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Wedding Dance Floor Ideas that’ll Keep People Dancing Till They Drop

Wedding Dance Floor Ideas

Your wedding day calls for a party and what’s a party without the right dance floor? When it comes to planning your wedding, you may be thinking of extravagant décor, the best floral arrangements, and an exquisite array of foods. But have you thought about how your dance floor ought to be?

Your dance floor may be the central spot of your wedding venue, one where you’ll make amazing memories as you dance the night away with your partner. It’s got to be simple, yet all things sparkly at the same time. You’ve got to attract guests towards the dance floor, not walk past it.

Nowadays, there are so many different varieties and styles of wedding dance floors you can choose from. You’ve got to find one that suits the theme of your event, one that stands out yet blends in with the event décor perfectly. Your dance floor is the place where your guests will express their joy, love, and affection for the new couple. Give them something they’ll always remember!

Below we will discuss some wedding dance floor ideas that’ll keep people dancing till they drop!

Mirror dance floors

These can be the shiniest dance floors you can have. Any disco or fairy lights you hang above mirror dance floors will reflect on them and immediately enhance the look of your event.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, a mirrored dance floor will make it look even more magical as it’ll give you an instant boost of color, with the sky and its serene colors shining upon it perfectly. It’ll make your event look like an outdoor dance party, and encourage your guests to take part. Isn’t that the whole idea, anyway?

Striped dance floor

If you have a pastel theme going on for your event, you can add an interesting strike of color to it by having a striped dance floor. These can be the classic black and whites stripes, or any other of your preference.

They will help add a playful vibe to your reception, something all your young guests will appreciate. Oftentimes, stripes also create an illusion of a bigger open space. You can choose between horizontal or vertical stripes, and make them as unique as possible.

Checkered dance floor

A timeless classic, this floor is always an attractive option to have. Not only is this type of floor versatile, it goes with any event décor theme. It lends structure to a space and adds to its aesthetic appeal.

If you’ve got an all-white theme for your wedding, a checkered floor will help add life to it and bring in some warmth. If you prefer a more subtle style, consider choosing two similar color tones. These can be light greys instead of the traditional black and white.  

Printed dance floor

Channel your inner creativity and go for a unique printed dance floor at your wedding reception. These dance floors are incredibly dynamic and give you the opportunity to customize it according to your personal preferences. You can go as subtle or bold as you wish, and choose between a numerous variety of styles and designs.

You can select your favorite art pieces and get them printed on the dance floor as well. It’ll be the perfect Instagram-worthy masterpiece all your guests will love.

Monogrammed dance floor

These are one of the most cost-effective types of dance floors. Printing the couple’s names decorates the dance floor effortlessly and adds a personalized touch to it.

Monograms are also the easiest ways to brand your wedding day.

Tented dance floor

If you’re looking to give your dance floor a festive vibe, this option is for you. Choose satin tents and make them stand out from afar. Customize them as you wish, but consider opting for lighter shades instead of brighter ones as they’re easier on the eye. You don’t have to make it look overdone.

Vintage rugs

Carpet your dance floor with vintage rugs and allow guests to dance barefoot. Not only is this a unique idea, it’s extremely easy to pull off as well. Guests coming in high heels will thank you for this and will be motivated to hit the floor!

You can choose any color you want for the rugs and pick suitable designs. You won’t run short of varieties. However, make sure not to put in different rugs of opposite styles as these will create a distracted flow and give it a puzzled appearance. The best thing to do would be to choose the same rug across the whole dance floor. This uniform flow will add consistency and give you an authentic vintage vibe as well.

The right lighting

A dance floor is incomplete without the right lighting. They are both almost synonymous with each other. If you want to keep it subtle and less over-the-top on your wedding reception, choose softer forms of lighting. Several strings of fairy lights or glass chandeliers hanging above the dance floor can do the trick. They will help illuminate the dance floor and give it a dusk-like glow. Have the spotlight on yourself and your spouse because it is your day.

If you wish to go all out and want a full-fledged dance party for all your friends and family, take it a notch up and opt for charming disco balls. Dim down the rest of the lights and make the disco balls shine. You may also choose to get colorful LED lights put up as they’ll immediately enhance the atmosphere. There’s no better way to have your guests take their shoes off and dance till they drop!

Make the stars come inside

Make the stars come inside

Always dreamt of dancing the night away with your sweetheart under the stars? Well, this is your golden chance.

