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Party Tent Rentals Los Angeles

Below is a gallery of party tent rentals we have done in the past for clients in Orange County, Los Angeles.

Have a look and let us know how you want your party tent to be decorated! We offer a bunch of props for décor, as well as ceiling liners, wall draping, twinkle lights and more for an added cost. In addition, we provide a selection of canopies and tents for you to choose from.

With special treats like clear tents and more available at an affordable price, you’d have to be silly to pass up this opportunity. Call us today at 909-263-3533 to learn more!

Standard Tent Rental Prices

10 X 10 $125.00
10 X 20 $200.00
15 X 15 $225.00
15 X 30 $450.00
15 X 45 $675.00
15 X 60 $900.00
15 X 75 $1,125.00
15 X 90 $1,350.00
15 X 100 $1,500.00
20 X 20 $400.00
20 X 30 $600.00
20 X 40 $800.00
30 X 30 $900.00
30 X 40 $1,200.00
30 X 50 $1,500.00
30 X 60 $1,800.00
30 X 80 $2,400.00
30 X 100 $3,000.00
40 X 40 $1,600.00
40 x 60 $2,400.00
40 X 80 $3,200.00
40 x 100 $4,000.00

Tent Rentals in Los Angeles

Are you looking to spice up your event a little? Perhaps throw a party in your backyard? Or do you wish to organize your wedding outdoor but you are worried the weather will ruin it? Have no fear!

Whatever the nature of your gathering, a tent is a brilliant idea to house your guests. At BeDazzle My Events, we’ll help you with all the details.

Why Rent a Tent?

1. Protection Against Inclement Weather

The most obvious reason for choosing a tent is to protect your guests from unplanned weather conditions. You can throw a great party and won’t have to worry about the sun or the wind getting in the way.

It would be devastating if your event is ruined by heavy showers, extreme heat or any other inclement weather condition. What would be even more difficult to swallow is this mishap occurs after you’ve spent a lot of money on planning, so plan ahead.

Determine the type of event and the season in which it is to be held. This would assist you in determining what type and style of outdoor tent you require. After deciding on a date, number of guests, the setting required, contact us and we’ll help you choose the perfect tent rental for your Los Angeles event.

2. A Unique Outdoor Experience

Would you like to enjoy a change of environment, away from the traditional indoor event? Then an outdoor event space may be ideal. The setting can take various forms – a park, by the gardens, on the sea shore, or on a rooftop, to name a few. It’s true that a conference room or hall may be easy to set up and decorate, but you’ll want to give your guest a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a more memorable experience.

3. Celebration Away From Work Space

A tent takes you outside of the confines of your work area. You can select a tent that has sufficient space for your guests to mix and mingle and feel good about attending your function in Los Angeles. Tents have a welcoming feeling. With the necessary decorations including linen, lights, balloons, music, food and good company, tents tend to give the sense that a celebration is taking place. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that experience?

4. An Option for Any Budget

Tent prices vary by type but you can choose the one that works well for your budget. In some cases, you’ll be surprised that it could be a less expensive option than a building. You can save significant amounts of money by throwing a wedding, dinner party or corporate event outdoors. The money that you would have used for renting the hall and paying for security, can now be used in other areas. For example, you can use it for catering, floral arrangements or whatever will make your party in Los Angeles unique.

5. Freedom To Decorate

Many halls and conference rooms in Los Angeles have certain restrictions. There may be limits to the type of decorations you can use as well as the placement of these decorations. Many of them stipulate exact locations on a wall where items can be hung. Some even give details on adhesives, poles, nails, and screws that are not allowed.

These regulations may prevent you from being as creative as you’d like to be. Such limitations can be avoided if you use a tent. With a tent, you’ll have the freedom to transform it into a romantic, special place ideal for couples to celebrate their love or for your guests to really enjoy. You get to create an environment that will leave you and your guests in awe.

6. A Touch Of Beauty and Style

Different styles of tents are available. Pole tents, clear tents and structure tents are some of the more popular styles.

• Pole tents are designed with peaks in the ceiling. They look very beautiful in formal functions like weddings and other other special occasions.

• Clear top tents usually have the ceiling made out of a clear material that allows you to see the sky while sitting and enjoying your function. In some cases, you can also get the walls in the same material allowing you to see outdoors to view the surrounding environment. This gives the function an extra touch of class.

• Structure tents have an effect like a room since they are constructed to enclose an area with walls (usually linen), making the event more intimate. During summer time, these tents can be equipped with fans to make the experience a cool one.

The addition of drapery and other accessories can transform your tent into a magical setting. A nice arch gives your tent entrance a glamorous finish, while hanging linen, lights and lanterns to give an added touch to your event.

7. Size of the Tent

When choosing the perfect tent with sufficient space, consider the size of your guest list. Factor in any additional issues such as a buffet table, a band stage, or a long head table for a bridal party. It is important to anticipate exactly how much space you require in order to figure out the right size tent for your party.

Tip: You can calculate the space you need in the following way – If guests are to be seated at round tables for 8, you require a 10 x 10 area per table or 8 guests.

Let us know how many guests you are expecting and we will take care of the rest.

At BeDazzle My Events in Los Angeles, we offer tents in various sizes so no need to worry. Our sizes range from 10 ft – 40 ft so you’re sure to find one that will work for your event. And what’s even better is our tents are available at affordable prices. We also have dinnerware, silverware, linens, and everything else you need to complete your fairytale wedding day or banquet.

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