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What is an essential part of every important event, including your wedding, that you can’t do without? That’s right-tables! You want your guests to be comfortably seated for your special day and it is our job to help you achieve that.

Should you rent or buy tables for your event?

When hosting an event, you can find yourself in a dilemma: Should I buy or rent what I need? Don’t allow this decision to overwhelm you. The best way to determine which is the best decision for you, ask yourself this question: “Is this a one-time event?″

  • • If your answer is yes, then renting tables for the day would be a wise financial decision. The cost of renting is much more affordable than the cost of an outright purchase.
  • • If your answer is no, it means that you plan to have other events in the near future or on a regular basis. If this is the case, you will need to ensure you have sufficient storage space. Large items such as tables and chairs require a designated space where they can be stored when not in use.

Other than cost, there are other benefits of rentals. When you rent tables, you don’t have to worry about arranging transport to remove them after your event. Who wants the hassle of lifting heavy items especially on your wedding day? Leave the heavy lifting to us. At Bedazzle My Events, we have a dedicated team that will collect your tables at the end of your event.

One bit of caution when you rent is to ensure you return the items in a good condition. Before you sign the rental agreement, take time to read it carefully so you understand all the terms and conditions. Usually, if you return a damaged item, you will be required to pay the full price (or the price provided by the rental company) to replace it. You should make sure you inspect the items upon receipt and before you return them to the rental company.

What Kind of Table Should You Choose?

At Bedazzle My Events, we provide a wide selection of high quality tables from which to choose. Browse our page and take a look at our offer of banquet and round tables at a very affordable price. Depending on the layout of your venue and the size of your guest list, you can decide which type of table will work best for you. Each type has its benefits so let’s take a look.

Round Tables

Whether it is a wedding, a conference, a charity or any other event, most clients prefer the classic round tables. Our tables are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events and for as many guests as you expect. Round tables are ideal for small venues. With this size table, you can fit more tables than square or rectangle tables. Also, when you furnish your space with round tables, you won’t have to worry about your guests bumping into one another.

We also provide taller round tables that you can set out in your lounge area or in strategic spots in your venue. This will be perfect for your guests to enjoy more intimate conversations while they stand and enjoy some cocktails.

At Bedazzle My Events, we offer the following round tables:

  • • 30-inch round table, seats 4 guests ($9.00)
  • • 48-inch round table, seats 6-8 guests ($8.00)
  • • 54-inch table, seats 8 guests ($8.00)
  • • 60-inch table, seats 8-10 guests ($9.00)
  • • 72-inch table, seats 10-12 guests ($11.00)
  • • 5 feet by 5 feet square table, seats 8-12 ($16.00)
  • • 60-inch half moon table ($9.95)
  • • 7-feet serpentine table ($14.00)

Banquet Tables

Another popular option for all your important events is a banquet table. They usually come in rectangular shapes, such as the ones you will find in our gallery. Banquet tables can come in various sizes and heights depending on your needs and the number of guests you expect.

When choosing the number of banquet tables for your event, first decide how many guests you plan to sit at each one. You want to utilize the area of the table well, while making sure your guests have sufficient leg room. Banquet tables also work well for your head table. That way, both you and your guests will have better visibility of the area. At Bedazzle My Events, we have a variety of sizes for you to consider.

We offer the following banquet tables:

  • • 4 feet, seats 6 guests ($7.00)
  • • 6 feet, seats 8 guests ($8.00)
  • • 8 feet, seats 10 guests ($9.00)

In order to create a comfortable seating arrangement for all your guests, allow up to 6″ or 8″ of space between the chairs. The appropriate table spacing is 42″ between tables.

Which Type of Material is Best?

When it comes to quality, we pride ourselves for stocking only the best! Our tables are made from high quality durable materials. When choosing tables for your event, you want to ensure they are sturdy. The last thing you’d want is for your beautifully decorated table to come crashing down during your event. You can choose tables made of wood or hard plastic. If you intend to have children at your event, you may want to stay away from glass tables. That will safeguard you from the expense of replacing a table if it is accidentally broken.

And what’s also great about our tables is they can be fold easily. So when your event is over, cleaning up should be a breeze with our folding tables. They can also be stacked on top one another until pick up time.

Contact us today and let us help you determine the type and number of tables you will need. Once you provide us with your desired layout and the size of your guest list, we can make recommendations. After we look at the options and the costing, you can decide which will work best for you. Let us help you make your event perfect!

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