Dance Floor Rentals

Dance All Night Long with the Perfect Dance Floor

Wedding receptions are a way for you to show your guests your gratitude. So, of course, you’d want them to let their hair down and party. And for that, a cheap dance floor isn’t going to cut it!

If you want your friends and family to get down and boogie all night long without a care in the world, you’ll want a wedding dance floor that matches your theme and your budget, as well as your guests’ expectations.

Whether it’s an indoor event or an outdoor party in sunny Los Angeles CA, we have a selection of dance floor rentals that’ll suit your needs perfectly. From our simple white seamless floors to dramatic black and white checkered dance floors, we offer all of these styles in a range of sizes, each one reasonably priced!

White Seamless Dance Floor

12×12 $720.00
16×16 $1,280.00
20×20 $1,600.00
24×24 $2,300.00
28×28 $3,000.00
36×36 $5,000.00
40×40 $6,000.00
48×48 $8,000.00

Oak Dance Floor

8×12 $295.00
12×12 $495.00
12×16 $595.00
16×16 $795.00
16×20 $995.00
20×20 $1,200.00

Black and White Checkered Dance Floor

12×12 $720.00
16×16 $1,280.00
20×20 $1,600.00
24×24 $2,300.00
28×28 $3,000.00
36×36 $5,000.00
40×40 $6,000.00
48×48 $8,000.00

LED Dance Floor

10×10 $1295
13×13 $1595
16×16 $1995
20×20 $2595

Dance Floor Rentals in Los Angeles & Orange County, CA

Are you making the list of vendors you need to get in touch with for your upcoming event in Los Angeles? Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, or corporate event; a dance floor is always a good addition. It is the simplest way to keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout the party.

Dancing is a good ice-breaking activity and having a dance floor at your party is like providing your guests with a space to connect with new people and to socialize with their pals. So, if you have an event coming up, make sure to add dance floor rentals to your list. While there are numerous reasons why you should have a dance floor at all your Los Angeles event, here are a few:

To Make Your Party More Inviting

Although it is highly likely that people will dance at the party even if there is no dance floor, having a dance floor makes it more inviting and saves your guests from the confusion of whether they should dance or not. Nobody will waste time in determining if they may cut loose and will head to the dance floor if they want to dance.

To Improve the Dancing Experience

While you can invite the guests to dance on grass, carpet or the hardwood floor (depending on the type of flooring at the party), they are not comfortable to dance on. Also, they may not be safe considering the fact that guests may be wearing shoes that are not appropriate for certain types of flooring. Renting a dance floor ensures that your guests will have a smooth and safe area to bust a move.

To Enhance the Interior

Having the right dance floor installed enhances the interior by improving the layout of the space. It will designate the area for dancing and will also add a classy appeal to your event.

To Customize Your Event

Professional dance floors from BeDazzle My Events can help you customize your next event by providing you with the right dance floor based on your events theme. Dance floors are now available in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials. Dance floor lighting can also be used to complement and improve the décor of the event.

Things to Consider While Renting the Dance Floor

So you’ve decided to have a dance floor at your next event, but don’t know how to go about it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To provide your guests with a comfortable and safe dancing space and to make sure they have an amazing dancing experience, consider the following factors while renting a dance floor:

  • -Number of guests
  • -The capacity of the venue
  • -Type of lighting at the venue
  • -Demographics of the guests
  • -The area where you are going to have the dance floor
  • -Location of the DJ or band
  • -Your budget

Determining the Right Size of the Dance Floor

When it comes to dance floors, bigger is not always better because many people do not want to feel like they are under the spotlight. Also, it should not be crammed with people. Your dance floor has to be just the right size according to the number of guests who will be dancing. A good rule of thumb is to consider that about 30% of the guests will be dancing at one time.

In addition to this, the size of the venue should also be considered when determining the size of the dance floor. You surely don’t want the dance floor to be so big that it takes most of the space, or so small that guests can’t locate it at a large venue.

Choose the Right Type of Dance Floor

In addition to determining the size of your dance floor, it’s also important to choose the right type. Dance floors are available in a large variety of styles and materials. Do you want a marble dance floor or one that’s made of wood? Do you want a white, black, or clear dance floor? Is there a specific color that you’re looking for? Do you want an illuminated dance floor or one without the lights? Each type of dance floor will give a different look and feel to your event.

The type of dance floor should be selected according to the nature of your event and your budget. If you want to add the high-end club ‘feel’ to your party and there is no budget limitation, then you should ask for an illuminated dance floor. If you are organizing a corporate event or want to have an elegant dance floor at your wedding reception, then you may consider having a marble dance floor.

Looking for an elegant dance floor option that is not too expensive? Go for a checkered dance floor in black and white. In addition to all these options, dance floors are also available in a variety of woods and materials that imitate wood. Bedazzle My Events can help you determine whether you should rent a parquet dance floor, one that’s made of birch, or a wood laminate one.

The type of dance floor also depends upon your needs – do you want the dance floor to stand out and be the centerpiece of the venue or blend in with the rest of the décor? For example, if you are having a poolside party, you may consider having the dance floor installed over the pool instead of putting it near the pool deck area. Acrylic flooring is one of the popular choices for this type of dance floor.

Confused about what will be the right type of dance floor for your event? Consult Bedazzle My Events; the most reputable dance floor rental company in Los Angeles, Orange County, Pasadena and Inland Empire.

BeDazzle My Events is one of the very few dance floor rentals companies that will create the perfect dancing atmosphere for your party. Furthermore, our dance floor experts can also create a unique experience by projecting specific patterns, shapes or even the logo of your company on the dance floor with the help of lighting or vinyl wrapping.

Questions to Ask When Renting a Dance Floor

Not all dance floor rental companies provide the best quality products and services. This is why it is recommended to ask certain questions to make sure that you get the best value for your money. Do not know what to ask to a dance floor rental company?

Here are some of the questions to ask:

  • -What types of dance floors do they have for rent?
  • -How far in advance should you book the dance floor?
  • -How much time will they need to install a dance floor?
  • -Will they help you determine the right type/size dance floor based on your event?
  • -Will they customize the dance floor according to your requirements?
  • -What is included in the quoted price? Is it only to rent the dance floor or is it all inclusive including installation?
  • -What is their cancellation and refund policy?
  • -What type of decoration do they offer for the type of dance floor that you want? Basic lighting? LED lighting?
  • -Does the dance floor rental company offer insurance? Do you need to pay extra money?

In order to give you an accurate estimate and help you choose the correct dance floor, we’ll send our representative to visit your venue. The visit will help us to determine if there is a need for a base floor/sub-floor for installation which may increase the rental price. Certain surfaces, such as soft grass, require sub-flooring before installing a dance floor.

BeDazzle My Events can provide you with a wide range of highest-quality dance floors to choose from. Contact us for more information now!