The Party Happens on the Dance Floor

The Party Happens on the Dance Floor

Want to infuse life into your special event? Well, what do people do when they go out on the town? The answer is simple: They want to shake that thang! For centuries, humans have responded to music in profound ways. Music invokes emotions, sets the mood for an event, and creates a fun environment, and establishes connections. The perfect dance floor and the perfect rhythm come together to create a perfect event.


One of the best ways to set the stage for a fun night that event goers will talk about and remember forever afterward, no matter what type of party or event you are organizing, is to rent a fully functional dance floor setup with great music that everyone can dance to. At BeDazzle My Events, we provide information to help clients set up the perfect dance floor in the perfect area of their venue. We help clients to decide what type of dance floor and what size dance floor would best suit their event by determining the layout of the room, the style of the dance floor, and the necessary sizing requirements. Planning a dance floor seems simple, but there are a lot of things to consider and professionals at BeDazzle My Events are here to help ensure you have the right dance floor that meets every fun and strategic requirement. Here are a few things we consider when we help a client choose the right dance floor for his or her event.

Is the event taking place in an indoor setting or in an outdoor setting?

While most rental dance floors are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor settings, there are some things to consider with each option. If the dance floor will be set up indoors, the dance floor will need to be sized appropriately for it. How much of the room space will be dedicated to it? What dance floor design will coordinate well with the walls and décor? Dance floors need to be set up on the flattest surface possible, so the designated dance floor area for an outdoor event would need to be suitable for it.

What will the layout of the event be?

To determine where the dance floor will be set up for your event, you should consider the layout. If it is a wedding reception, will the dance floor be in the center of the room or will it be in a square surface in the corner? Maybe it will go in the front of the room? If it is outdoors, will the dance floor be covered or uncovered?

What style should the dance floor be?

The dance floor will be part of the event décor, so it should match the decorations and the theme of the event. Our oak dance floors are one of the most popular choices, because the color and design coordinates well with almost any theme and color scheme. Our white seemed flooring is another popular option. Also, clients can add their own flare to the dance floor by playing with the lighting and adding other decorations.