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Wedding Decoration Ideas That’ll Woo Your Guests

Wedding Decoration Ideas

When it comes to planning wedding days, couples usually want to make sure that it’s not only perfect in their eyes but the eyes of their guests as well. You’d want something that would really make guests take a second look with awe and make plans to steal the idea for their own big day. Planning a wedding like that is no easy task though, and you’ll have to employ many money saving strategies to make sure you don’t end up on the streets the next day.

Wedding decorations come in all shapes, sizes and are only limited by your imagination. They are also specific to your style and taste; you can’t have too many flowers if you’re allergic to them. You might also face restrictions on your wedding decorations due to your budget, or if the venue isn’t suited for what you have in mind.

However, there are amazing wedding decorations out there no matter what your venue or budget is. You can even partake in DIY wedding decorations to make them personalized and unique.

The kind of wedding decorations available all vary in form and design based on the theme they are made for. When picking out wedding decorations, you’d want to make sure that they complement the theme of your wedding so as to not look out of place. For example, a rustic themed wedding will not have very futuristic or modern decorations such as a chandelier hanging in the banquet.

You may choose not to have a specific theme and mix it up but just ensure that the decorations you go for complement each other and the contrast doesn’t leave guests guessing what the theme is.

The venue is important in helping you pick a theme and decorations as picking décor that goes with the venue is one way to help you manage your budget. Here are some wedding decoration ideas that you can try to make your special day really stand out.

Tropical Wedding Decorations

If you’re getting married in a tropical area or have decided that this is the theme you want to go for, there are a number of ways you can set up your decorations to match the vibe. You can choose to use island-inspired motifs or using exotic flowers specific to the tropics for your floral arrangements. Here are a few decoration ideas that might pique your interest:

Tropical Boutonnieres

Almost all the floral ideas you have for your big day can and should involve the use of exotic flowers, not only so you stay true to your theme but because they’re called exotic for a reason. Tropical flowers, such as protea and ferns on boutonnieres, would provide a great look for all the men and you can even have them all color co-ordinate while the groom gets a special mix of colors.

Print the Menu on Banana Leaves

Not only do the leaves reference your tropical theme, but they also offer the chance for you to do some unique calligraphy on them. Having your food and drinks menu printed out on a banana leaf will definitely be a pleasant change from the traditional use of paper. It’ll stand out and give your guests something to remember.

An Exotic Tropical Bar

Tiki bars are famous already for bringing a tropical look to the bar and serving drinks with a tropical flair to them. You can work upon and enhance the look to suit your own needs if a tiki bar isn’t entirely fitting in with the occasion. Glamorize it with exotic leaves; a bar menu written on leaves and a backdrop you can cover with leaf motifs will give it more of a wedding vibe.

Colorful Centerpiece

You can reduce the stress of setting up the tables with a lot of décor and opt to use one extremely colorful centerpiece that’ll hold all the attention instead. Tropical flowers are famous for their colorful appearance, so imagine a whole variety of them in a single centerpiece on each table. No need for all the other fancy table decorations when you have a one-for-all option available.

Botanical Wedding Decorations

Botanical Wedding Decorations

If you’re not too big on flowers but still want a touch of nature on your wedding day then botanical wedding decorations are the way to go. This kind of decor feels refreshing yet sophisticated. Some people might think that just having a surplus of leaves might not be the best look for a wedding, but that’s far from the truth. Leaves have proven to be extremely versatile and make for amazing decorations with a little creativity.

Ceremony Arch

Everyone has seen ceremony arches covered with flowers, fabrics, lights and even some leaves decorated over them. But how about an earthy wedding arch made entirely of greenery? This would catch the eye of all the guests and provide a more natural look to the wedding arch.

A “Green” Backdrop

You could get creative and have strings of leaves hanging down and use that as a backdrop for your pictures. The result would be absolutely stunning pictures and a backdrop that would capture the theme of your wedding perfectly. You could even use a stand with wire netting that you can attach leaves to and make personalized designs using just leaves.

Leafy Ceiling Decorations

You can choose to decorate your ceiling with leaves to give your wedding a more botanical vibe. Imagine having hanging lamps over the tables with the wires completely covered in vine-like leaves. You can even choose to spread them across the ceiling in a specific pattern or converge at a center point in the middle of the room where you hang an elegant chandelier.

