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Celebrating Love—Essential Details for a Personalized Wedding

Celebrating Love

Since you started from the day you decided that you wanted to spend your life with this person, your Wedding Ideas folder is full, bursting with ideas for the best ceremony ever. And now that you have the ring, you can finally utilize all the concepts and creative details you’ve compiled over the years for one of the happiest days of your life!

But before you introduce your folder to your eager wedding planner, take a step back and think for a minute.

While there’s no denying that your Wedding Ideas folder offers some enticing, absolutely breathtaking concepts, do any of them embody who you and your to-be partner are?

Keep in mind, all of these concepts come from other people’s weddings. The special wedding favors, a rainbow colored wedding cake, and signature cocktails you’ve short-listed are all the brainchild of other couples who wanted to make their wedding as personal as possible. So while it’s acceptable to take inspiration from these ideas, you don’t want to copy them detail-by-detail!

So let’s use this opportunity to find out what’s personal to you in terms of wedding features and how we can help you incorporate them for your special occasion!

Getting Started

Getting Started

Rush-reading through a bunch of articles on wedding décor tips is not the right option when it comes to personalizing your wedding ceremony.

Instead, slow things down and visualize your wedding from your guests’ perspective. They should walk away from the ceremony thinking, “damn, that was so them!”

This isn’t to say that you have to come up with something completely original for every aspect of your wedding. But you can’t have your wedding be reminiscent of countless other weddings your guests (and probably you) have already been to. It needs to have a touch of you in every facet of the ceremony.

Do you like keeping things delicate? Think monogrammed wine glasses. You want the theme to be loud and colorful? Perhaps a maypole with some streamers for kids to play with! Get the idea? This is how you can personalize your wedding without worrying about your budget.

To start with, let’s focus on your theme.

What speaks to you? Colorful, classic, black-and-white, whimsical? The theme that reminds you of yourselves should be the theme for your wedding. Otherwise, you won’t be satisfied.

Here’s how you can personalize the little things so your ceremony can be as you as possible!

Personalizing Your Wedding Ceremony—A How-To Guide

· The Program

Your wedding program should not just serve as a cheat-sheet for guests so they know who’s who! Personalizing it with hand-drawn designs and illustrations—perhaps a photo of the couple or even having it customized into something unique—is a great way to get started on making the program more than what it is.

For example, you could try a wedding program that’s shaped like a hand fan so your guests can fan themselves during your outdoor summer ceremony!

· The Favors

The Favors

This is a great opportunity to add something personal to the mix! Favors usually consist of small trinkets—gifts that you think your guests will like. But the choice still depends on you. Find something that resonates with your interests and ideas.

For instance, gifting small bouquets of wild flowers because they remind you of your home’s backyard! Tealights with a small handmade soap because you’re dedicated to self-care! Think of this as a way of gifting your guests a part of you!

· The Little Bites

Giving your guests snacks while they wait for the wedding ceremony to begin is becoming very common nowadays!

Take this opportunity to give them something new, something you’d had in your travels or have a preference for. It could be a small appetizer you had at your favorite Italian restaurant or a single serving of chicken tacos to whet their appetite.

Add some details about your inspiration behind your choice so your guests can learn more about you!

· Pre-Wedding Activities

Pre-Wedding Activities

Getting married in a park, the zoo or some other scenic area?

Let your guests enjoy the scene before arriving at your venue. Add this bit of information in your wedding invitation and let them know you’ve arranged for it. This way, your guests will have a chance to relax while they take in the view on their way to your ceremony.

· The Flowers

Add a specific flower to the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquet, and the décor. Or simply add an illustration to the program and invitation. Flowers are a great way of paying respect to someone who may have passed. For example, if your late grandmother’s name was Lilly or if you love a specific flower, add it to different aspects of your wedding to make it more unique.

Although for those allergic to flowers, you can replace florals with foliage or even paper or fake flowers. But be warned that with the amount you’ll need, this could end up being an expensive purchase. Instead, depend on foliage for your event.

