Corporate Event Rentals in Burbank

Corporate Event Rentals in Burbank

Corporate Event Rentals in Burbank

Who can assist you in hosting a spectacular corporate event in Burbank?

BeDazzle My Events wants to offer its assistance, guidance, and expertise to small and big businesses with plans to host a corporate event and provide you with all your corporate rentals in Burbank area. We offer corporate event rentals in Burbank as well as corporate event planning services to businesses established in the area and all over Southern California.

How Corporate Event Rentals in Burbank Can Help You Plan Your Event?

2016 was a big year for corporate meetings and events in the United States. Corporate meetings and events generated around $325 billion of direct spending and $845 billion in sales. Hiring a company like BeDazzle My Events to help you with your coporate event rentals and event planning will help you make your corporate event run smoothly and successfully.

In fact, just in 2016, 1.9 million corporate meetings and events took place around the United States. How does this concern you? If you have made your way to the top, you are ready to organize a corporate event and hire BeDazzle My Events for all your event and rental needs.

Corporate events will give you more exposure, increase your sales, and generate revenue. This is not just our take on why you should host an event and engage our service of corporate event rentals in Burbank, but also 98% of federal employees in the United States agree with us.

The federal employees state that hosting events where businesses interact with people can help advance their mission and objective. For big businesses, it makes sense to host huge corporate events, but in the case of small businesses, is it still worth the investment?

Yes, it is! 96% of small businesses state that hosting a corporate event where you get to interact with current and prospective customers is worth the investment. Corporate event rentals in Burbank can help you with all your hosting event needs.

Why Should You Choose BeDazzle My Events for Corporate Event Rentals in Burbank?

You can go with any company for corporate event rentals in Burbank so why should you choose BeDazzle My Events? We can provide you with several reasons on why we are your best choice to organize a corporate event with rentals in Burbank. Here is why you should select us for corporate event rentals in Burbank:

1. We Have the Reputation in the Market and the Reviews to Back It Up

The first step to hiring an event management and rentals company is to ensure they have built a good reputation in the market. The second step to hiring any company for corporate event rentals in Burbank is to ensure they have received good reviews from satisfied clients.

We meet both steps!

We have built a good reputation in the market and have received amazing reviews from past clients. Never go with an event management and rentals company that lacks in one or both areas of their business, as that is a red flag. To prevent yourself from making the wrong choice with rentals and corporate planning, a choice you may regret later on, go with BeDazzle My Events. We are the safe choice, the right choice for your corporate event and all your rentals in Burbank.

2. We Will Never Make You Wait on Us

Is this the first corporate event you are hosting in Burbank? Or is the second corporate event you are hosting in Burbank? Whether it is your first or second, you will have lots of questions for us, and we are here to answer all of them.

If you are seeking us out for corporate event rentals in Burbank for your next event because your experience with your last event rentals company was not up to the mark with a lack of communication playing a large part in it, know that with us that will not be a problem. We take all of our event planning and corporate event rentals seriously and get the job done right.

Communication is key for us here at BeDazzle My Events. When you reach out to us for the first time, we will not take unnecessary hours and days to get back to you, but do it as soon as possible. You can contact us via our website, email, or by phone. We are ready to start planning your corporate event with all rentals you may need.

Once you have hired our service of corporate event rentals in Burbank, we will keep in constant contact with you throughout the event planning process. You can expect us to be on top of everything from the beginning! Feel free to focus on other aspects of your corporate event while we handle the actual planning and rentals decorating aspects of the event taking place in Burbank.

3. We Assure Quality in Both Our Services and Products

Quality of services and products is critical. We can provide you with both a premium quality service and product rentals. We take stringent measures to ensure you receive both. We are dedicated and committed to providing you exceptional event planning services and product rentals.

With us, you will have zero complaints! We will make sure that you have nothing to complain about by taking all necessary steps to ensure you receive quality services and corporate product rentals. Why don’t you view our gallery and find out for yourself? We have consistently delivered on our promise to provide you with corporate services and products for rentals you can rely on with your eyes closed!

4. We Can Work with Every Budget

Businesses dedicate a budget to hosting acorporate event in the beginning of the year. Every company dedicates a different amount for hosting an event and for all their needed rentals. Small businesses might have a small budget whereas big businesses might have a large budget.

Whatever your budget is, you can trust us not to exceed it, but work with the amount allotted to us to organize a corporate event in Burbank for you at your chosen venue. We will never ever compromise on quality regardless of what your budget is. If you are unsure on how much it is going to cost you to arrange an event in Burbank, you can let us know your vision and requirements and we will give you an estimate for your corporate event and rentals.

