Table Setting Tips for an Elegant Party charger plates los Angeles

Table Setting Tips for an Elegant Party charger plates los Angeles

When it comes to classy parties or special family dinners, an exquisite charger plates los Angeles setting can really go a long way. Whether you’re trying to impress your neighbors or your mother-in-law, having the techniques to do a great table setting is a really good way.charger plates Los Angeles

Well, when it comes to doing table setting, people easily gets confused on which item to put in a specific place. With all the kinds of plates and decorations you’d have to remember, you can get lost along the way. Plus, if you’re going to go looking for it in books or the internet, you might end up with articles that will set so many rules for you.

Just go for the general guideline where the forks plus the bread plates are in the left while the spoons, glassware and knives are placed on the right. On the other hand, the dinnerware and chargers are at center and the front. Of course, the number of dishes you use will be based on the number of courses and on the type of food you’re serving of course. Now, it’s time to try to get to know some of the important characters in table setting.

Charger Plates

Charger plates are plates but you’re not going to use them for eating. They are great for adding class to your dinner table. Aside from being a decoration, they are meant to hold the dinner plate. They will be removed once the salad course is done.

Of course, the order would be: charger plate at the bottom, dinner plate next and the bowl for the soup or the salad at the top. With Charger Plates Los Angeles, there are tons of designs for charger plates you can choose from.


For the salad and the dinner forks, they should be located left from the plate. Basically, you should work from the outside. It is an important thing to remember that the blade of the knives should face the plate. Aside from that, a teaspoon can be placed at the top horizontally. This is if there is another spoon like for a soup.

Drink ware

For water goblets, they should be located just above the knife. The glasses for the red and white wine should just be a little bit back. You can make them dressy for festive occasions but it’s a different thing for more formal occasions.

Table Linens

Well, if you want to add color and creativity in your table setting, your best shot would be at the table linens. You can have the basic napkin fold but there are several other creative folds you can try. Of course, choose a color that pops out but does not go away with the main theme of your setting.

Your table should look fun and spontaneous without getting messy. Of course, doing your table setting is not going to be easy. It’s going to take some practice and guidance. Just keep reading about books and look for sample settings online to get ideas.