3 Basic Types and stylesof Tent Rentals Los Angeles

3 Basic Types and stylesof Tent Rentals Los Angeles

A special event or occasion, a wedding, a birthday, a christening or to celebrate a graduation is a time of camaraderie and good cheer. The venue is a major factor that contributes to the success of the event so that your guests feel the best mood of the gathering. Hiring an event planner is the best way to make your party a success. Along the way of your consultation, you will be discussing the details of the venue- the décor, the theme, the equipment and other facilities. An outdoor party needs tents. Your party planner does the task of coordinating with other vendors such as florists, party rentals and tent rental suppliers to set up the venue. Here are some tips and information about tent rental:Wedding Photo Booth Los Angeles

If you’re from Los Angeles, ask your party planner about the best rental supplier. Tent rentals Los Angeles offer different renting options to clients depending on the size of the crowd and budget. When looking to rent tents, there are 3 basic types:

Canopy tents provide shade to guests and are traditionally used to cover food stations, prize areas, etc. at the party. Canopy tents are made of light materials and several construction varieties. As temporary party equipment, canopy tents are not meant for long- term installations and high winds and heavy rain situations. The tents do not feature sidewalls so that it doesn’t droop or sag from extra weight. Rope and posts secure the tent on the ground.

Frame tents are more versatile, ideal for indoor or outdoor installations. Thick vinyl is stretched over an aluminum frame so that the structure does not have an obstructing (supporting) middle pole. Either the tent is held to the ground by a pole or weighed down, whatever looks more appealing. Certain models of frame tents have their legs extended or evenly installed to ensure stability on any kind of terrain. Frame tents are useful if logical positioning is difficult on decks, driveways or gravel.

Pole tents are more typical structures supported by a number of perimeter and center poles.  These tents are available in different colors and can be installed on flat grass or gravel terrain.

Carefully research online for tent rentals Los Angeles suppliers. When you inquire, they’ll normally ask about the type of event, the style of seating, the activities to be carried out under the tent, the size of the venue, the grade or slope of the site and other items. You’ll be discussing with your party planner but technicians from the rental supplier usually inspect the site for little or no charge. If you decide to avail of the services, the charges will be credited to your tent rental.

Consult with professionals to determine the right size of the tents. Some veterans can tell you off the top of their heads the exact size of tent fit for the party and venue, while others use a more technical/digital approach of drawing out the details using a CAD system. The tents are installed a few days before the party to work best for the clients/ party planners so that other vendors or party rental suppliers can install other décor and equipment to complete the venue design.