Dream to Reality: Event Rentals in Anaheim

Dream to Reality: Event Rentals in Anaheim

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Make Your Anaheim Event a Reality With Our Event Rentals

Our goal is to make your dreams come true. We have built our event rentals company on the foundation of helping you achieve happiness and satisfaction when you see the venue. When you dream, we want you to dream big. With BeDazzle My Events, everything and anything is possible!

We are perfect for it!

Our clients come to us with a dream. They envision a spectacular event, one that turns heads and makes a lasting impression their guests. No vision is alike. Hence, they require a company, specializing in event rentals in Anaheim to have a diverse portfolio.

Fortunately for them, our portfolio is as diverse as it can be with our event rentals and planning. Our portfolio includes weddings, corporate events, and parties. Our team has experience working events and rentals of all types. They have a knack for suggesting the right décor rentals at the right time.

So, if you are in the beginning stages of organizing an event and rentals, we suppose you will need an event rentals service in Anaheim that can make your dream into a reality. Event rentals in Anaheim can provide you with every single piece of furniture, décor rentals, draping rentals, and lighting rentals you need to transform your event into an event your guests will remember fondly and talk about for years to come.

We want your guests to use your event as an example to organize and host their own event

Even though we can tackle any type of event whether it be planning and arranging the rentals for your big day or a party hosted on small or large-scale, what we would really like to address with you today is the importance of hosting a successful corporate event in Anaheim.

Are you pondering over the idea of launching your brand, product, or service via an event? If you are, hold on to that thought, and here’s why:

 79% of business rank events as important for the growth of their business
 90% of non-profit businesses, 78% of B2C businesses, and 68% of B2B views events as an integral part of their business
 The three top reasons to host events include to educate, generate lead, and receive donations

On that note, it is important to discuss the five different types of events your business can host and we can make happen.

Can Assist You Host These 5 Types of Events

If you are planning to visit us for event rentals in Anaheim, you probably have an idea on the type of event you want to plan. If you want to come to us, but you still do not have a clear idea on the type of event you should plan, don’t stress because here’s a list of the five of the most popular events to host in Anaheim:

1. Educational Event

At an educational event or learning event, your aim is to ensure people who attend your event leave with some knowledge. For instance, if you sell makeup, you will set up stalls and tents around the venue where you will have makeup artists giving makeup tutorials using your products. You can give free mini samples of your makeup products to the people who visit your event.

When you obtain our event rentals in Anaheim service, we can provide you with tent rentals, stall rentals, tables, chair rentals, and anything else you need for your event. We can decorate the venue using furniture rentals and items that match the theme you have chosen for your event in Anaheim. Choose from our large inventory rentals today and lets get started.

2. Interactive Event and Rentals

An interactive event sees people at the event using your products. Throughout the event, you will have different stalls and tents with your products on display. People can visit different stalls and tents to try and test out various products.

For instance, if you are in the food industry and you have come up with a new food item, you can host an event to introduce it. You can have other types of food you sell at the event as well. People can try free samples and if they like it, they can buy it from the stall.

If you sell technology such as mobile phones, you can do the same. You can assign different people at different stalls. When a person visits that stall, your employee can educate them on the product and allow them to use it.

3. Non-profit Event

A non-profit event is a charitable event that most businesses take the intuitive to host as part of their social corporate responsibility towards the community. If you want to build a good and positive image of your business, you can do so by hosting a charitable event.

For instance, if you sell toys, you can host an event where you tell people that if they buy a toy, your company will donate a toy to a non-profit organization. If you obtain our event planning and event rentals in Anaheim service, we will not only decorate your venue, but we will also plan and market your event. The higher the turnout, the better your image will become in front of your community.

4. Guest Speaker Event

You can invite a guest speaker to host your event. A guest speaker can be anyone. It can be a musician, chef, CEO, or anyone from your industry. To attract people to your event, you need to secure a guest speaker who has a large fan following. Otherwise, your event will not witness a large turnout.

For instance, if you are a bookstore, you can request several different authors to come and speak at your event. You can sell their books at discounted prices at your event. We can help you get guest speakers you require for your event. If you are looking for entertainment options such as bands and singers, we can help you with that too.

