Wedding Centerpieces in Los Angeles: Unique Pieces to Keep Them Talking

Wedding Centerpieces in Los Angeles: Unique Pieces to Keep Them Talking

The centerpieces that you choose for your big day are a major decision. They complement your wedding theme and your wedding colors, and they are what every guest will see as they sit down to enjoy the delicious and decadent meal that will be served during your wedding festivities. Centerpieces are one of the wedding accessories that will completely transform your wedding and make it stand out from the rest of them. You can make your centerpieces conversational pieces (that is, flattering conversational pieces) with some of these unique and stunning centerpiece ideas.


Show off your ‘20s flapper style with feathers and boas.

You know you loved The Great Gatsby movie (at least for its fashion and style). The shiny colors, the wonderful headbands, the beautifully soft feathers. They are fun and inviting fashion trends that are really making their reappearances these days. A burst of feathers placed strategically in flower vases make a unique and exciting statement. Your wedding is not just beautiful, it is thriving and sure to be a roaring ‘20s time. Vases filled with colorful or muted feathers with beautiful boas wrapping gracefully around the bottoms are eye-catching and add wonderful volume to your table decorations. They are both simple additions to your tables, but they can really liven up the atmosphere.


Trees can add a touch of elegance.

Trees are one of the most amazing statements on the wonders and beauty that Mother Nature provides. Using trees as wedding centerpieces make an elegant statement, and there are so many ways to incorporate them into your wedding reception. You can stick with the traditional brown tree trunk, or you can spray paint it to match your wedding colors or wedding season. Make it white for Winter Wonderland weddings, or make it blue just to surprise people in a pleasant way. You can use the same technique with the leaves. Make them green for summer weddings, or paint them all of the wonderful fall colors for fall weddings. Add roses or fruits. Get really creative and adorn them with hanging photos or simple, elegant charms.


Fill glass jars with seasonal items.

Glass jars and vases can provide so many awesome, versatile pieces for your wedding. They can hold candles to add a touch of romance, or they can hold little pieces of paper with scribbled notes on them so guests at the table can play fun games, such as “truth or dare” or “20 questions.” If you’re having a fall wedding, add some pinecones and colorful leaves inside of them. If you’re having a winter wedding, add some Christmas tree ornaments or paper snowflakes to them. Or a combination of both. If you’re having a summer wedding, add bursts of color with small flowers and beach sand. You can even use these centerpiece decorations as a way to offer your guests gifts, such as sunglasses and sunscreen for summer weddings and ornaments and small trinkets for winter weddings.