buy your dress.

·         Set Up a Beverage and Ice Cream Bar

A pool party means you and your guests are going to stay under the sun, all day. This can cause dehydration. This is why it is important to drink plenty of fluids. Provide a variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to make sure all guests find a drink according to their taste.

While a beverage bar is a must, you can also set up an ice cream bar to keep your guests cool. Your younger guests will especially love this idea. For bar equipment, contact party rentals Pasadena.

·         Consider the Needs of Your Guests

As the party host, it is your responsibility to take care of your guests’ needs so that they can have fun at the party. In addition to drinks, guests at your pool party will need towels and sunscreens as well. Although it is likely that your guests will bring their own towels and sunscreens, it is always good to have them available at the party too (what if someone forgets to bring them or needs extra?)

Have a stack of washed towels and a range of sunscreens available. You can even set up a small, separate station for these. A small tip to add color to your backyard is to have towels in a variety of bright colors.

In addition to this, make sure that there is shaded area nearby so that your guests can get out of the sun and relax for some time, if they want. It is always a good idea to set the food station under the shade because food items can quickly go bad under the sun. If there is no shade around your pool, you can use sun umbrellas to create a temporary shaded area. You can also provide straw hats to guests so that they can protect themselves from the scorching sunlight when they are in the pool. If this sounds too much work to you, get in touch with party rentals Pasadena and we will take care of it.

You also need to have a bathroom available to your guests where they can freshen up and change. Make sure to remove your items of everyday use from the bathroom and place fresh soaps, shampoos, moisturizer and combs. Buy travel size items and place them in a basket next to the bathroom sink.

·         Keep Food Available All the Time

Unlike other parties, your guests are likely to eat more often at the pool party. This is because they will be swimming and they will feel hungry after some time. One of the elements that can ensure the success of your pool party is to have something available at the food table that guests can munch on whenever they want.

To save yourself from hassle, choose food items that do not need to be heated, like chilled soup, cold salmon, fruit and vegetable salad, cold sandwiches etc. Finger foods are great for pool parties as they are easy to serve and eat and do not create any mess.

Party Rentals Pasadena offers wonderful catering services and can provide your choice of food for the pool party. We can also provide staff to serve the guests so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

·         Prepare a First Aid Kit and Keep it Handy

While this may sound common knowledge, but the fact is that a lot of people forget to prepare a first aid kit. Small accidents are likely to happen at pool parties, so it is advised to always have a basic first aid kit available to deal with any emergencies.

Bonus Tip: In addition to sting sprays, band aids and Advil, include Aloe Vera Gel in the first aid kit as it is great for sunburns.

Party planning is difficult and requires a lot of organizational skills and presence of mind. One of the reasons why many people hire party rentals is because it ensures that all the necessary elements will be available. Professional party rentals, such as party rentals Pasadena, plan and organize different types of parties literally every day, so they know what the essential requirements of a party are.

In addition to providing rental services for party supplies, Be Dazzle My Events has an experienced team of event planners who work closely with each client to make sure they understand their requirements and fulfill them.

List of Don’ts at a Pool Party

Yes, you read it right!

There are certain things that you should be careful of at a pool party, whether you are a host or a guest.

Do not know what they are?

Don’t worry because we have got you covered. Following are some don’ts at a pool party:

·         Do Not Go Crazy over Alcohol

While you may feel tempted to have a couple of more drinks even when you have reached your alcohol limit, be careful because:

  • It is still day time
  • Too much consumption of alcohol can cause dehydration
  • You should not get tipsy as there are other people still swimming, which may include children, and this can cause accidents.

·         Do Not Leave Children Unattended

Kids love parties because they get the opportunity to run around, have fun with their friends and make as much noise as they want without being scolded by their parents. While parents to be vigilant all the time, they should be especially careful at pool parties. Never leave children unattended, especially while they are swimming or playing nearby pool, in order to avoid any unfortunate incident.

·         Do Not Swim Immediately After Eating

Remember the rule your swimming instructor told you when you were in school?

Let us remind you! It says “no swimming for 30 minutes after eating”.

You need to give your stomach some time to settle, but if you are finding it too hard to sit alongside the pool for 30 minutes while everyone else is having fun in the pool, at least weight for about 10 to 15 minutes because you surely do not want to throw up in the pool.

What Games Can Be Played At A Pool Party?

To make your party more interactive and to keep the fun going, you should plan some games. Some popular games for pool parties are:

  • Relay race
  • Noodle joust
  • Water freeze tag
  • Marco polo
  • Watermelon push rush

You can also play some card or board game when your guests get tired of swimming.

Decoration Ideas for Pool Party Rentals Pasadena

Whether you are planning a themed pool party or not you will need to have some items for decorating the pool and its surrounding area. Since the pool is going to be the main attraction at the party, you can have a variety of colorful and interesting floats.

Some key items for pool parties are:

  • Float beds
  • Food floats, such as in shape of donut or popsicle
  • Inflatable animals, such as flamingos, swans or anything that goes with your theme
  • Floating coolers so that your guests can drink in the pool
  • Beach balls
  • Life jackets for your younger guests

In addition to these pool items, you will need to have a seating area, food table and beverage station. Make sure to place comfortable sofas in the seating area so that guests can relax there. Use decorative pillows and throw covers for adding a wow factor.

To save money, rent all the furniture from party rentals Pasadena. We provide a variety of chairs, tables and sofas. We also provide rental services for crockery, table linens, chair covers, carpets, bar equipment and a lot more party supplies.

Planning to continue your pool party till night?

Let us take care of the lighting. Whether you want to lit up your backyard with fairy lights, chili lights or hanging lights alongside the pool, we can provide you with that. At party rentals Pasadena, we also have creative lighting experts who can hide all the ugly parts of your backyards and sue lighting techniques to bring focus to the main attractions. In short, we can make your ordinary backyard look stunning.

To get in touch with party rentals Pasadena, visit You can also call at (909) 304-7272 or (949) 566- 4543 or send an email to [email protected]. We can help you with party planning, wedding planning, catering, furniture rental, corporate event planning and a lot more.   Get in touch with us today to discuss your plans for the next party and we will make it a huge success.