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Party Light Rentals in Los Angeles

Have you ever gone to an outdoor event and stumbled around in the dim lighting? Or maybe you’ve attended a function and it was so bright that the venue seemed plain and cold.

Lighting can make or break an event experience whether it’s a wedding, gala or party. If it’s too bright the mood can seem stark and unfriendly. If it’s too dark, key elements of the event design could be missed.

Proper lighting can lead to some pretty magical results. Great lighting sets the right mood and creates an ambiance of pristine beauty and elegance for any event, from grand company celebrations to intimate weddings!

Enhance your event space with the best outdoor lighting options, backdrops and uplighting rentals from BeDazzle My Events in Los Angeles, CA. We serve all of Southern California and are ready to provide you with all rentals

Make your venue look bigger by illuminating ‘dead’ spots. Highlight key features of the décor such as centerpieces, backdrops, stage areas, or other key focal points at your venue.

Gobos have been used in gala dinners, award ceremonies, company functions as visual props to promote branding. As a growing trend, they’re being used in weddings to feature the bride’s and groom’s names or initials. But what is a Gobo exactly? Well, simply put, it’s a small circular stencil placed at the front of the light fixture and creates a projected image or pattern. Gobos can be used to project things like monograms, dates, wedding motifs or patterns which can form part of the overall event design and they can be appear on the wall, the ceiling or the floor. The stencils, which are made out of steel or glass, are also keepsakes for the event hosts or bride and groom.

Thinking about an outdoor wedding or garden event? Then market lights, also called bistro lights, café lights, string lights, or Ping Pong lights, provide the perfect lighting for an intimate creative atmosphere. These lights are multi-functional and can be incorporated in a variety of décor elements. They can be suspended from trees, poles, railings or fences to create a warm, romantic feel. Market lights can also be draped over the food stations or tables, wrapped around columns or even placed behind wall draping. Whether indoor or outdoor, market lights provide the perfect lighting for weddings, corporate events or parties.

At BeDazzle My Events, we offer a variety of lighting options for any type of event. You can choose from our selection of Pin Spot lights, Uplights, Gobos or Market lights to create the perfect ambiance and mood for your guests whether you’re planning a grand corporate event or an intimate, romantic wedding. These can be combined with other décor options available right here. Make the details of your event design shine making for perfect pictures with any of our select lighting rentals.

Venue Wall Draping

Venue draping is a best way to transform the look of the rental space with some fun, flowy, elegant fabrics. Backdrop rentals made with beautiful chiffon draping is the perfect wall draping for your wedding, event, gala or party. Pair the wall draping, the backdrop or ceiling drapes with LED lighting for a major transformation. BeDazzle My Events is ready to get on board and help you with all your wall draping, event backdrop draping, ceiling draping for your wedding and more. Contact us today to get started.

The planning of the event, wedding, gala or party can be stressful. It is best to leave it to event rental companies when it comes to wall draping rentals and other rentals for your affair.  Buying material, and buying the right material can be expensive and over whelming. Fabric is not the only thing that goes into transforming your venue with wall draping. You also have to consider the pipe and drape system and the lighting for your wall draping, ceiling draping, backdrop wedding rentals, etc.

Chiffon Drape Rentals

Chiffon draping for your wedding, event or party is the most popular fabric for rental. It has a soft flow and is very elegant to use. It hangs nicely and is transparent. It is a translucent fabric to allow for lighting to pass through. It is mostly used to enhance the look of the walls and to add a dramatic look.

Venue Draping: Catch Their Eyes

Gorgeous venue draping is a sure thing to catch the attention notice of your guests! Your guests will love the transformed venue and will continue to talk about your wedding or event for days to come.

Consider wall draping, backdrop wedding rentals, or wedding ceiling draping for your next occasion. BeDazzle My Events is the perfect place for all your draping rentals and more. Contact us today to get more information on draping and lighting rentals and more.

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