Reception Decor: Wedding Draping and Lighting in Anaheim

Reception Decor: Wedding Draping and Lighting in Anaheim

Draping and Lighting in Anaheim

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Wedding and Event Draping and Lighting in Anaheim

Are you planning to host an event soon? Confused about how to add the wow factor to the dull and boring event space? BeDazzle My Events has the perfect rentals in place to make it just perfect.

We have got you covered! We have the perfect draping and lighting rentals for your wedding or event.

Draping and Lighting for Weddings and Events in Anaheim is the solution to all your problems. With the right style and color of drapes and proper lighting, you can simply transform the look and feel of any space. Draping and lighting rentals makes such a huge difference in a venue or outdoor space.

Importance of Draping and Lighting for Weddings and Events in Anaheim

When it comes to the most important factors that can either make your event successful or turn it into a complete disaster, décor rentals and catering come on the top of the list. While this may sound a little weird, expert event planners are of the opinion that people experience parties with their senses – visual being the king because by creating the ambiance and setting the mood of a party, the décor rentals can take your event to a next level. The right décor can even highlight the importance of your event.

When we talk about décor, we are in fact talking about a host of elements, such as lighting, color scheme, draping, flower arrangements, table linens, chair covers, centerpieces and even napkins and aisle runners. While all of these elements of décor are important, the sophistication and elegance that drapes add to your event is incomparable. Draping and lighting rentals play a key role in the transformation of your wedding or event.

Draping Rentals in Anaheim

Drapes, if rightly chosen and installed, can even personalize a simple garden or hall to your needs. Drapes are one of those décor rental item that have never gone out of fashion, ever since they were introduced. The availability of draping and lighting rentals in wide range of colors and fabrics and the fact that they can be installed in numerous styles are the major reasons why drapes have been widely used in all types of events. Wether you are having a wedding or an event, draping and lighting is the way to go!

Lighting Rentals for Your Anaheim Wedding or Event

In addition to drapes, lighting is also another important element that can make or break your events, but not many people understand this. Therefore, most of the people either ignore or forget to take lighting into consideration while planning an event.

The purpose of lighting rentals in an event is not simply to illuminate the venue; it goes far beyond that. Whether it is a wedding or a corporate event, creative lighting rentals in Anaheim can bring the atmosphere to life. Can you imagine a night club without disco lights? What comes to your mind when you think about a restaurant that is known for its romantic settings? Dimmed lights and candles, right!

Lighting rentals is also one of those factors that determine how your guests feel when they enter into the event venue. It has the power to drastically alter their mood, energy and emotions. This is why expert event planners say that bad lighting can be disastrous for your event. With advancements in lighting rental technology, availability of different types of event lighting and the introduction of creative lighting, the entire concept of event lighting has changed. Experienced event planners and lighting rental experts know how to use it to focus on certain things, highlight the best features of an event space and for hiding its unattractive features. All in all, lighting rentals in Anaheim can change the way a venue appears; a dull empty space can be transformed in a magical wonderland or a wonderful venue can be converted into a gloomy space. Lighting rentals in Anaheim are huge!

Proper lighting is not only important for uplifting the atmosphere in your event, but also critical for guests’ safety. If the space is too dark, guests will not be able to move around easily and it is likely that there may be some incidents, like a guest could fall down or bump into something.

Gone are the days when lights were only used on ceilings and walls to lit up an event venue. These days, they are being used for practically everything, such as buffets, center pieces, floral arrangements, dance floor, aisle, stage, etc. Different types and colors of lights are used for each of these purposes. Some of them are:

• Chandeliers
• Fairy lights
• Spot lights
• Fairy berry lights
• LED lights
• Chili pepper lights

Also, there are many different techniques of lighting that are used keeping in view the requirements of each event.

How Be Dazzle My Events Can Help You with Draping and Lighting?

We at BeDazzle My Events help our clients to host events that their guests will remember for a long time in numerous ways. We not only provide draping and lighting rentals for Weddings and Events in Anaheim, but also known as the best lounge furniture rental in Anaheim. We also have a team of professional event planners to make sure that you host a perfect party. Call us today for all your draping and lighting needs for your perfect wedding or event.

Over the years, BeDazzle My Events wedding and event planners has helped countless clients in event planning and decorating event venues. We understand how important it is for a host to throw a party that everyone likes and we work with our clients to ensure this. No matter what is the size and theme of your event, we can provide draping and lighting for Weddings and Events in Anaheim.

