Wedding Catering in Orange County: Hot Trends

Wedding Catering in Orange County: Hot Trends

The food is one of the main parts of the wedding events that people look forward to, and couples are becoming increasingly creative with their catering choices. You won’t believe some of the awesome things brides-to-be and grooms-to-be are coming up with. Here are some of the best wedding catering trends that are getting guests excited right now.


Keep it fresh.

That is right! The healthy, whole food trend is even taking over wedding catering these days. People are requesting fresh and organic food choices, and they often try to buy locally grown food. Taking this approach to wedding catering can actually save you a lot of money, because you don’t have to have your food imported or transported from far away. It also supports your local economy, and you’re providing your guests with healthy, delicious food that they won’t regret consuming later. The less processes food has to go through, the tastier and more enjoyable they are.


Keep it interactive.

Instead of having servers pass food around during the reception, event planners are creating way for guests to interact more with the dinning process. Some weddings have guests come up to get their food from a chef shucking oysters, playing with fire during the grilling process like at a hibachi bar, or throwing together meals right in front of guests’ eyes. It makes the dining experience more exciting, and it really entertains the young children attending the wedding.


Keep it trucking.

Hiring a food truck to cater weddings is one of the absolute hottest trends in wedding catering right now. It incorporates fun foods and a fun experience to the wedding. It could be a couple’s favorite food truck to visit during dates, or it can be the food truck that serves the couple’s favorite desert. Food trucks are especially perfect for outdoor weddings, because they can drive directly to your venue and have everything fresh and made to order.


Keep it comfortable.

Everyone loves comfort foods, and couples are beginning to turn to comfort foods over fancy foods or transforming comfort foods into fancy foods for their wedding guests. Even with the simplest dish, you can make it elegant with the presentation such as serving it in monogrammed bags or on beautiful dishes. Or you can add a flare to it by incorporating new ingredients to old time favorites. This method keeps it simple, fun, and delicious.


Keep it small.

Sometimes, small things can have a big impact, and wedding planners are capitalizing on this hot new trend in wedding catering. Serving guests appetizers of couples’ favorite meals is a fun, elegant way to transform the wedding dining experience. The appetizers can be something as simple as a single meatball topped with a bit of sauce and a few spaghetti noodles or an elegant crab cake. There is no limit to the ideas that people can come up with in order to incorporate finger foods into all of the wedding excitement.