Wedding Party Rentals: Best Reception in Riverside

Wedding Party Rentals: Best Reception in Riverside

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Make Your Outdoor Party A Success with Party Rentals in Riverside

There is nothing like an outdoor party to celebrate a festival, special occasion, achievements, or just to have fun! There are endless ways to plan your outdoor party in Riverside, no matter what the occasion is. Truth be told, whether it is an intimate party or an all out bash, it gets hectic to plan all the details of the event, especially when it comes to party rentals in Riverside. That’s where BeDazzle My Events come in. From taking care of the venue to the smallest party rentals in Riverside, the team has it covered. All you need to do is plan and envision the party you want and let the team do all the work. We can help your with all your party planning and party rentals need in Riverside. We have the perfect party planning service in place to help you with every detail. Whether you need just party rentals in Riverside, flower decor, lounge furniture rentals in Riverside or a tent for a party rental, we got you covered.

Start Planning Your Party in Riverside

In order to ensure that the team at BeDazzle My Events gets everything right, you need to determine how you want your party to be planned and set up. BeDazzle My Events will help you with the party planning and party rentals setup if you would like us to. We are here to make sure your party and party rentals meet all your needs to have a successful event. Here are some guidelines that will help you in figuring out the major details of your party at Riverside:

Things to Do a Week before the Party

A week to go to the party is a great time to map out the details so that the event planners can get all the required arrangements and party rentals planned in advance. First of all, you need to finalize the theme of your party as all the arrangements and décor rentals would be based on it. Moreover, you also have to decide the budget for your party rentals you want to set for your party in Riverside so that everything is arranged accordingly.

Aside from that, start working on the menu and drinks you want to serve your guests at the party. BeDazzle My Events can also help you plan your menu. Try to think of food items that would go well with your theme. Also, start thinking about the type of music you want to play.  We can help in all these areas, just give us a call.

Another important thing you need to do is to create a guest list and finalize the design of the invitations so that the party invitations can be sent to all the guests and you can follow up afterwards to finalize your guest list.

Things to Do Two Days to the Party

Ensure that you ask all your guests if they have any specific diet requirements. You wouldn’t want any of your guests to have an allergic reaction to any ingredient or to not have any food because they are vegetarian and the menu doesn’t include vegetarian dishes! Ask these things beforehand so that the caterers can be informed about including vegetarian dishes in the menu so that your party can be enjoyed by everyone.

While the caterers handle the food, you need to determine if you have enjoy bottled water, juices, wine and beer or whether you need to purchase more. You can also leave all the drinks to be handled by the caterers too, it is still important to be equipped with a few juices and drinks just in case if you are holding the party at home or in your backyard.

You would also need to decide and finalize the party rental utensils, rentals of napkins, and party rentals with the party planner from BeDazzle My Events. If you are holding the party in your yard, you would also need to prepare it for the event. You might get the lawn mowed, the hedges trimmed, flowerbeds watered, pool cleaned, common areas and the deck cleaned, and so on. Clean out the common wash rooms as well. If you don’t want people to use your washroom, it is best to get rental washrooms installed in your yard for the ease of your guests.

A Day to Go Before the Party

To make sure that your party and your party rentals in Riverside is a spectacular one, you need to start preparing your home and yard for it a day before. Go through all the things, the party rentals and décor to ensure nothing has been forgotten. Double check the entire arrangement, discuss all the details with your planner, make a note of anything that you have forgotten or things that needs to be arranged. We will make sure all the party rentals are placed according to the diagram we have planned out so all your rentals are in place.

Give your lawn a once over, ensure that the music has been finalized, have a common area prepared in case people want to lie down for a while. Keep extra pillows, blankets and even tooth brushes easily accessible in case some of your guests might want to stay over the night. This is typically what happens if you are hosting a party at home.

The Morning of the Party

Go through the entire planning and setup with your planner. You also need to make sure your attire is ready beforehand so that you would be looking your best when the guests start arriving at your party in Riverside. Leave the setting up and decoration of the party rentals to the BeDazzle My Events team. They will ensure that everything is prepared as you had envisioned. The party rental tables, the chairs, drink table, tents and food area would be arranged by them as per your theme. Other party rental things including lights, stereo, dance floor, and other electronics will also be set up by the team. The caterers will bring the food and set it up on the food table, the drinks will be arranged.

All you have to do is give everything a ‘once-over’ and let the team know if you want any changes in the décor rentals. Your entire backyard would be completely transformed and party ready before the guests start arriving and you would be at ease and looking your best since everything would be already managed by the team. Moreover, throughout the party the BeDazzle My Events team would be at work to ensure everything goes smoothly so that you can truly enjoy your own party in Riverside without stressing or worrying about anything. We understand how important it is to have a successful party and a great setup of party rentals and decor. We are here to provide you with exceptional service and we are ready to get started.