5. VIP Event

Your loyal customers deserve to be made special for shopping only from you all these years. Most businesses have VIP programs established for their loyal customers. If you have a VIP program, the customers who have joined them are your loyal customers. You give them discounts, promotions, and free items already, but why not go one step further and host an event just for them?

Make them feel special by organizing a spectacular event with our help for your VIP customers. At the VIP event, you can hand out special things, have performers, delicious food, free items, amazing offers, contests, and more. You can attract new customers this way by telling your VIP members that they can bring one person with them.

When word of mouth spreads about how great your event was, more people will join your VIP program. If you have a lot of VIP members, send invitations to only those who have earned a lot of points on their cards by buying your products and services. If you have hired our service of event rentals in Anaheim, we can assist you send out invitations to the selected VIP members.

Remember, when you host these types of events in Anaheim, you will find yourself benefiting from them down the line. Again, you don’t have to do it alone because we are here to help! Through our event rentals in Anaheim service, we can help you plan the event as well as provide you with furniture, tents, tables, chairs, lounge furniture, and more!

But, wait do you want further proof on the power of hosting events?

The number of convention centers around the United States is proof of the importance and popularity of events planned and hosted by businesses. The United States is the home to 252 convention centers, and that was just in 2016. It is safe to assume that since then the numbers have only grown.

Can you guess the two states reported to have the most convention centers in the United States? California and Florida both have 20 convention centers. This just proves how reliant businesses in the country on using events to grow their presence in their community.

Around 18 million meetings and events take place in the United States each year.The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the event planning and event rentals business will grow by 10% from 2016 to 2024. In comparison to other occupations, the event planning and event rentals business is growing at a much faster rate.

The only reason we see for why the event planning industry is growing is that more and more are relying on event planning and rentals services than ever before. We offer the professional service of event rentals in Anaheim and take it from us when we say that we have witnessed the growth in the number of small and large businesses that seek our services.

What Motivates Businesses to Obtain BeDazzle My Events Service of Event Rentals in Anaheim?

Why have businesses in the past few years began to host events? What motivates them to go down this path? According to this survey, here are key reasons why businesses have started to plan and host events:

 Lead generation (83%)
 Customer engagement (72%)
 Building brand awareness (72%)
 Product education and training (57%)
 Driving demand (46%)
 Customer upsell (32%)

We hope these are enough reasons for you to plan an event in Anaheim to draw customers, promote your services and products, and establish your brand’s presence. If they are, you are ready to learn how to plan a successful event, one that meets all your goals and exceeds both yours and your customers’ expectations. Of course, BeDazzle My Events will be there to help you out every step of the way!

How to Make Your Event a Success?

Here are a few ways you can make your event and rentals in Anaheim a success:

 Conduct a Survey

What do your customers want? The only ones that can answer this question are your customers. You need create a survey, asking for their input and feedback. For example, you can ask them the type of product they buy the most from you and why, the type of event they would be more likelihood to come, and what would attract them to coming to the event such as free samples, tutorials, guest speaker, and more.

 Create a Unique Marketing Campaign

You need to get the word out there about your event in Anaheim. You need to be creative in your approach. Your marketing campaign should get people talking and entice them to attend it. It should intrigue them. If it intrigues them, only then they will count down the days leading up to your event. Put your best people forward to come up with a creative and unique marketing campaign.

 Choose a Convenient Time and Location

If most of your target audience lives in Anaheim, you will not choose a venue that is in another city that is a two to three-hour drive for them. You also have to be careful about the time you schedule your event. For instance, your target audience are moms.

If you pick a time they need to pick up their kids from school, most moms would be unable to attend your event. You should try to pick a weekend to host your event and if you are unable to pick a weekend, choose a weekday, but choose a time most moms would likely be able to attend.

 Choose Event Rentals in Anaheim

The burden of planning and decorating an event is too much to handle, especially for businesses that have other things to handle. Make it easier on yourself by outsourcing your event planning and event rentals needs in Anaheim.

BeDazzle My Events offers event rentals in Anaheim! Other services we offer our corporate clients include event planning and catering. If you are searching for a company, specializing in event rentals in Anaheim, we are it! Get in touch with us to find out how we can assist you make your dream of hosting an event into a reality. Rentals and event planning is our specialty. We would love to help you out with our event rentals and event planning services.