Event Planner in Los Angeles: Why Hire One?

Event Planner in Los Angeles: Why Hire One?

Planning events alone can be so stressful. When you add a 48 hour week job and the duties of being a wife and mother or a husband and a father to that mix, it can be down right painful. There are a lot of decisions to make, a lot of people to call, a lot of things to remember, and a lot of potential disaster and aggravation to deal with. If that is not enough reason to hire a professional, here are a few more things to consider.


Professional planners are professionals at planning.

All of those decisions and phone calls to make may be a pain to you, but professional event planners know how to handle that pain and many of them even enjoy performing those tasks. They can stay calm and positive, because they are trained to do it. They can take a major weight off of your shoulders and help you plan a fantastic event.

Professional planners have connections.

Professional planners have planned countless events, so they will be in the know about who to call and they will have a list of backup people in case the primary contacts fall through. Having the contacts also often means getting good deals. It always pays to know people. Or, I should say it always saves to know people. Professional planners will also know everything about every place in town, so they will know who can provide the best products at the best prices with the best customer service. That is always a plus.

Negotiation skills are a must.

Good event planners will know what is important to both you and the people at the venue that you wish to book, so they can negotiate a deal between you that will satisfy both parties. Professional event planners can negotiate cost, size, upgrades, and other important things.

Your planner can take on multiple responsibilities.

If you are planning a business event, such as a fundraiser or a conference, a professional planner can take on multiple tasks that your co-workers often cannot juggle with their daily tasks. Professional planners can help you with important logistical tasks, such as negotiating a budget, monitoring attendee lists, locating speakers, finding sponsors, and helping with other key aspects of your important event. Having a professional helper assist you with these logistical aspects of the event will allow you the time to really focus on the content of the event.   

You will be able to enjoy your event.

Event planners allow you the freedom to be a guest at your own event, so you can feel free to mingle and truly partake in the fun festivities. The event planner will be there to handle all of the minor details or hiccups that may occur at the event, so you don’t have to do it. Your wish is really their command. You can work on making more professional connections if your event  is business related, or you can focus on enjoying time with your loved ones if the event is personal.