5. We Have a Diverse Collection of Corporate Event Rentals in Burbank

Our corporate event rentals in Burbank consists of a diverse collection of products. We can provide you with tables, chairs, decor, tents, lighting, draping, and more. We have themed furniture rentals and décor as well. If you have a certain color scheme in mind for your event, we can arrange for corporate rentals that go with your chosen color scheme. No matter how unique your product needs are, you can rest assured that we can meet them.

How Corporate Event Rentals in Burbank Can Make Your Event Unique?

With our help, your corporate event in Burbank will be unique! Out-of-the-box ideas work best when you want to create a lasting impression on your visitors. When you opt for our service of corporate event rentals in Burbank, our team will be on hand to provide you with an array of unique ideas to make your corporate event more memorable. Some of the ideas you can consider making a part of your corporate event in Burbank include:

 Use Lots of Vibrant Colors

We are all for using muted colors at events, but our preference is to use bold and vibrant colors instead. Some of the colors we have fallen in love with at first sight include aqua, tangerine, raspberry, and more. Most often, venues will have neutral colors splashed on their walls with neutral or muted décor. We cover up the walls with vibrant and bright draping and decorate the venue with stunning and equally vibrant décor.

 Not Everything Has to Match

Going with matching décor for your corporate event in Burbank is a safe choice. Should you always play it safe? Okay, we understand that not everyone has the sense of harmonizing contrasting colors and two wrong colors combined together can create a clash.

If you obtain our service of corporate event rentals in Burbank, we can assure you that you will not face a problem of clashing colors. Our corporate event planners can use contrasting colors that also complement each other to create your theme with our high end rentals at an affordable price.

You can ask us for guidance and suggestions on the colors you should choose for your corporate event. If you want us to help you plan your event as well, consider hiring us for both event planning and corporate event rentals in Burbank.

 Have a Theme for Your Corporate Event

Just because you are hosting a corporate event in Burbank does not mean you cannot have a theme. You can go with several different types of theme for your event. We can provide you with corporate event rentals in Burbank to make the theme you have chosen for your event possible. We will supply you with furniture and décor such as lighting and draping that will stay true to the theme you have picked for your corporate event and event rentals in Burbank.

 Have Entertainment

You do not want your visitors to get bored and leave. Instead of only centering your event to provide your visitors with information on your brands and its services and products, you can also add entertainment into the mix. You can hire hypnotists, magicians, comedians, ventriloquists, singers, or a live band to perform at your event or corporate event.

Corporate Event Rentals in Burbank Brings You Innovative Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event in Burbank

Do you want your corporate event in Burbank to look the same as other corporate events or do you want your event to stand out? We hope you opted for the latter option. If you want people to recall your event, you need to make it different from others.

Here are some innovative ideas we can make happen for your next corporate event and rentals in Burbank:

1. Get a Photo booth

Corporate events in Burbank do not have to be only informative, but can also be fun and exciting. You can place one or more photo booths around the venue. Visitors will take pictures in the photo booth and take a piece of memory of the event with them.

2. Install a Chandelier

If your venue allows, we can install a chandelier at your event. The number of chandeliers we install depends on the size of the venue. You do not want your visitors to be greeted with a dull and boring environment, which is why it is essential you use lighting to brighten things up. For professional settings, chandelier rentals are perfect.

3. Serve Delicious and Mouthwatering Food

Even though serving delicious and mouthwatering food to your visitors is a given, the difference is in the way you serve it to them. Instead of having them seated at tables and chairs, you can have waiters serve them food.
The waiters can go around the venue, serving food and drinks. As for where you can get delectable food from, you can get them from BeDazzle My Events. We provide a catering service, consisting of appetizers/first course, main entrees, and desserts.

For events where several stations are set up, you can opt for appetizers. If you are hosting an intimate event, attended by professionals, such as a conference, you can serve a three-course meal at the end of the meeting.

4. Choose a Spooky Theme

Spooky and corporate do not mix, but that is exactly what is so unique about this odd combination. If you plan to host an event nearing Halloween in Burbank, you can opt for spooky theme event rentals. Waiters can dress up as scary creatures and serve ghoulish inspired food and drinks.

You can count on our service of corporate rentals in Burbank to provide you with furniture and décor rentals that match your scary and spooky theme. A spooky theme is great for businesses, introducing new services and products near Halloween.

5. Choose a Carnival Theme

Business owners whose target audience is kids can opt for a carnival theme for their event in Burbank. Your carnival theme can consist of red and white striped tents, offering food, games, information, and more.

If you want to promote your latest product or service to children and parents, go with a carnival theme. We can even help you advertise your event in Burbank on the right mediums. As for the décor rentals for your carnival themed event, we will supply you with tents and also set them up at the venue for you. When you choose us for corporate event rentals in Burbank, we can provide you with the furniture and décor you need to pull off your carnival themed corporate event.

If you are ready to hire us to plan your event, contact BeDazzle My Events right away! Ask us about our corporate event rentals in Burbank service.