Party Rentals in Burbank

Party Rentals in Burbank

Party Rentals in Burbank

Throwing a party for yourself, a family member or a friend in Burbank? Are your looking to rent the perfect party rentals in the Burbank area? Party rentals can be a huge hit at your party if the perfect rentals are in place. BeDazzle My Events can help with all your party planning and party rental needs.

It should be a lot of fun, but unfortunately party planning is not an easy task and there is a good deal of stress involved in organizing a wonderful party. Party planning is very time consuming and if a professional is not hired to help you with your party planning and event rental needs, you can be overwhelmed and over worked.

Why hire a party planner and party rentals?

Because you want to make sure that everything is perfect so that all your guests will have a great time and this needs a lot of time, thought and effort. Selecting the venue, choosing a theme, planning out the seating arrangement, and deciding what you are going to serve your guests – these are some of the major tasks that you will have to look after while planning a party; not to talk about the time and effort that goes into finding reliable vendors. Party rentals and party planning is not just as simple and exciting and you would hope it would be. Renting and laying out your party rental floor plan can be time consuming as well as mind-boggling.

Even after spending all the time and energy into finding vendors for your party rentals in the Burbank area, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to pull off a perfect party. What if you are unable to find vendors who’d understand your requirements? What if a vendor turns you down at the eleventh hour? Before hiring a party planner and party rentals vendors, definitely do your research and feel comfortable hiring a company like BeDazzle My Events.

Party Rentals and Party Planning in Burbank

Planning a party in your head is a different thing and being able to execute all your ideas is a different thing altogether. You would need a party planner and an outstanding party rental company like BeDazzle My Events to get the job done. We have a large selection of inventory for our party rentals in the Burbank and Southern California areas that are ready to be used.

What’s the solution then?

Hire BeDazzle My Events because we are one the best Party Rentals in Burbank!

Reasons to Hire Be Dazzle My Events for Party Rentals

Whether it is an office party that you have been made responsible for, the birthday party of your child, your wedding, anniversary or any other important event of your life that calls for a party, Be Dazzle My Events is the name to remember. Being one of the best party rentals in Burbank, we know what it takes to throw a party that everyone will enjoy and remember for a long time and we have been doing it for years. Our specialty is party planning and party rentals. We do everything for planning your party, to party rentals, event rentals and more.

Not sure if you need the services of party rentals in Burbank?

Here are some of the reasons to hire Be Dazzle My Events for your next party:

1. One Stop for All Your Party Needs

So, you have decided to throw a party in Burbank, but have you figured out the things that you will need?
Apart from the decoration supplies that include flowers, drapes, lights etc, you will need tables, chairs, crockery, tent or canopy, and bar equipment.

At Be Dazzle My Events, you will everything at the same place. This means when you hire us, you will not need to look for any other vendor. We will provide you with everything that you will need to throw an amazing party, according to the nature of your event and theme. In addition to all the things mentioned above, we provide rental services for different types of dinnerware, specialty linen, garden party equipment, dance floors, stages, and wedding accessories. We are also an acclaimed lounge furniture rental in Burbank.

Be Dazzle My Events also takes care of your entertainment needs. Throwing a birthday party for a child and thinking of installing inflatables? Looking for props for wedding, bridal shower, or anniversary?

We can provide everything!

Can’t think of any activity for your corporate event or party?

Contact us and we will come up with interesting ideas to keep guests entertained at your event with our party rentals and party planning services.

2. Multiple Options to Choose From with our Party Rentals

Not only we offer a wide range of party supplies, but we also provide our clients with numerous options to choose from, in each category. This is why we are considered as the best event rentals in riverside, Burbank and Los Angeles.

3. Well Maintained Party Rentals Supplies

There are many reasons that we are ranked at the top of the list of party rentals in Burbank, one of them is that we always provide items in perfect condition. This means, no dirty chairs and sofas, no chipped plates or no stained linens.

We know how crucial it is to make the right impression on your guests!

4. Flexibility with Our Party Planning and Party Rental 

We understand that each party has its own unique needs and budget. Also, we understand that some of our clients already have a theme or certain ideas in mind and they want us to help them to execute them.
We work within your budget and will make your dream a reality by customizing everything according to your demands and wishes. Whether you are looking for a particular type of wedding draping in Los Angeles, or have a specific type of stage decoration in mind, we are certain that we can do it for you!

5. It Will Save You Money on Your Party Rentals

While some people may think that hiring party rentals in Burbank will cost them a lot of money, in reality it is the opposite. When you hire BeDazzle My Events, you will in fact save a handsome amount of money.
Think rationally – there are two way to get all the essential party supplies; buy them or rent them from party rentals in Burbank.

What’s cheaper?

Definitely the second option!

Spending a fortune to buy tables, chairs, crockery, and many other things that you will hardly ever use again is not a wise idea.