Essential Things to Consider For Your Party In Riverside

Following are the crucial things that you need to take into consideration before you finalize the things for your party in Riverside:

Finalizing the Location for The Party and Party Rentals

Firstly, the location of your outdoor party in Riverside is crucial to be finalized. Your backyard would be a great place to host your party. All party rentals would be rented accordingly to transform your place and prepare it for the party. Coming up with a party rentals theme and strategy is the hardest part. Everything after that will fit in place once you have all the major details in place. The best thing about hosting a party at home is that all your guests already know where to come and there isn’t any confusion about where they have to go and how to reach it. moreover, everything would be arranged by the BeDazzle My Events team so you wouldn’t have to worry about doing all the party arrangement yourself or getting overwhelmed. Most importantly, you would be saving money on rental venue.

However, if you don’t have enough space in your yard or don’t have a yard or simply just don’t want to host a party at home, you need to decide and finalize the rental venue for your party in Riverside. There are plenty of amazing places you can arrange your party at. All you need to do is decide on a budget and make an estimate of the number of guests that will be attending your party. BeDazzle My Events team would shortlist the best possible rental venues accordingly so you can finalize the best one from it. Some venues require more party rentals than others but these venues can also be more within budget. Having a unique party in Riverside with awesome party rental decor can not be beat. We will make sure your party and party rentals are just as unique as you are.

Finalizing the Menu For the Party in Riverside

An outdoor party in Riverside means that of course everyone would be famished, especially if there is dancing involved. You would have to decide on the right type of food that matches the theme of your party and will be enjoyed by your guests. This also depends on the time of your party. Do you want to throw the party during the day, in the evening or after dinner? It going to be a brunch, lunch, snacks time, dinner or just a drink and snacks party? Do you want a causal party where food can be laid on the table and people can eat whenever they want or do you want it to be a formal event where guests would be served food by the rental staff? These are all questions to be asked to determine the style of your dinnerware party rentals. A more formal party in Riverside would go for the silver or gold rimmed dinner plates and maybe have a glass beaded charger plate. A more casual look would be white dinner plates and white salad plates with no rim.

Creating a Weather Contingency Plan For Your Party

It is best to have a backup plan for your party in case of any unexpected changes. For instance, if Riverside is experiencing rainy weather, make sure that the party rentals of the tent is waterproof and can keep the water out. In case there is a storm, have a backup place ready. If the party is at your back yard, clear out a common room where your guest can continue the party. Make sure that there are enough rented heating or AC equipment to make your guests comfortable. If your party is in your backyard, ensure that you have bug zappers and beg repellents prepared beforehand to keep yourself and your guests protected from any bugs and pests. We have the perfect party rentals to tackle any weather issues that may come about.

Vital Party Rentals in Riverside Your Party Needs

Following are some of the essential party rentals you would need for your party in Riverside:

• Tents – outdoor parties do require tents to offer shade from the scorching sun and protection from the rain. It would also protect your party guests from cold or heat and increase their comfort level so they can truly enjoy. Tent rentals are very important for outdoor events and parties of any kind.

• Seating Arrangement – if you are throwing a formal party in Riverside, then you would also have to create a seating chart so that your party guests would know where to sit. Make sure that you make the seating arrangement wisely. Never place elderly individuals next to the speakers. Also, make sure there is enough room for your guests to walk around the rentals of tables and chairs easily so they can mingle. Check out or party chair rentals for the best chair to offer your guests and loved ones.

• Sound Equipment, Dance Floor and Other Electronics – BeDazzle My Events will arrange the best rentals of equipment for your party in Riverside so that your guests can truly enjoy the music and party on throughout the event. Our dance floor party rentals are an awesome way to get everyone to dance the night away.

• Décor – the decoration of the place would be done as per your selected theme. The team will hire the party rentals that match your theme to decorate your backyard or the rental venue you selected.

• Bar or Drink Table – whether you want a help yourself drinking station or want a bartender to man it, you will need rental table and/or bar to set up the drinking station. We have wonderful rentals of bars to choose from. We have LED bars for rent, white tuffed bars for rent and more. Our party rentals will be perfect for your next party in Riverside.

• Rental Washrooms – if you are utilizing a rental venue, there might not be washroom facilities for which you would have to get rental washrooms. Even if you host the party at your home, you still might want to rental washrooms if you want to avoid your washroom being used or if there are a large number of guests coming.

• Cooling or Heating System – BeDazzle My Events would ensure the availability of rentals of cooling or heating systems, depending on the weather, so that you and your guests can have a comfortable and relaxing time during the party.

• Lights – lights are really important part of the decorations for your party rentals in Riverside. They not only serve as décor rentals but are also essential to ensure that the place is too dark. There are numerous special rental lights that can be used to make your party even more special. Our party rentals of lights come in wonderful colors to help make sure your party is the best one yet.

Outdoor parties are indeed extremely fun if they are organized right. BeDazzle My Events will ensure that your party and party rentals in Riverside is one of the best ones your guests have attended. From décor to party rentals to catering, everything would be spot on! The team would take care of everything right from the start till the end of the event, ensuring that you also have a relaxing and fun time at your own party and just be a fun host without worrying about the arrangements. Get in touch with BeDazzle My Events to inquire about the party rentals in Riverside today and start planning your exciting outdoor party that your guests will be talking about for months to come.