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Are you planning your wedding? Are you planning a banquet or a fabulous gala? An elegant tabletop will be an attractive addition to your Los Angeles event, and it will turn your event from ordinary to classy in no time. What’s classier than having silverware on your tables to complete the look?

At BeDazzle My Events in Los Angeles, we offer a quality selection of silverware suited for any theme and budget. Our range includes old-fashioned and modern silverware that cater for the young and young-at-heart. Each of our collections will add a touch of elegance to your wedding, corporate event or dinner party and make your guests feel special. And best of all, you can enjoy all of this even with a limited budget.

From Natural Elements to Steel

If you understand what it takes to create silverware, you’ll appreciate their beauty even more. Silverware goes through a process that allows a set combination of two elements, chromium and nickel. The individual pieces or sets which will be labeled 18/10, 18/8 or 18/0, can be used on a regular basis and can retain their usefulness if treated with great care. The first number in the ratio represents the percentage of chromium and the latter, the percentage of nickel.

Silverware with the highest quality has a ratio of 18/10, while 18/0 represents the lowest quality silverware which is more prone to rust. The chromium/nickel combination is an excellent choice for event planners. Chromium is resistant to rust and stains, while the nickel adds that extra luster or bright sheen to the cutlery. The higher the nickel percentage, the shinier the cutlery will be.

From Steel to Cutlery

Steel is converted to cutlery using one of two methods: forging or stamping. If your cutlery is forged, it means that a thick piece of metal is heated to very high temperatures. It is then cut and shaped by hand or machinery to create a simple pattern that forms each piece of cutlery.

The stamping process occurs when a pattern is cut like a stamp from a continuous piece of stainless steel. The final product is light cutlery that is easier to hold than the heavier cutlery made using the forging method.

Major Qualities of Our Silverware

• They provide a mirror finish that gives a glow that works well for weddings and parties
• They are available at very reasonable prices.
• They are available in sets or individual pieces.
• They are dishwasher safe but can also be washed by hand.

Choosing your Silverware

With our wide assortment of silverware, you should have no difficulty striking the right balance between function and style.

Get the correct feel. Lift up the cutlery, pretend you are actually using it and get a feel for it. Determine if it’s the correct length and the weight is acceptable. The cost of the cutlery depends on the weight. Medium-weight silverware is normally cheaper than others. On the other hand, heavy-weight silverware is more expensive but usually has a sturdier feel. Heavy-weight silverware also gives an extra touch to your tables.

Choose the right look. You may like silverware with a pattern usually on the handle or just plain ones. Both types are attractive and serve the same purpose at your function. What it comes down to is choosing the style that you prefer for your event.

With all this fantastic knowledge about silverware, you are now ready to rent cutlery for your wedding reception, conference, or dinner party in Los Angeles. Choose from our collection of forks, spoons and knives. All of our silverware are stylish, durable and a cut above the rest.

We provide three, four, five and six-place settings with the minimum setting being a dinner knife, dinner fork and teaspoon. Our knife blades are wide and have a great cutting ability. The spoons are deep enough to fill a morsel and the forks have symmetrical tines which are perfectly shaped.

At BeDazzle My Events, we never compromise on quality. And as always, our prices are hard to beat. So decide on the number of guests you’ll be having at your event and we’ll take care of the rest. Give us a call today and let’s throw an amazing party together!

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