Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Flowers

Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Flowers

Your wedding is the one major event of your life where you can have all flowers everything. You can go flower crazy IIFYB (If It Fits Your Budget). Flowers are, after all, one of the most stunning aspects of a wedding. Flowers have been used for ceremonial, spiritual, and decorative purposes at weddings for centuries. Here are some fun and unique ideas for wedding flowers.


Consider using unlikely flower pairings.

Using unlikely flower duos will be unique and will surprise your wedding guests. For example, kale, a plant that you typically would see in a salad or blend in a smoothie, adds a unique and fool look to your floral arrangements. It is also a great way to incorporate a green, natural palette.

Go the Rapunzel route.

Every girl loves to decorate their hair with a flower or even multiple flowers. You can incorporate flowers into your hair for your walk down the aisle. Make a headpiece out of them or strategically place them in your braid.

Use them to decorate the aisle.

Walking down an aisle of flowers may steal some of the thunder from your flower girl (or not, I mean the only thing cuter and more precious than a flower girl at a wedding is the bride), but it can add a touch of elegance and fancy to your wedding march. Use them to line the sides of the aisle or go full out and completely cover the aisle in them.

Put them over your wedding veil.

You can create a beautiful crown of flowers to place over your veil and hold it in place. It will be majestic and different. You will feel like an elegant queen on your wedding day. You flower girl could even have a matching one.

Use flowers in your photo booth.

If you go with the popular idea of incorporating a photo booth into your wedding, consider using flowers as a backdrop. Hang them in strings of them or use them to completely cover the photo backdrop. It will create a natural and beautiful background for your guests to pose in front of.

Decorate your cake with them.

Not all flowers are safe and sanitary enough to go on something that you plan to feed to your guests, but your florist can tell you which ones are appropriate for it. Adding flowers to a wedding cake is a creative way to add a touch of nature’s natural beauty to your event.