Chafing Dish Rentals and Trays

Chafing Dishes and Trays


Chafing Dish Rentals and Trays

Are you planning for your big day? Weddings are very special moments and you want to ensure yours goes smoothly. One aspect of any wedding that you and your guests will definitely look forward to is the food. After you choose an excellent caterer, the next step is to store your food in high quality chafing dishes and trays. You’ll want your food to be warm enough so that you and your guests can truly enjoy it. After all, who wants to eat cold food unless it’s dessert.

The best way to ensure your food remains warm at your event is to store them in chafing dishes. At BeDazzle My Events, we offer a wide assortment of chafing dishes in different shapes, sizes and finishes. But before you rush to give us a call to reserve your dishes, let’s discuss chafing dishes in greater detail. When you understand the various types, then you can decide which one(s) will work for your event.

Shapes and Types of Chafing Dishes

You have probably seen chafing dishes at various events before. And most times, they are round or rectangular. These are the most common shapes but you can also find oval-shaped chafing dishes. Usually, caterers choose the shape depending on what dish they are serving. For example, an oval or rectangle chafing dish is usually used to serve main entrees while round ones tend to hold desserts and side dishes. At BeDazzled, you can choose between our 4 qt. or 8qt. dishes depending on the size of your guest list.

Less common but also used is a square chafing dish for appetizers and side dishes. In addition to these shapes, you may have observed another type of serving equipment at an event. Foods such as soups, hot cereals, and stews are usually served in a much deeper container called a marmite or soup chafer. This container serves the same purpose as the other dishes but is deeper to accommodate liquids. Similarly, a coffee chafer urn is perfect for coffee and other hot beverages. These are great to use for buffet style events in Los Angeles.

Now that you understand the different shapes of chafing dishes and how they are used, let’s look at the types of covers you can get.

Types of Covers for Chafing Dishes

There are several ways to open a chafing dish. They may have a hinged lid, roll top lid or lift off lid. Each type of cover has its purpose but they are not all suited for every type of event or crowd. So it’s important to consider who will be attending your event before you rent chafing dishes.

Hinged lids: These are easy to use since they can stay open while your guests take out their portion of food. They are also a less noisy option because they close gently after use.

Roll top lids: These lids roll backward, giving your guests sufficient room to maneuver. It is an excellent option when you want to allow your guests to serve themselves. They come with a handle for easy lifting.

Lift off lids: These covers can be totally removed and placed on the table. The top handle allows your guests to easily remove it to get access to the food. The handle may also have a cover to protect your guests from being burned if it’s too hot.

Heating Options for Chafing Dishes

Common heating methods are fuel and electricity. At BeDazzle My Events, we provide fuel chafing dishes. They use Sterno fuel cans which keep the dish heated for a long period of time. The Sterno cans are so popular that you can purchase them at any store.

Electric chafing dishes are a great alternative to the fuel type. They work well at outdoor events since they can withstand any type of weather. However, they require the use of an electrical outlet. So depending on where your foodservice station will be set up, you have to ensure an outlet is accessible. Also, you have to control the cords to avoid mishaps. With this in mind, you can opt for the fuel dish to reduce the extra hassle.

Chafing Dish Finishes

Chafing dishes are not only varied in shape but also in their finish. And depending on the type of event or the overall look you wish to create, you can choose from a variety of finishes. These include:

Mirror Finish: Imagine seeing your reflection when you look at your serving dish. That’s the kind of effect you can get from the mirror finish. This will give your serving area a nice attractive display.

Satin Finish: If you want a more classy, sophisticated appearance, a satin finish is what you’ll need. Unlike the mirror finish, the satin finish is not reflective but still looks appealing.

Matte Finish: The matte look has a more dull appearance.

Brass/Gold/Chrome Trim: Adding a trim to a chafing dish gives it an added touch of elegance. With the trim against the silver background, your chafing dish will stand out.

Hammered Finish: A copper chafing dish is hammered to create a classy effect. This type of finish is often seen at weddings, anniversaries, and other grand events.

When you’re ready to plan for your wedding or other event in Los Angeles, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have everything you need to give you the most memorable time of your life.

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