Wedding Rentals in Burbank

Wedding Rentals in Burbank

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Planning Your Wedding Rentals in Burbank

Wedding rentals in Burbank planning can get frustrating at times, especially when you are trying to keep everything in a budget. However, the best way to ensure that your wedding goes smoothly as you planned is to hire wedding rentals and planners. BeDazzle My Events offer event planning, as well as the best quality wedding rentals in Burbank. From the right rental venue to the décor, the team would handle it all and that too within your budget. Not sure about the wedding rentals? Read on to find all the information you would need about wedding rentals in Burbank.

Selecting the Rental Venue for Your Wedding

The venue of your wedding can make or break your wedding theme. Therefore, it is important to choose it wisely. Here are a few things to consider when you are selecting a Wedding Rentals in Burbank venue:

Style of Your Wedding: Wedding Rentals in Burbank 

What type of Wedding Rentals in Burbank do you want? Do you want a causal wedding, a formal one, or something in between? Are you hoping for an outdoor wedding or an indoor one? Will it be a day wedding or a night wedding? Or are you looking for a garden wedding? There are so many styles and themes that you can choose from depending on your interests and requirements. The venue you select and the wedding rentals chosen must match the style to make it shine.

Location of Your Wedding 

The location of the rental venue is also something you must consider. Do you want the wedding venue to be close to your home? Do you want the reception and the wedding ceremony to be held at the same rental venue or separately? Do you want the ceremony to be at the church and then the reception at a nearby rental venue? Are you hoping to get a rental which is closer to the airport or the hotels where your guests are staying? It is important to select such a rental venue for your wedding in Burbank which is convenient not just for you but also for your guests.

Guests for Your Wedding Day

While the entire guest list doesn’t have to be ready, you must have a general idea about the number of guests who would be coming. BeDazzle My Events recommends the best rental venue based on the rough estimation of guests you provide. This helps the planners to determine which size would be ideal for the number of guests and that helps in narrowing down the rental venue for your wedding in Burbank.

Weather on Your Wedding Day

When selecting a rental venue for your Wedding Rentals in Burbank, you also need to consider the weather at the time of your wedding. You wouldn’t want an outdoor wedding during rainy season, would you? Weather is a major factor in determining the venue for your wedding. If you are having a summer wedding, it is best to have a wedding in the evening or indoors so to provide a cool environment for your guests to be comfortable in.
You can also plan a beach wedding during the day but ensure that you advice the guests on the right attire like hats, sunglasses, light dresses etc. The summers in Burbank can get rather hot during the day, BeDazzle My Events recommend having an indoor wedding with rental air conditioning and fans to offer a comfortable setting for your guest.

Privacy & Permits

If you want a rental venue which is at a public place or is outdoors, then you might need permits. You need to conduct proper research before you finalize the rental venue for your wedding in Burbank. You would need to prepare proper documents and get the permit beforehand. No one wants their wedding to be shut down by the police! This is why permits are needed at public places. Moreover, you should also think about privacy if you want to hold your wedding at a public place.

How to Select the Right Wedding Rentals in Burbank

When you have decided on your wedding rental venue, you need to start thinking about other wedding rentals to complete the theme and style of your wedding. You need to determine the things you would need to rent out for your Wedding Rentals in Burbank. BeDazzle My Events offer all the necessary wedding rentals you would need at your wedding, for instance glassware, dinnerware and furniture. You need to think about the table décor, bar service, seating, tables, and other details as per the style and theme of your wedding. Even things like napkins and forks.

The difficult part is to select the type of rentals you want. You would be surprised by the different types of chair rentals you might have to choose from. Here are a few tips to help you make the right decisions for the rentals for your wedding in Burbank:

Style, Color & Theme of Your Wedding Rentals

When it comes to a theme wedding, you have to make sure that everything you select goes with the theme of your wedding. It is important to search for rentals that not just fit the theme but also enhance it. You must also consider your own style since the wedding should reflect you as well. Moreover, if you have selected a few colors for your wedding, it is best that the rentals fit the color scheme to match everything.

Venue and Location for Your Wedding Day and Wedding Rentals

The location and venue of the wedding in Burbank can also influence the wedding rentals you might need. For instance, if it is a beach wedding, you might have to rent a waterproof tent, as well as waterproof furniture, as well as a platform to have a flat surface for the ceremony.

