Tips for Hitting the Dance Floor at Your Next Event

Tips for Hitting the Dance Floor at Your Next Event

Dancing is usually the most fun part of any event, but it can also be the most intimidating. Not everyone is gifted with natural grace, balance, coordination, and rhythm. If you are one of those people who tend to get kind of nervous (or really, really, really nervous) before an event that will include dancing, don’t sweat or become a part of the wall paper. Here are some tips that will have you looking good out on the dance floor, rhythm or no rhythm, grace or graceless, male or female.


Learn a variety of simple moves before the event.

We all love Youtube, and with good reason! There are millions of how-to videos that will show anybody anywhere easy, cool dance moves that even the most graceless person can do. It will also help with your dance anxiety if you practice in the privacy and the comfort of your own home before the event.


Shush that inner critic.

We are our own worst critic. Overthinking every single move you make and concentrating too much on what you look like as you do it will make your movements uncertain and awkward. Just calm your mind and have fun. If you’re enjoying yourself rather than criticizing yourself, your moves will be more confident and smooth.


Watch other dancers.

Don’t be creepy about it or stare too much, but it is often a lot of help to subtly pick up a few moves from someone who seems to be dancing well. Study them for a minute or two, and try to imitate them. Even better, you can try adding your own personal flare to it to make it yours.


Don’t look at the floor too much.

It is tempting to stare at the floor when dancing, especially if you are nervous. Go back to that confidence tip from earlier. Look up at people. Smile. It actually helps with balance and coordination to have your head straight rather than facing down.


Avoid excessive pelvic thrusting.

I know, pelvic thrusting is the absolute easiest move to do. If you don’t know how to do any other moves, you certainly know how to do that one. It is an instinctual motion for any animal. However, it is not the best dance move for most events, especially weddings and business events. Keep it to a minimum. Maybe try swaying rather than thrusting?