Why you should use Pipe and drape in Rancho Cucamonga

Why you should use Pipe and drape in Rancho Cucamonga

Why to Pipe and Drape?

Pipe and Drape is used for hiding an area with wallpaper, curtains, doorways and offer a fairytale setting to the venue. The Pipe and Drape system in Rancho Cucamonga is basically a sort of fabric decoration and is adopted in almost every event. Similarly Pipe and Drape system is sometimes used for making a very large room to look more intimate and tailoring it with the requirements. Furthermore, it is also used for creating lounge areas or corridors or in large room. Draping gives a nice and elegant feeling to the room. In order to summarize the advantages for Pipe and Drape we have the following:Pipe and Drape system in Rancho Cucamonga

  • Pipe & drape is very effective in transforming space
  • Pipe & drape offers nice beautiful look
  • Pipe & drape is a faster and cheaper sort of decoration and saves time at large.


Be Dazzle My Events, the company and services in brief

We are specialist in providing Pipe and Drape Rentals in Rancho Cucamonga. Pipe and Drape is considered as one of the fastest and simplest way of hanging the desired drapes or other fabrics at your party venue. Drapery is the term used for completely transforming an event venue. We will provide you a range of draping solutions that will help you in creating the desired environment at the party site. We have the complete range of pipe and drape Rentals in Rancho Cucamonga. We install drapes for fashion shows, trade shows, conventions, car launches, marketing events, private events and career fests. Furthermore, we also offer lights & sound and stage installations around the Rancho Cucamonga. We offer the highest quality fabrics; just order us the color you have in your mind.

Everything starts with a good foundation. Our variety for Pipe and drape ranges from 6 lb to 62 lb strong bases. If considered necessary we add sandbags for providing more safety and stability to pipes and drapes. For better control and safety point of view, we have a wide range of Inherently Flame Retardant fabrics that can be used for varying purposes from basic pipe and drape to a grand entrance or a traveler track reveal. Rancho Cucamonga pipe & drape, commando drape, velour drape, SLS rents pipe and special drape for weddings, corporate meetings and lighting for a wedding.

We Guarantee no Drape Hump

In the market you may see many service providers offering you the cheaper prices. But remember, these use traditional Hangers and other hardware that causes drape to hump. We have developed special drape fastening arrangements that do not offer any humps. It provides a nice straight and smooth appearance. We offer all ranges of fullness ranging from 0% fullness to 100% fullness for a perfect look.

Let our designers to visit the venue!

We will love to visit your venue for piping and drape decoration. We will also help you in providing other services you may need. We will offer you the best ways for utilizing your budget in getting quality services. For further details and pricing information for Pipe and drape in Rancho Cucamonga please visit our website at www. BeDazzleMyEvents.com. For runoff, stage curtains and other masking applications please call us on  (909) 304-7272 or (949) 566-4543. BeDazzle My Events has been in this business from more than 20 years and is growing with every passing year.