Event Coordinator Los Angeles

Event Coordinator Los Angeles

At any event whether it be a birthday party, charity auction, wedding, ball or what have you, an event coordinator is the person you want present. Maybe you don’t trust the person in charge because your best friend has a track record of less than perfect when it comes to these things or your coworker can’t even show up on time for work let alone run a function. The responsible thing to do is hire an event coordinator because their job description allows for the title of specialists. You want to see everything go smoothly with the best possible outcome so don’t hesitate to make sure that happens.


When considering an event coordinator Los Angeles you want to give yourself and the individual enough time which is the most precious aspect in terms of events. Time to event coordinators is essential as it has the ability to make or break an event. It is the equivalent of water to a fish, a bit dramatic but you get the idea. Don’t wait to the last minute to select your candidate because they are specialists not miracle workers even though in some cases they can be considered as such. You want someone with experience and lots of it. They say experience is the best teacher and that statement couldn’t be truer in this profession. Every event is different and with that comes a new lesson, a new set of acquired skills, or a difficult situation that requires a solution that is out of the comfort zone of many.

Here is a set of must have skills to look for in your potential candidate:

  • Exceptional communication skills.
    • This goes without saying; there is so much conversation that goes into event coordination and with that understanding. This person needs to know the ins and outs of the field and should be a “middleman” communicator between all necessary parties such as the caterer, DJ, employees, wait staff, contractors, etc. Great communication allows for successfulness.
  • Organization skills.
    • In tandem with communication skills, organizational skills are a must. Without this trait you shouldn’t even consider such a candidate. You can determine this about an event coordinator Los Angeles within the first five minutes of meeting them. They should be not on time but early, and should dress the part. Read as much as you can from the first appearance. During the event a hundred things are happening at once and the right candidate will remain focused to see the occasion through.
  • Computer skills.
    • We are living in a technological world showing no signs of reverting back to pen and paper; an event planner should possess such skills to adjust with modern times.
  • Problem-solving skills.
    • Considered one of the most valued traits, problem-solving skills are a must to avoid a hiccup from turning into a crisis. They must be able to resolve the issue rapidly.
  • Confidence.
    • I don’t know if confidence is a skill but it does send a message that the event coordinator takes pride in their work and ability which should put you at ease. It serves as a testimony to their success.