How to Combine Table Linen Colors For Your Party – table linens los angeles

How to Combine Table Linen Colors For Your Party – table linens los angeles

Décor Ideas for the Occasion

Be especially pernickety about your party décor- it’s one of the major rules of having a great party. The décor and present ability of the venue gives the first impression to attending guests. You typically initially consult your organizer about the décor of your party. If you’re not sure, a good place to start is the color and theme.table linens Los Angeles

What theme do you specifically have in mind? If you want to host a Luau party, decor and designs should come in vibrant colors such as fuchsia, turquoise, orange, etc. A casino party is interesting- black, white and red colors are more apt. A unique coherence should be incorporated to create a special theme for your party. However, if you’re not considering a themed event for your get- together, you should consult your planner about the complementing colors in the bits and fancies of the occasion. For instance, what are the most suitable colors for the party linens?

Primarily have a good understanding of color to find your way in making the right choices:

  • Warm colors are- Red, Orange, Yellow
  • Cool colors are Green, Blue, Violet
  • Neutral colors are Black, White, Ivory and Brown

Match and pair the colors to compose a complementary design. What colors do you prefer to be the main colors, and what do you find attractive as accent colors? Table linens are ideal as main colors while accent colors best comprise a smaller amount on the table setting- usually the napkins or sash. Do you think it’s better to have 1 main color? Ask the service provider to place an overlay above the linen, the length reaching to the ground.

Ask the Color Wheel

A color wheel is made up of 6 basic colors. Didn’t Miss Grundy teach us about the colors of the rainbow in grade school? ROY G. BIV: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. A standard color wheel (of 6 colors) leaves out Indigo.

Use the color wheel as reference when pairing colors in different ways with the main color.

Combination of monochromatic colors- you’re using one color, but combining the light and dark versions of it. For example, if your napkins are light pink, you can add fuchsia pink linen that reaches to the ground. The table setting has a subtle look, but still colorful.

Combination of analogous colors:

What’s the primary color? When you have decided, choose the next color in the color wheel for the linens. For example, red comes next to orange in the color wheel. You can use these colors for the table linens in your buffet station.

Another example of complementary table linen color combination is a monochromatic scheme of Lamoure Turquoise linens overlaying round tables on the left and right while the middle linen is Crushed Iridescent Aqua.

An expert organizer will know how to contact the right vendors to complete all the details of your party together, including a table linens rentals supplier. If you’re from the area, ask about table linens Los Angeles. Think style and elegance when planning your party.