With Dance Floor Rentals, You Can Dance in Peace

With Dance Floor Rentals, You Can Dance in Peace

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Dance parties are always fun when you are attending them, but when you are planning one, they are not fun at all! All the burden of making sure everything is perfect, from the décor, food, to the furniture, can be extremely overwhelming. Click her for our dance floor rentals page ! 

Does the headache of hosting a dance party make you want to raise a white flag and surrender?

What about the costs? They are nothing, but expensive!

What if we tell you the opposite can be true for you?

What do we mean by “opposite?”

Seriously, is that even a question to ask a professional and experienced event rentals and planning company?

Okay, we’re just pulling your leg! We would be more than happy to answer your question.

By “opposite,” we mean cheap and frugal!

Bedazzle My Events offers you CHEAP DANCE FLOOR RENTALS! — Yay!

Cheap dance floor rentals is just one half of a great service we offer to our customers. The second half of the service we offer is our event planning service.

That’s right, we will not only provide you with cheap dance floor rentals, but also help you plan your dance party.

With us around and helping you get everything about your dance party perfect and just right, you can dance in peace, knowing we have everything under control!

If you are thinking about hosting a dance party, but the costs and the headache of planning a dance party stops you from going forward, leave everything up to us! Give us directions, let us know your theme, and, please be free to ask for suggestions and recommendations to plan an amazing dance party for your friends and family, and that too, at a price you can afford.

No matter what your budget is, we can work with it and provide you with premium quality and reliable dance floor rentals for your party. If you are still on edge, don’t be! We can give you a host of incredible reasons to host dance parties.

Cheap Dance Floor Rentals — 6 Reasons We Host Dance Parties

We can help you host a hip and happening dance party, one your friends and family will be talking about for several years. In order to help you throw a cheap dance party, you need to make up your mind if you want to plan one or not.

If you say you are unsure if you should host a dance party, we can provide you with a few reasons why we think hosting a dance party will go in your favor. Some of the reasons we have come up with include:

§         Brings Everyone Together

Hosting a dance party is one of the most fun and enjoyable events you can plan because it brings everyone together. Okay, not the entire world, but it does bring your friends and family together. You can invite all your loved ones in one place so you can dance and have an incredible time with each other. If you are trying to get people together, but are unable to, plan a cheap dance party, and we will help you with it!

§         Celebrate a Personal Achievement

Have you gotten a promotion? Have you gotten a new job? If something incredible has happened in your life, you need to celebrate your personal achievement. You need to gather the people who always have rooted for your success from the beginning to joining in celebrating your personal achievement. Ask us about our cheap dance floor rentals so we can plan a successful dance party to celebrate your success in your personal or professional life.

§         Celebrate Your Birthday, Engagement, Anniversary, or Birth of Baby

We can help you celebrate your birthday and wedding anniversary. If you have just gotten engaged or you have given birth to your first child, you can celebrate it with a dance party. We can help you set up a cheap, but quality dance floor at the venue of your choice. It is time that you let loose and celebrate your milestones in life with the people closest to you. Make your dance party dream come true with our cheap dance floor rentals right now!

§         Celebrate Your Failures

Why should you celebrate your failures? See, everyone fails! Failing is a part of life. What we can do is not mope about it by shutting ourselves in our room and feeling miserable about it. Instead of crying around and beating yourself up over it, why don’t you celebrate it? Yes, that’s right, we’re telling you to celebrate your failures, as it is therapeutic.Dance your sorrows away by calling us to talk about our cheap dance floor rentals.

§         Celebrate for No Reason

Throw a dance party just because you can. You do not always need a reason to have an incredible time. When you haven’t seen your friends and family for a long time, you can plan a dance party, inviting all of them. We can help you choose a theme for your dance party, if you do not have one already in mind.

If you have not seen someone in a long time, what better way is there to catch up on each other’s life than through a dance party! Get in touch with us to learn more about cheap dance floor rentals service. Not only will we deck your entire venue with themed furniture rentals, but help you plan it as well!

§         Celebrate Because You Are Bored

Do you often complain about why your life is boring these days? Why no one throws a dance party? Stop complaining and do something about it by planning a dance party people will remember forever! If the cost of planning a party worries you, don’t be worried because we have the expertise to work within your allocated budget and the best part is that our dance floor rentals service is cheap and affordable!

