Wall Draping For Wedding and Corporate Events

Wall Draping For Wedding and Corporate Events

Wall Draping: Ideas for your Wedding or Corporate Event Drapery

Wall Draping: For a Romantic or Corporate Event

Whether you are looking to have a ballroom wedding reception, a tented affair, a rustic barn theme ceremony, wall draping and drapery can make quite an impact on your guests. Add some serious “wow” factor with gorgeous draping in sheer, chiffon, polyester or satin drapery. This can take any event from this is nice to wow in  seconds. You can drape the walls to soften the venue or cover anything on the walls you don’t want seen with drapery and white draping. Lon-gate a room with floor to ceiling wall draping panels and some uplighting to add the dramatic affect. Call BeDazzle My Events today for all your wall draping and event drapery needs.


All-White Wedding Reception or Corporate Event Wall Draping

An all white wonderland in sheer, chiffon white wall draping is just what you need. Tieback curtains with a white runway leading straight to your wedding cake is what would be dazzling at your wedding or corporate event. Adding some white florals and dim lit candles to tie it all in to make a beautiful day spectacular. Wall draping for your wedding or event is all you need to have the perfect day.

Sheer Chiffon Drapery Panels

Consider chiffon sheer wall draping for your event or wedding. Chiffon is flowy, beautiful and has an elegant feel that nothing can beat. It comes in a variety of colors and can be highlighted with soft LED lighting to have it look absolutely stunning.  Wall draping can be tricky, so leave it to a professional to help you handle all your wall draping and drapery needs.

Stairway Draping and Candlelight Walkway

Drape your stairway with white satin draping or chiffon draping and add candles on each side of the walk way to highlight this beautiful path. Adding some florals with your drapery and wall draping as well as some greenery goes a long away for your event or wedding. Create the perfect stair walkway with simple and elegant drapery. Wall draping makes a room feel soft, elegant and spectacular for your event or wedding.

Beach Wedding Ceremony  or Event Draping

Having some crisscross chiffon wall draping with a pipe and drape system is just the perfect touch to your beach wedding or event. Chiffon wall draping flowing in the wind is a perfect touch to a beach event or wedding. Adding some accents of pinks or blues in flowers and adding some sea shells will complete the look for your drapery.

Rustic Barn Draping Reception

Some ivory wall draping with amber lighting is perfect for a rustic barn feel. Complete the look with mahogany chiavari chairs and some pintuck linens to add simple chic. Use some crates in front of your wall draping to create a backdrop for pictures or your wedding cake background. Wall draping for your wedding or event at a barn adds a soft feel and the perfect tough.

Outdoor Dinner Reception Drapery

Wall draping and some bistro lights under the light of the moon is the perfect reception whether it is for a wedding or corporate event. Add some elegant table clothes and simple flowers for decor is the magic touch. Some white lounge furniture pieces would also be great at a reception like this. Consider some LED lighted wall draping and over head drapery for  beautiful outdoor reception. Contact BeDazzle My Events today to get started in planning all your wall draping and drapery needs. Our rentals on draping is affordable, elegant and the perfect solution for your wedding or event.