If you’re not allergic though, add as many flowers as you want, to your heart’s content.

· The Song When You’re Walking down the Aisle

The Song When You’re Walking down the Aisle

Move away from the traditional selection and choose a song you’d like.

While the classics are classic for a reason, you can always walk down the aisle to a romantic Adele song if it’s something that holds some importance for you.

As an added factor, have it played while your partner walks to their place at the head of the aisle so they can understand the song’s significance. Music creates a mood. Use this moment to add a song that means something to you or that reminds you of a special moment can add a wonderful touch to the ceremony.

· The Backdrop

Specialized backdrops have become very popular, especially in outdoor weddings along the South West Coast because of the already available breathtaking backdrop that is the North Pacific! However, you can personalize that as well by adding flowers or streamers to the wedding arch. Or you can go grand, and get a display using specialty linen.

For indoor weddings, wood and flower-filled displays are crowd-favorites at the moment, something you can take advantage of. Referring to our suggestion regarding flowers!

· The Officiant

The Officiant

Ask a friend or a beloved family member to be the officiant.

While you can’t marry yourselves as you can in other states like Pennsylvania or Colorado, asking someone close to you both to be an officiant can give you the chance to give them special treatment, as a way of saying thank you for their years of undying friendship and support.

· The Venue

Let’s say you’re getting married somewhere close, like the backyard of your childhood home! It’s about as personal as you can get.

But this is where you can draw the line when it comes to personalizing your wedding. Opt for a tent rental so you can have a specific area where you can party all night long, while keeping your home safe.

· The Transition

Is the wedding venue far from the venue of your reception? Hire a horse-drawn carriage or climb aboard a party bus and invite your guests to accompany you to your next destination.

The Transition

Take this chance to add a personal twist to the proceedings. Now that the tough part is over, you can be freer with your options. If the budget allows, this is when you can let loose and have fun!

· The Dance Floor

Sure, almost every wedding has a dance floor, but you want to really draw the attention, since you and your group will be dancing all night long. So why not look for a stage riser rental?

The Dance Floor

Separating the ‘fun’ area from where people can dance easy, you can have your own space without worrying about bumping into Uncle Bob and having him careen into the cake!

· The Traditional Elements

The program for the wedding receptions includes traditions such as the father-daughter, mother-son dance, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss and more.

However, if these ideas are a bit old-fashioned for you, you could always begin new traditions like hiring special performers while the guests wait for the wedded couple to make their grand entrance, toasts made via a wedding dedication video or even add games like giant Jenga and more.

· The Grand Exit

The Grand Exit

If you’re not a fan of the tossed rise, you could always go with ribbon wands, kazoos, tambourines, sparklers, any type of fun, noisemaker your guests can use as you walk out. Or you can go completely dramatic and have your friends raise dummy swords as you walk under their protection. Hey, to each their own!

Words of Advice

The above advice was meant to provide you with some inspiration, so don’t take it as a hard-and-fast rule. Your wedding and all its planning is up to you. So whether you want it to be over-the-top adventurous or simple, do as you like.

If you want a big wedding, keep your budget in check. Talk to reliable, affordable vendors like BeDazzle My Events in Los Angeles and follow DIY tricks for anything that shouldn’t cost as much as it would, had you made it yourself.

Save that money and splurge on your honeymoon. Repeat these words; all that glitters is not gold. If you can save money on something that you can easily get for a smaller price from somewhere else, do it without compromising on quality.


If you prefer a much simpler wedding, remember this; your wedding is not an everyday occurrence. It’s a special occasion, and you should treat it as such. This doesn’t mean overspending and switching into bridezilla mode if things don’t go your way.

Nevertheless, take this chance to plan out a few things with your loved ones.

Rent a clear tent for an outdoor venue like a park and have a sunset wedding, or a sunset reception. Hire a local food vendor or even a few food trucks to cater at your event. Wear a simple but beautiful dress and take time out of your busy day to make this day memorable.

You might consider all this a waste now. But a few years down the line, you will look back with regret that you didn’t pay this auspicious moment the right attention.

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