The thought about planning a dance party has probably crossed your mind several times, but you have yet to act upon it.

Are we right in our assumption?

If we are, we have given you enough reasons to act upon your thoughts and we have even offered to help you enact them! Make your dance party into a reality by contacting us for our cheap dance floor rentals service. If you want, we can also provide you with our dance party planning service.

The Popularity of Backyard Dance Parties and How Our Cheap Dance Floor Rentals Service Can Help Make It Happen

Why are parties in the backyard with an open dance floor so popular with most people nowadays? Again, we can give you a multitude of reasons of why this is the case. Even though you can have a dance party with an open floor in an enclosed venue, you can choose to go with the popular option of planning a backyard dance party with an open floor. Here’s why we think you should give a backyard dance party some thought:

§         Planning a Dance Party in the Backyard is Easy

If you want to have an open dance floor, your backyard is perfect for it. If you have a spacious backyard or you can rent an outdoor venue, you will have one incredible dance floor. We can supply with several party rentals to decorate your event such as lights, drapery, tables, chairs, stage, and more. We can set up boundaries the dance floor, centering it in the middle of the backyard.

§         Finding Your Backyard Will be a Piece of Cake for Your Guests

If you are hosting a dance party with an open dance floor in your backyard, you know that your friends and family will have no trouble finding the location, as they know where you live already. However, if you are planning to have a dance party with an open dance floor in someone else’s backyard or an outdoor venue, we can help you print out directions to help your guests find it easily as well as put up markers, if possible, directing your guests to the correct location.

§         Going to the Bathroom Will Not be a Problem

“Where is the bathroom?” your guest will ask and you will say, “Inside the house.” If you are having a dance party with an open dance floor at your house, there will be no need for you to get portable bathrooms rentals. In the event you are going with an outdoor venue with no bathroom in sight, we can provide you with portable bathrooms rentals as well. With us, you will not have to look at another service to acquire portable bathroom rentals for your dance party, as that is something we can provide you with through our cheap dance floor rentals service.

§         You Can Achieve an Intimate Setting

One of most common reasons why people choose to have an open dance floor in their backyard is because of how intimate it is. Your guests, which include your friends and family, will feel comfortable and be at ease. If you want to create an intimate setting that will provide your guests with a warm and inviting feeling, but you are unable to use your backyard to host an open floor dance party, with our cheap dance floor rentals, we can create an intimate setting using furniture rentals that give off this exact feeling that you are hoping to achieve through your dance party setup and décor.

§         You Can Clean on Your Own Time

At an open floor dance party and that too, in your backyard, you use several types of décor such as balloons, streamers, chairs, tables, plates, forks, spoons, centerpieces, and what not to decorate your backyard. It is supposed to look like a dance party so decorating it with all these decorations is necessary.

If you are doing it all on your own, you can clean whenever you have time, meaning you do not have to put your cleanup operation into effect instantly, but you can do it the next day or in two days, but do not prolong it more than that, as you will get lazy.

When renting party rentals, return them, but if you are using our cheap dance floor rentals service, you do not have to return anything to us, as we can clean up after ourselves. Using our cheap dance floor rentals service, we will help you decorate your venue.

We will deliver all the party rentals that you have requested us to your location. We place everything in place before your guests are due to arrive. Once the dance party ends, we will clean up your entire backyard, picking up all the furniture rentals.

§         You Can Cook Up Food with Ease

You are in the comfort of your own home. Cooking for you will be a breeze!  But when you are throwing a huge dance party with a big dance floor in your backyard, preparing food for so many people will become hectic for you. Consider hiring us for our cheap dance floor rentals service as well as our party planning services.

Not only will you have to plan the entire dance party by yourself, but you will also have to prepare the food! Here’s what we propose to you — you can acquire our cheap dance floor rentals service and our planning service.

We will handle both these tasks while you prepare the food or you can obtain our catering service as well. We will decorate your backyard, plan the event, and provide food. You have the option to go for all three of our services.

Get in touch with BeDazzle My Events today! Ask us about our cheap dance floor rentals service and any other service that interests you! We promise we will provide you with a cost-effective and cheap rentals package! We want you to be least bothered on how your dance party is going to turn out to be because when you hire our cheap dance floor rentals service, you can dance in peace!