This is why most of the people take help from party rental services.

6. We Will Help You in Planning Your Party and Party Rentals

At Be Dazzle My Events, we not only offer party rental services in Burbank, but also help you in party planning.
In today’s world, our lives have become so busy that it is very hard to take out the time that planning and organizing a good party requires. We understand this and we are here to help!

Whether you are busy or short of unique ideas, get in touch with us and we will plan your event from scratch. We have an exclusive team of event and party planners who can give you unique party ideas and can also help to improve your ideas. From location, invitations and décor party rentals to transportation, entertainment, and providing promotional material for corporate events, we can manage even the smallest detail of your event or party.

7. You Won’t Need To Look For A Party Caterer

When you hire Be Dazzle My Events – one of the best party rentals in Burbank, you don’t even need to look for a party caterer.

Food plays an important role in how your guests rate the success of your party, so you need to serve them with the best food.

Tells us what you want to serve your guests with or choose from one of our menus. Let us know if you are want a buffet dinner or a plated dinner and we will take care of it just like all other things.

8. Professional Services For Party Rentals and Planning

Be Dazzle My Events stands out from other party rentals in Burbank because of its professionalism. We are true to our commitments. Also, we are legal, insured and comply with health and safety obligations. BeDazzle My Events is here to help you plan and execute every detail for your party planning and party rental equipment.

9. Peace of Mind on Your Party Rentals

In short, when you hire a reliable party rental service, such as Be Dazzle My Events, you do not have to worry about anything. We can plan, design and organize any type of event according to your unique demands and budget.

Let us take care of the difficult tasks while you stay relaxed and focus on choosing your party outfit.

We Can Cater To All Types of Party Rentals and Party Planning

There are certain party rentals in Burbank and event rentals in riverside that specialize in one particular type of event, such as wedding.

Be Dazzle My Events cater to all types of events, including, but not limited to:

• Weddings
• Anniversaries Party
• Bridal Showers Party
• Baby Showers
• Rehearsal Dinner Party
• Engagement Parties
• Retirement Parties
• Annual Dinner Party
• Reunion Parties
• Graduation Parties
• Birthday Parties

We Can Also Work On Your Venue

While we can find a perfect venue for your events, if you have already decided the place you are going to host the party, we can also work there.

In order to make their party memorable, a lot of people are opting for unique venues, such as:

• Parking Lots for Parties
• Airport Hangars and Tarmacs
• Art Schools & Galleries Parties
• Museums
• Warehouses and vacant buildings
• Mountain Peaks
• Libraries for Parties
• Wineries for Parties and Events
• Sports Grounds

Popular Venues

While all these places are being used as venues for celebrating various events, the ones that are gaining huge popularity are:

• Warehouses

The pared down architecture of old warehouses is what gives them a unique appeal and makes them versatile. Since a warehouse does not have much of a character of its own, it allows you to play with ideas and transform the place just like you want.

• Rooftop Venues

Ideal for summer parties, rooftop venues provide spectacular views which make perfect backdrops for photographs. Such venues are getting very popular for corporate events, such as product launches and networking events. They are also great for reunion parties and birthday party for an adult.

• Historic Loft Spaces

Historical places have some in-built charm that gives them a unique appeal. These spaces are perfect for hosting fundraising events, retirement parties, bridal showers, engagements and even weddings.

• Barns, Farms and Vineyards

The rustic charm, beautiful gardens, fresh air, and surrounding natural beauty are some of the features due to which barns, farms and vineyards have become topmost priorities of many people for hosting celebrating different important events of their lives.

Event planners consider barns and farms as ideal venues because they provide a blank canvas where they can play with colors and ideas.

• Museums and Art Galleries

Museums and art galleries feature sophisticated style and simple décor with expensive pieces of art decorating the walls. These factors add an aesthetic value to these places. Museums and galleries are considered as low-maintenance venues and thus, preferred by people who do not want to invest too much in the décor.

Final Word

Do you know that about 1.83 million meetings and events are organized every year, in the U.S. alone?

But, how many of them are remembered be guests for a long time?

Probably, not many!

The reason why guests usually do not remember parties for a long time is that there is nothing special in most of them. There is a particular etiquette for every party that needs to be followed. In addition to this, the décor also plays an important role.

Most of the people tend to ignore the décor and focus more on other factors. The fact is that the décor is the first impression of your party. If the décor is not up to the mark, and there are dirty chairs and carpets, stained linens, and improper seating and lighting, your guests will not get properly involved in the party.

After the décor, there comes food and entertainment.

Hosting a wonderful party requires a lot of work – no wonder a lot of people find it a daunting task and hire party rentals.

As one of the best party rentals in Burbank, BeDazzle My Events takes great pride in serving people of Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, and Pasadena. Get in touch with us if you want to make your next party a huge success.