Event Planner in Orange County: Popular New Trends

Event Planner in Orange County: Popular New Trends

Each year, Event Planner become more and more improved and exciting with all of the emerging technologies and creativity that is introduced to the event planning industry. There are so many breakthroughs and advances constantly popping up that it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest event planning trends. Here are some of the most popular and most appreciated trends that attendees and sponsors should know about.


It’s all about the apps, and I don’t necessarily mean appetizers.

Smart phones have introduced the world to wonderful things and to terrible things, but I think we can all agree that apps mostly fall into the wonderful things category. They have become the must have at events lately, from weddings to conferences. There is no question why they have become such a major part of events either. They are the most efficient way to maintain contact with event guests, and they make events more interactive for everyone involved. They offer a way for event goers to share photos, receive alerts, maintain schedules, offer suggestions, and keep everyone up-to-date on all of the important things happening at the event.


Let’s connect with all of your senses.

Speaking of guest interaction, immersive experiences are currently one of the hottest (if not the absolute hottest) trend in events today. This trend is so hot that it is not just taking over events, but it is also taking over in other places such as theme parks and restaurants. Creating an immersive environment for your guests allows them to feel as if they are stepping into a whole new world, and it can be excitingly stimulating. Creating an event with a total immersive experience takes careful planning, though, and the lighting, performers, theme, smallest details must work together for guests to really immerse themselves into the experience.


Keep everyone up-to-date with event websites.

The internet is a wonderful, wonderful thing, especially if you’re planning a major event. It is hard to locate someone without any access to the internet, so instead of making a million phone calls and sending out a million letters you can direct everyone to one single webpage that contains all of the important event information. You can add blurbs about speakers, talks, hotel reservations, dates, times, fees, and, after the event, you can add photos and summaries of all of the major things that occurred during the event. A website like that could make your life so much easier, and save you a lot on your phone bill.


Everyone wants a unique event, so have it at a unique venue.

The banquet halls and religious places of traditional events are being replaced by more unique venues such as weddings in libraries and conferences in old-style mansions. People are really trying to make a statement with their choice of venue these days. Personally, my favorite is from a movie. I just love the wedding at the National Art Museum in The Vow. Other popular, unique venues are warehouses and concert venues.