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Glassware Rentals in Los Angeles

Are you planning a formal dinner party or another event soon? Have you already thought about adding a bar service? If so, then you need us! At BeDazzle My Events in Los Angeles, we rent a wide collection of glassware for all your favorite drinks: beers, wine, margaritas, brandy, martini, champagne, or even ice tea. We have regular wine and champagne glasses as well as gold rimmed ones so we are certain that you will find something according to your liking.

Any kind of Los Angeles event could use a service bar. When your guests get thirsty, you can offer them a variety of drinks in quality glassware. Consider renting our glassware for your upcoming event and provide a memorable experience for all your guests.

At BeDazzle My Events in Los Angeles, we offer a wide variety of glassware, including champagne flute, water goblets and wine glasses. The tables at your event must have a full complement of glasses for your guests. Decide on the types of drinks you require and we’ll help you select the correct type of glass.

Using Glass For Your Drinkware

Glass is the preferred material for drink-ware. It allows wine drinkers to have an extravagant experience without worrying about any harmful chemicals. If you’re looking for a specialty item for your wedding or an upscale event in Los Angeles and you don’t see the glassware you’re looking for, let us know and our Events Specialist will work with you to meet your needs.

You must ensure that your bar is fully stocked with glasses. Save yourself the embarrassment of running out of drink-ware. You can choose from regular glasses for water and soda and specialized stem glasses for champagne, wine, brandy and martini’s. Your choice of glasses must suit the mood of your event.

Your exquisite glassware should be washed by hand and not in a dishwasher. No abrasive scrubs are to be used since they tend to scratch the glass. When properly dried and you’re about to use them in a table setting, the proper positioning of the glassware is necessary since it adds to the presentation and gives your table a unique look.

Stemmed and Stemless Glassware

For wine glasses, the contour of the glass helps you to determine the aroma of the drink. Bowl type stem glasses can be either wide or narrow. The wider ones are generally used for red wine while the narrow ones are ideal for white wines.

For your extravagant event, consider renting stemmed glasses. When you hold the stem of the glass, a stemmed glass looks classy. Also, heat from your hand does not transfer to the glass and change the temperature of the wine. Another advantage is that when washed they can be hung upside down at your bar to dry. This is because the base is wide enough to function like a hook. By turning it over, you will prevent dust particles from getting in your glass.

Stemless glasses can also work well at your Los Angeles event. Did you know that there are different stemless glasses? Yes, there are and each one serves a unique purpose. To determine which stemless glass to use, take a look at its shape as well as the rim. A tapered wine glass helps to retain the aroma of your drink and prevents spills when the glass is swirled. On the other hand, a flared glass directs the great tasting wine flavor directly to the front palate of your mouth.

If you wish to see your friends speechless, then you should invest in some fine glassware. Your event will be the talk of the town for years to come. We are here to make your dreams come true with our beautiful pieces at very affordable prices. View our wide selection of glasses and take your pick.

We offer more than just glassware. We are your one-stop shop for all of your event rental needs in Los Angeles. We also carry a wide selection of tables, dinnerware, linens and more. Go through our website or visit our photo gallery for more information.

Give us a call any time! We’re ready to serve you. We offer the following glassware:

• Water goblet, 12 oz-$65
• Wine glass, 8 oz – $0.65
• Champagne flute, 6 oz-$0.65
• Iced tea glass- $0.65
• Martini glass-$0.65
• Margarita glass-$0.65
• Brandy glass, 6 oz -$0.65
• HI-ball -$0.65
• Beer stein, 12 oz, -$0.65
• Gold rimmed champagne flute -$0.95
• Gold rimmed water goblet -$0.95
• Gold rimmed wine glass, -$0.95

If you need help dazzling your friends, we’re here to help you achieve that all at a very affordable price. Give us a call for more information.

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