Level of Comfort with Wedding Rentals

The rental seating you opt for must offer comfort for the guest. Avoid making your guest sit on uncomfortable seats for the entire ceremony, ensure that the rental seating has springy seats and is cushioned. You won’t want your guests to feel irritated and have a negative impression. Chair rentals for your wedding are very important. Make your wedding in Burbank an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Seasonal Trends on Wedding Rentals

The Wedding Rentals in Burbank you hire for your wedding in Burbank must also offer style and charm to the overall setting. Look out for the latest trends and fashion for the wedding season in order to stay up to date with the latest happenings.

Common Wedding Rentals in Burbank

You might not realize it but for a wedding, you need plenty of things. It can get pretty exciting to pick all the little things that gradually bring your vision to life! However, without a solid plan, deciding on the wedding rentals can get a bit tricky. BeDazzle My Events recommends being prepared and discussing the details with the planners so that your wedding in Burbank can be everything that you imagined.
Here are some of the most common wedding rentals you might need during your wedding in Burbank:

Tents for Weddings and Rentals

This might appear to be rather easy but it is not as simple as it seem. You might not need this if you are opting for an indoor wedding in Burbank. However, in case for an outdoor wedding, this is one of the most important wedding rentals for your wedding in Burbank. If your wedding is during winters, you might need a heated rental tent to keep your guests comfortable. If there is a chance of rain then the rental tent must be water proof and sturdy enough to keep the rain out. Moreover, the rental tents also come depending on your budget. It is best to look around for rental tents to know about your options and then pick the best one out. It is also important to understand the cancellation policy of the rental tent, in case you later decide to have an indoor wedding instead.

Tables: Wedding Rentals

There are numerous rental venues for Wedding Rentals in Burbank that includes tables. However, there are plenty that don’t. You would have to select the table you want – the type, size and the amount – to suit your requirements for the wedding. There are numerous types of tables you can select from, for instance square tables, long rectangle tables, and round tables, as well as so many more. Think about the theme and style of your wedding, and also the seating arrangement you are planning and then determine which rental tables work best for your wedding in Burbank.

Chairs: Wedding Rentals

Rental chairs are another thing plenty of rental venues offer with their package. Otherwise, you would have to make decisions for the rental chairs as well. While tables can be covered with the table cloth, the chairs are mostly covered with covers but their style can still be seen. There are numerous couples who splurge when it comes to rented chairs since they have the ability to pull the room together. If you are under budget, simple get basic chairs and drape them around with covers and ribbon at the back.

Tablecloths & Napkins: Wedding Rentals

There are some rental venue that provide linen options but these are typically limited. If you really want your tables at the wedding to pop, get more rental options for tablecloths and napkins. You can ask for specific colors and designs that can match the style of the wedding you are planning in Burbank.

Flatware, Stemware and Dinnerware for Your Wedding

These are crucial things that you would have to rent out for your wedding in Burbank. BeDazzle My Events can provide you with a wide variety of rental flatware, dinnerware, utensils and more through their caterers and vendors. You can look through the wide range of options as per your budget and requirements for your wedding. However, before finalizing your decision for rental flatware, dishes and utensils, you need to determine the food you would be serving and which utensils are needed for them. Moreover, it is always recommended that you can a number of extra rental dishes and utensils for your wedding in case some get lost or broken.

Wedding Rentals in Burbank: Dance Floor Rental

Rental of dance floors are an important feature for a wedding in Burbank. The size of the rental dance floor can be determined by the number of guests that would be coming to your wedding. You need to make sure that there is enough room for majority of your guests to dance at once without any risk of shoving or bumping into one another.

Electricity For Your Wedding

For an outdoor wedding, beach wedding or a backyard wedding in Burbank, it is important for you to get a rental generator so that all the lights and air conditioning stays throughout the event. While the BeDazzle My Events would assist you with the type and size of the generator you might need, you should be aware of the amount of power it would require to host your wedding in Burbank. The lights, the music, the speakers, the microphones, the ovens and electric stoves the caterers would need to provide fresh food, and so much more requires power. Get the best rental generator to make sure your wedding isn’t spoiled midway due to power shortage.

Restrooms for Your Wedding Day

Rental restrooms are essential if you are having an outdoor wedding in Burbank. Moreover, depending on your rental venue, some might not have adequate rest rooms and you might want to place in more, therefore, pick good quality rental restrooms for the ease of your guests.

BeDazzle My Events ensure that each and every wedding rental is of top most quality and is as per your requirements in order to fulfill your dream of a perfect wedding. Once you have finalized the wedding rentals, the team will decorate the place in a way that will leave you and your guests in awe! If you need more help regarding wedding rentals in Burbank, feel free to get in touch with the team today.