Wedding Centerpieces in Orange County: Essential Centerpiece Tips

Wedding Centerpieces in Orange County: Essential Centerpiece Tips

Your wedding centerpieces are called centerpieces for a good reason; they are the anchors for your wedding reception tables, and they are the center of attention at your reception. The choice of wedding decorations is one of the major topics at any wedding, and it is one of the decisions people will remember the most when they reflect on your wonderful wedding for years to come. But do not begin overly stressing or over thinking this decision. It does not have to be complicated. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you plan the centerpieces for your dream wedding.


Keep it consistent.

It can be kind of difficult to choose the perfect centerpieces, and you probably have a ton of ideas floating through your mind of which ones you like. Pick a few of your ideas and blend them. Make sure you don’t have multiple centerpieces at your wedding. You want to maintain consistency and have everything match. Choose centerpieces that serve a purpose. They could match your wedding theme or your wedding colors. If you’re having a winter wedding, don’t go for something like summer fruits. If you’re having a summer wedding, don’t go for something associated with winter such as pinecones and ornaments.


But vary it a little bit.

While you don’t want a different centerpiece for every table at your wedding (especially if you plan to invite a lot of guests), you want to add a little bit of variety to your wedding decorations. Keep it fun and interesting. Although you should base the number of different centerpieces on how many tables you have, three is typically a good number. It gives you a chance to play with more than just one of the many centerpiece ideas you have, which takes some of the stress off of choosing the perfect “one.”


Direct the attention.

You can really direct your wedding guests’ attention to your centerpieces with strategic lighting. Place elegant candles on the sides of the centerpieces, or have a small lamp hanging above them. You could also use pin spot lighting. Or, to make things really elegant and romantic, trail flower petals around them.


Avoid excessive fragrance.  

Everybody hates it when that one person walks by them on the street or in the mall, and they are left choking on the strong scent of too much perfume or cologne that hangs around ominously after the overly fragrant pedestrian passes by. You want to avoid creating that effect on your wedding guests as well. So, be careful when you’re choosing your combination of flowers. Avoid combining flowers that both have strong smells, such as lilies and gardenias.


Make them durable.

What is usually served at weddings? That’s right: alcohol. What happens when people imbibe significant amounts of alcohol? They get pretty clumsy. Some people don’t even need alcohol to be clumsy. People will inevitably bump into the tables a time or two, so you want to make sure you choose centerpieces that are sturdy and can stand up to even the drunkest wedding guest.