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Wedding and Party Rentals Orange Co

Wedding and Party Rentals in Orange Co

Orange County: Best Party and Wedding Rental Vendor

If you are looking for the perfect way to set the tone and/ or theme of your dream wedding or party, consider BeDazzle My Events party rentals in Orange County. We carry the best product inventory in the Orange County area. We have a full line of party and wedding rentals that are ready for your event. We carry rentals that vary from lounge furniture rentals, tent wedding and party rentals, draping for weddings and event rentals, chiavari chair rentals in Orange County and a ton more. Check out our price list for the best party and wedding rentals in Orange County.

Draping for Party and Wedding Rentals in Orange County

Adding draping to your wedding or party venue’s walls or ceilings is really like adding the perfect icing to your wedding cake. In the same way that icing turns a plane cake into a delicious work of art, draping transforms a drab or an average room into something incredibly beautiful and elegant. What is draping for wedding and party rentals in Orange County, you may ask? Well, it is a fabulous decorating tool that uses beautiful fabric on the walls and / or on the ceilings of an interior space to transform a simple space into a beautiful, breath-taking place.

Usually, experts hang draping for your party or wedding in the Orange County area, on freestanding pipes. Hanging the draping from pipes is a way to protect the wedding venue’s walls. Draping can also be used on ceilings that are over 15 feet high to create even more ambiance or to create an entire new space. Draping is perfect for hiding any flaws you find at your current wedding or party rentals venue in Orange County. Maybe you love the party or wedding rentals venue but you hate the color of the walls? Well, draping rentals will take care of that. Draping the ceiling can either hide the entire ceiling or highlight a chandelier or other ceiling piece that you love. Draping rentals for weddings and parties in Orange Count can also be partial to show off some of the venue’s own unique ceiling.

If you decide to use draping for your event, party or wedding, you should consider using different kinds of pipes in different areas. Doing so adds texture to the walls at your party or wedding in Orange County. For example, concave and convex crossbars can create a fluid motion around the room. These crossbars can also hide things behind them, such as wires for lighting or sound equipment. You could also add more color tones and textures to the wall by using drape on drape adapters to combine two different drapes.

Drapery rentals for your wedding or party in Orange County can also be used to create lounge areas for guests with dramatic designs. You can breakup any space with the fabric’s layout. You don’t have to go in a traditional straight line. Go wild! You can cut out edges to create doorways with swanky designs. You could also use fabric to separate a room at your wedding or party in Orange County. By doing this, you could have the ceremony on one side of the draping and the reception on the other side of it. There are endless possibilities of draping rentals. You can use it to set off your wedding or party theme. You can use it to add elegance to your party or wedding. Or you can use it to transform an otherwise drab space. Consider rentals for parties and weddings in Orange County for all your rental needs.

Lounge Furniture Rentals for Weddings and Parties in Orange County

Lounge furniture rentals for parties and weddings play an important social gathering role in Orange County. Guests will love your lounge furniture rentals for your wedding or party whether you decide on classic lounge furniture look, a trendy wedding rentals look or a vintage party lounge furniture rentals look in Orange County. You cannot go wrong with the theme for your party rentals or wedding rentals in Orange County. Call BeDazzle My Events to get started today.

Tent Wedding or Party Rentals in Orange County

We have the best tents for rent in the Orange County area. Are tents are clean and ready for all your party and wedding rentals need. We carry an inventory of clear tents, tents with windows for your wedding or party in Orange County and plain white canopy tops for an intimate summer party. Our tent rentals are unique and can be combined with chandelier rentals, lighting rentals, dance floor rentals in Orange County to complete the decor for your wedding or party.

Chiavari Chair Rentals for Your Wedding or Party

Our chiavari chair inventory in Orange County comes in several color options. We have gold chiavari chair rentals, silver chiavari chair rentals, black chiavari chair rentals, white chiavari chair rentals, and ghost chiavari chair rentals as well as brown. Whatever color chaivari chair rental you decide on for your wedding or party decor rentals, BeDazzle My Events can help you with these party rentals and all your wedding rentals need. Our event, wedding and party planners are ready to help. We can assist with budget planning for your wedding, floral arrangements for your party in Orange County, catering rentals and services for your wedding or event and more.

Dance Floor Party and Wedding Rentals

Our dance floors are very fun and will get your wedding or party started. We have the best dance floor rentals in our Orange County inventory and they are ready for your wedding or party. We carry white seamless dance floor rentals, oak dance floor rentals, black dance floor rentals in Orange County and more. We have lots of variety in rentals when it comes to sizes. We carry a dance floor for 20 person party or a 500 guest wedding in Orange County. Check out our dance floor rentals in Orange County today.

Charger Plate Rentals in Orange County

Choose your charger plate rentals. We carry silver beaded charger rentals, gold beaded charger rentals, lacquer charger rentals in gold and silver as well as squared charger plates rentals in Orange County. Adding charger plate rentals to your wedding, party or event can really make your table look formal and elegant. Elegant rentals are a great way to feel like a royal at a wedding or event for your guests and loved ones.

Lighting Rentals for Wedding and Party Rentals

We offer lighting rentals for your wedding or party in Orange County. Our lighting rentals option include LED, pin spot lighting rentals and flood light rentals for your wedding or party. We offer a variety of colors to create the perfect hue for your wedding in Orange County. Our lighting can be wireless or hard wired depending on your needs for rentals.

Conclusion of Rentals in Orange County

In conclusion, BeDazzle My Events can help you with all your wedding and party rentals in the Orange County area. Contact us for further information on how to get started and let our party and wedding planners help plan your dream wedding or party today.




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