Use overhead projections of stars and twirl the night away surrounded by majestic constellations. This is a viable option for indoor weddings as it gives them an enchanted vibe. You can easily get these projectors installed above your dance floor.

Make sure the bar is nearby

To encourage more guests to let loose, you might want to consider having a bar near the dance floor. If that’s not an option, try to keep the bar in the same room at least.

Your friends are likely to want to enter the floor when they hear their favorite beats once they’ve had a few. It’s also a great way to make the dance floor livelier and let your guests just have fun!

Engage your audience

To bring a dead dance floor to life, ask your DJ to have fun interactions with the audience. This can be anything from cracking jokes or bringing out a bunch of props.

Have them play a fun song like YMCA or anything of the sort, as these songs are basically made for effortless group dancing. You might also want to avoid calling everyone on the dance floor until all your wedding ceremonies are done. Your guests are less likely to come back with the same enthusiasm if they’re asked to join the cake-cutting ceremony in the middle of their dancing.

Offer dancing shoes

One of the biggest struggles female guests face on the dance floor is to rock it with their stilettos on. High heels are an absolute vibe-killer and restrict you from letting your hair down on the floor fully.

Your girlfriends deserve to enjoy the night just like you. Make their dancing easier by offering them free flats or flip-flops beforehand. This will not only increase the crowd on the dance floor, it’ll make it more vibrant and enthusiastic.

Mix up the music a little

When it comes to choosing a playlist for your wedding reception, make sure you have a healthy mix of a variety of genres. You may wish to have a romantic Ed Sheeran tune when you’re saying your vows or during the cake cutting ceremony, but your friends probably wouldn’t want to jam to that after.

Choose a popular mix of songs and opt for some classic ones too. These are mostly enjoyed by everyone. For your exclusive couple dance, you can get away with an intimate song. You can also play some songs on request and let your guests have it their way.


Decorate your wedding dance floor by hanging flower balls or bird cages from atop. This will beautify your dance floor and attract people towards it. You may also choose to hang colorful umbrellas or lanterns to give it a fun twist.

Keep in mind that a dance floor is about the whole experience. It’s not just about the music. Give your guests a pleasurable experience and make them forget where they are by making it look as magical as you can.

If you’ve got a palace-like theme for your event, make it look grander by hanging a pair of delicate sheer drapes on the top of your dance floor. It will make it look extremely picturesque and is bound to catch the eye. The decorations you choose will greatly depend on the theme and vibe of your wedding event, so make sure you incorporate them wisely.

Hire specialty performers

Set the mood for the dance floor by hiring specialty performers. Not only will they attract the audience towards the dance floor, they’ll also encourage them to participate. The main idea behind hiring these performers is to ensure your guests don’t drink in silence and are entertained at all times.

You might also want to consider surprising your audience with a never-seen-that-before kind of act. A breathtaking break-dance performance or a feisty flamenco dance is all you need to spice up the evening and leave guests in a state of awe.

Hire specialty performers

Consider the size of your floor

To have more people on your dance floor, make sure it’s not too big or small. Small dance floors tend to seem suffocating and cramped, whereas bigger dance floors tend to make people feel more self-conscious. For example, if you’ve got about 150 guests attending, have a 15’ x 15’ sized dance floor.

Moreover, make sure your dance floor is located on the focal point of the room. This will highlight it and inform your guests that there’s going to be a lot of dancing as the evening commences. Tucking it away in the corner will only drive attention away from it and leave it barren.

Plan your seating chart wisely

In order to get people up and moving towards the dance floor, consider seating your friends and family who love to dance nearer to the floor. They’ll probably be the ones getting up once it’s time to hit the floor, and the others will follow.

Offer snacks

The cake slices from your cake cutting ceremony can be offered to guests on the dance floor. This will not break their flow and they’ll also appreciate the offering. After all, who doesn’t like a bit of a sugar rush after dancing to their favorite beats?

If your wedding reception dinner was served earlier, you may also want to serve a round of small appetizers or dry finger foods on the dance floor to keep guests going. Avoid serving drinks though, because they can make the dance floor dirty in case they spill. Or worse, they could spill on someone!

Don’t be afraid to be the center of attention

Your guests will be willing to dance till they drop; once they see you do the same. Make sure you and your spouse are at the center of everything, setting a tone for how a party ought to be. Don’t be shy to bust those moves together and your friends won’t be able to hold back.

Moreover, if you can, introduce your guests to each other as it’ll help break the ice, and invite everyone to dance together. This will keep everyone engaged and help people get out of their shells.

Don’t be afraid to be the center of attention

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