Garden Wedding Decorations

If you love the great outdoors, then this theme is the right pick for you. Nothing will give you a more nature-friendly (and budget-friendly!) vibe than having a garden wedding. Most of the decorations have already been taken care of by Mother Nature herself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add to them. Garden wedding decorations entirely depend on your taste and hence match the vibe you want to set. Try out some of these to make your day more memorable:

Tree Decorations

Imagine having pictures of your family tree along with quotes nicely decorated on an actual tree. This would not only look amazing but also serve to be a very economical decoration. All you need is some imagination and pictures. You could lace the tree trunk with flowers and leaves and hang the pictures off of that, or hang them directly from the branches of the tree to bring your “family tree” to life.

Add Color to Your Tables

Since nature has taken care of the background and scenery for you, you can accentuate it by adding a little pop of color here and there. You can try decorating your table with a table cloth that stands out, possibly a combination of white and blue as that looks amazing with greenery in the background. Maybe have colorful runners across your tables to steal some attention away from the scenery.

Make Use of Wreaths

Wreaths of greenery can go a long way, if you know how to make proper use of them. You could obviously hang them on to the door or entrance of the wedding. You could also hang them off the branches of trees using wires and utilize it as a backdrop for some amazing pictures. Another way to use them would be to entwine them with fairy lights and hang them off the ceiling as a make-shift chandelier.

Whimsical Wedding Decorations

When it comes to having a whimsical wedding theme for your big day, literally anything goes. After all, it’s all based on your whims, so you should do what you really feel like. Let your inner child shine and let your decorations speak for you as you choose the ones that really speak to you. When it comes to these kinds of decorations, you can even choose to combine décor from different themes to give your special day a truly whimsical vibe. Here are some decorations you might want to try:


Balloons are actually very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways depending on how you want them to stand out. You could line the entrance with an archway made of balloons of complementary colors. You could even leave them around on the dance floor or around the stage where you say your vows. You could even choose to line the ceiling with an array of colorful balloons.


Depending on your preference, the lanterns could range from old-school candle-lit lamps to paper lanterns that have become an increasingly popular trend. You can set up old school lanterns by hanging them over each table suspended by wires that are covered in greenery. On the other hand, you can litter the ceiling with a 100 paper lanterns and watch how they uplift the décor of the venue.

Confetti and Wedding Fireworks

It is your big day and it makes perfect sense that you’d want it to be grand. Imagine walking down the aisle after it’s all over and you have wedding fireworks go off to end your night with a bang. You could also have them go off during the first kiss you’d give your now husband/wife. Sparks will fly—literally—as you use confetti and fireworks to bring that extra flair to your wedding day and make it that much more special.

Confetti and Wedding Fireworks

Rustic Wedding Decorations

If natural beauty and simplicity are your go-to, then a rustic wedding theme is perhaps what you’re looking for. With its use of simple and earthy colors and overall organic warmth, the look of rustic decorations goes absolutely perfect with outdoor and countryside areas. Here are some rustic decoration options for you to explore:

Rustic Outdoor Bar

You can customize the food area or the booze station by giving it a completely rustic makeover. You can use a barrel as a base and have a wood slab top, add in a few wooden crates and throw in some greenery for the perfect rustic table look. Not only will it look great on its own with the decorations you make, but it’ll also complement the outdoor area as it blends into the background of your outdoor venue.

Overhead Light Decorations

While most people focus more on things that are at eye-level like the tables, it’s important to keep some of the attention divided by adding some décor to the ceiling as well. You can hang string twinkle lights and glass orbs from the ceiling to give the venue a more dreamy and rustic ambiance. Hang the glass orbs at different heights and fill them with twinkle lights until they overflow to create your very own custom lamps that are bound to catch the guests’ attention.

A Rustic Swing

Even if you don’t end up using this for swinging purposes, a rustic wooden swing that you can decorate using lights, flowers and leaves would be a stunning decorative piece. You could choose to use it solely for showcasing your floral arrangements or make it functional. It would also make for an amazing prop for some stunning pictures of you and your partner. Even the guests could make use of it as a backdrop or a prop and have a little photo session with the swing.

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