Businesses Need Event Rentals in Riverside for a Big Hit

Businesses Need Event Rentals in Riverside for a Big Hit

Businesses Need Event Rentals in Riverside for a Big Hit

Businesses cannot rely on social media marketing alone to market their brand and spread the word. They need to either go big or go home! Always wanted to say that! In all honesty though, when needing to host an event, choosing the décor and furniture that represents your brand or the message you are trying to convey to your target audience through your event or party.

We know what we said before…to go big or go home…but you don’t have to spend a lot of big money to have a great event or party, but you can host an event or party on a small scale. Even if you are hosting an event or party on a large scale, you can still save both time and money spent on planning it by outsourcing it all to a company, specializing in event rentals and party rentals in Riverside. BeDazzle My Events will save you time and money. Contact us today for a free quote on all your event and party rentals today in the Riverside area.

How Event and Party Rentals in Riverside Can Save You Time and Money?

If you have plans to bring an in-house team, cancel it and here’s why:

1. You Will Save Money
You will save money and in return, make money when your event or party in Riverside becomes the talk of the town. If you hire an in-house team to plan your corporate event, it will end up costing you a lot of money, especially if you plan to host an event on a large-scale.

If your event requires one hour or more to set-up, you are better off hiring event rentals and party rentals from BeDazzle My Events in Riverside because they offer reasonable prices, manpower, and resources.

Key Advice: choose an event rental company, like BeDazzle My Events, that also offers event planning, management, and furniture rental service. This is why you need us.

2. You Will Get Better Rates
Be smart and select an event or party rental company that has several years of experience. With experience, comes contact and with contacts, come better rates! A successful and experienced furniture rental company, like BeDazzle My Events, based in California has most probably established long-term working relationships with several vendors.

You will find that BeDazzle My Events offers furniture, chairs, tables and a large inventory of party and event rentals, that’s one thing you can check off your list. For all the other things you need, you can entrust us with the job to make it happen. We also offer event and party planning service on top of a furniture rental service, and this is why you should call today!

3. You Will Receive BeDazzle My Events Complete Attention
When we say, “We,” we mean “Your” event. The event rentals in Riverside you hire will have a large team of people who will give your event their utmost attention. By hiring an in-house team, you are handpicking a group of people who you think can best handle your event, but they have other positions in the company as well, which they also need to perform. We will create a balance between their regular job and this newly, short-term job of organizing the event or party. With an in-house team, this a drawback, as your event is not get the attention it deserves, as they won’t be able to give their 100% best, but do you know who can? — an event planning, management, and furniture rental company.

4. You Will Receive a Team of Skilled, Experienced, and Talented People
Our event rental company you hired to plan your corporate event will have a team of people with specialist skills, experience, and talent. We have organized several events and parties already, both on a small-scale and large-scale.

BeDazzle My Events is familiar with certain setbacks that can occur and have the knowledge to deal with them. We even know the shortcuts to get out of tricky and unexpected situations, thus saving you a lot of stress and trouble of having to deal with them yourself.

5. You Will Have a Pool of Creative Ideas for Planning Your Party or Event
Yes, you might have a general idea on how you want to organize your event such as having a themed picked out already. Our event and party planning company can add on to your idea, make necessary improvements, and fill in the gaps to ensure your corporate event or party becomes a hit!

No matter how unique your theme or idea is, you can bet on us, a company that offers event rentals in Riverside to have an extensive collection of furniture such as tables, chairs, tents, lounge furniture, and many more.

6. You Will Not Have to Worry About Your Budget Exceeding
Whether it is a wedding, party, or a corporate event, all have a budget that they cannot exceed. Most often, when you are planning an event or party on your own, you tend to go over budget or encounter unexpected expenses towards the end of the event.

Those surprise costs are often the cause for headaches and frustrations. If you want to ensure you do not exceed your budget for your event, you need to hire an event rental and planning company, like BeDazzle My Events. Since we provide event rentals, we will provide you with a package, which includes costs of our planning and furniture rentals service. We have the best package plans in the Riverside area on event and party rentals.

Will you leave your corporate event in the hands of experts offering event rentals in Riverside or will you bear the costs of a failed event due to loss of sales, clients, goodwill, and prospective customers?

We hope you pick the latter option of employing the services of an event rentals company in California like BeDazzle My Events!

Are You Still Not Convinced on Why You Need to Get Party Rentals in Riverside on Board?

The primary reasons small and large businesses choose to host events include:

 Generate Revenue
 Build Brand Recognition
 Display Your Event Venue
 Network with Customers, Audience, and Eventgoers in Person
 Strengthen Your Image in Your Community (fundraising events)
 Create Trust and Loyalty Among Your Audience
 Create Thought Leadership (seminars, conferences, industry meetups)

Now, time for some cold-hard facts:

The top four industries that employ the services of an event planning company are:

1. Business, labor, and political organizations
2. Hotels and motels
3. College universities and professional institutions
4. Grand making and giving services

Businesses need to host an event because it builds brand awareness, generates leads, and builds loyalty via customer engagement.

Here are the five main reasons most businesses choose to organize an event:

1. 43% for networking and building relationships
2. 36% for generating a revenue
3. 32% for building brand awareness
4. 30% for education and training
5. 18% for lead generation

A look at businesses and event planning:

1. 28% of businesses allocate more than 20% of their marketing budget to event or party planning
2. 31% of marketers think that events are more effective way to market a brand, even more than digital advertising, content marketing, and email marketing
3. 90% of non-profit organizations rank events as extremely important
4. Tradeshows and conferences make up one-fifth or more of organized meetups in the United States
5. The average cost for the registering to attend an event is in April, coming at $296.68
6. 50% of marketers’ state that the main reason for hosting an event is lead generation, sales, and community building
7. 29% of B2B companies host an event for lead generation and sales
8. 18% of B2C companies host an event for lead generation and sales

What do the professionals in the event marketing and planning industry say?

1. 31% of event planners think that businesses should host conferences and tradeshows to attract their target audience
2. 64% of event marketers think that businesses should host events and trade shows to attract prospective customers and find business opportunities
3. The primarily reason businesses organize events is for customer acquisition and retention with 14% businesses stating they use events to make sales
4. 51% of event marketers think face to face interaction forms relationships at event and promotes a business’s goals

5. 54% of event marketers think that businesses should organize events to position themselves among industry leaders
6. 47% of event marketers think that businesses should plan events because they are an effective and efficient method to reach and engage with several customers and prospective customers

See how planning an event or party can boost your reach and increase your chances of making a sale:

1. 80% of people who have attended events in the past state that live demonstrations and free samples of products at event influence their purchasing decision
2. 98% of people who have attended events in the paste state that are more likely to purchase the product after they attend an activation
3. 34% of people who have attended events in the past state they are likely to post about their experience on their social media accounts
4. 33% of people who have attended events in the past state they are likely to take pictures and make videos during an event

Will You Now Engage the Services of an Event Rental Company?
Is it safe to assume that you are now on board to employ a company, offering event rentals in Riverside. We have given you reasons as well as statistics to help you see the need to hire an event rental and planning company to organize your corporate event?

If you are hiring BeDazzle My Events to also plan your event, you can leave everything up to us, from selecting the venue, offering details on the menu, booking an entertainer, handling event photography, to overseeing every little detail, we can do it all!

Even if you do us to plan your event, as you have everything under control from your end, you may still require their event and party rental service. Reason being that we have a diverse collection of the latest furniture rentals available for you to use to decorate your event’s venue.

Once You Hire BeDazzle My Events, You Can Focus on Other Aspects of Your Event

If you are planning the event or party, you can rely on us to deliver the furniture you need for it. If you are neither planning nor decorating the event’s venue, you can let BeDazzle My Events, handling event planning and event rentals in Riverside, to do their job while you concern yourself with marketing your event among your target audience through various mediums.

Once You Use the Services of BeDazzle My Events Rentals in Riverside, You Will Never Go Back

Event rentals in Riverside just make your whole job a lot easier. They will keep you in the loop throughout the planning process, but you will not have a nagging thought in your brain, worrying you about how you will ever pull off hosting the event and ensure its success, especially if it is your first time doing so. BeDazzle My Events puts your mind at ease when it comes to event planning.

For this reason, you need to hire the experts to assist you with both planning and organizing for the event. Professional event planners from BeDazzle My Events, offering event rentals in Riverside, California can assist you plan and organize a successful event.

Who Should You Hire for Event Rentals in Riverside?

You have to hire the best! You have to hire BeDazzle My Events! We offer several different services such as event planning, wedding rentals, party rentals, and event rentals in Riverside. We have both the experience and talent to pull off both small-scale and large-scale events hosted by businesses.

Whether you are small business or large business, we can help you plan your event and provide you with event and party rentals. We also offer our services of event planning and party rentals in Riverside to couples getting married.

Whether you are a business or a soon-to-be couple, you can trust us to plan your event as well as provide you with the décor and furniture you require to make it a hit. We want your guests to be awe of your event and spread the word among others on wonderful everything was and how organized the event was, from to start to end.

Only a company that offers event rentals in Riverside can offer you an epic solution like this! With us helping you execute your event, you don’t have to concern yourself with anything! Just leave the planning and decorating to the experts at BeDazzle My Events!

Once you choose us for helping you with event rentals in Riverside, you will never go back to any other event rental and planning company again! That’s our guarantee!