Uses of Draping Rentals in Anaheim

Draping rentals can be used for a variety of purposes. Some of the common uses of drapes:

• To Decorate with Draping Rentals
As discussed above, draping is one the most popular choices when it comes to event décor. Draping can either be used to create an atmosphere according to your requirements or aesthetics or to complement and enhance the existing décor of a space. We, at BeDazzle My Events, can help you to decorate with draping and lighting for Weddings and Events in Anaheim in following ways:

 Transforming a plain or boring space with draping and lighting rentals into a beautiful event space that is according to your vision for the venue.
 Masking those dull and rough walls with draping rentals that can ruin the entire style and feel of the event.
 Making an impressive entrance with draping and lighting for all types of events, such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and even theatre performances.
 Enhancing the stage in a way that it provides you an ideal backdrop of draping and lighting for photographs.
 Customizing an event space according to your needs. Whether you want the décor of the space to display the colors of your company or brand or you want drapes to complement the interior of a venue, we can provide any type of draping and lighting for Weddings and Events in Anaheim.

• To Conceal and Divide with Draping in Anaheim
Decoration is not the only purpose that draping rentals serves. It is also used to conceal and cover untidy or unattractive areas of a venue, such as the ugly sconces, trash areas, windows and walls.

Also, draping rentals are used to divide a large space into smaller sections and to reduce the size of a space that is too big for you. By dividing a large space with drapes, it can be made more intimate. Yes, there is a lot you can do with draping rentals in Anaheim. Contact us today to discuss all options.

• To Reduce Heat and Light with Draping Rentals
You may want to cancel out the sunlight entering into a space via windows for certain events, such as a corporate event in which a projector needs to be used, movie shows, or simply to give a cozy or romantic feel to the environment.

By preventing sunlight from entering the room, draping also helps to cool down a space. Soft lighting can add a soft settle touch.

• To Reduce Noise and Echo with Draping Rentals
Acoustic noise and echo is a common problem in spaces that have marble, concrete or glass surfaces. But, the echo and noise can be significantly reduced by using drapes. Draping rentals can also help with sound!

• To Create Hallways and to Prevent Interference with Draping
Drapes and draping rentals can be used at both outdoor and indoor sites to create a private space so that the chances of outside interference can be eliminated. Draping is also used to create hallways so that you can direct and guide your guests from the entrance to the event site.

BeDazzle My Events know all about draping and lighting for Weddings and Events in Anaheim and can help you to install them in an effective manner.

Types of Draping for Rental in Anaheim

Following two types of drapes are most commonly used:

• Velour Drapery
Velour drapes are largely used for acoustics because they minimize, to a great extent, the noise bounce and echo. These drapes are available in all colors. While the typical height of Velour draping is 12 to 16 feet, they can be custom made in any height.

• Banjo Drapery
Widely used for decoration purposes, Banjo draping are lightweight and available in wide range of colors. Their height can be anywhere from 8 feet to 12 feet.

While these are the traditional draping, they can custom made in your choice of fabric and print. Contact BeDazzle My Event to discuss your requirements and we will help you to choose the perfect draping and lighting for Weddings and Events in Anaheim.

What Fabrics Are Used For Making Draping in Anaheim?

Drapes are made from many different fabrics, including but not limited to:
• Chiffon draping
• Wool draping
• Velvet draping
• Trevira fabric drapes
• Gauze draping
• Star cloth drapes
• Voile draping
• White filled cloth drapes
• Sequin draping
• LED drapes

Ideas to Use Draping and Lighting for Weddings and Events in Anaheim

There are countless ways to use draping and lighting for Weddings and Events in Anaheim. Here are some ideas for your next event:

• To Create Stunning Backgrounds
Draping and lighting is used to create beautiful backgrounds on stages and behind head tables. A wide variety of drapes is available to create a gorgeous background, such as star cloth drapes, sequin drapes, chiffon drapes and a lot more.

• To Decorate Table
Another unique idea to use draping and lighting in your event is to dress up a table to either make it presentable or to go with the overall theme of the event. Drape skirting adds formal touch to the table décor. Since table drapes are long i.e. they extend to the floor, they provide secret space to caterers for storing extra supplies, such as napkins and linens. Though table draping are a little expensive than table linens, the style and class that they add to the table décor rentals makes them worth every penny.

Proper lighting can greatly enhance the table décor rentals, so do not ignore that at any cost.

• To Create Unique Background in Photo Booth
Photo booths have been all the rage, lately and they allow you to be as creative as you can. For weddings and other parties, you can create a unique backdrop with draping and lighting for photographs by choosing an elegant fabric and decorating it with twinkle or fairy lights. We have the perfect lighting and draping rentals in Anaheim for any theme.

• To Create a Separate Space
Want to add gazebos to your wedding? Or looking to create a separate play area for children in your child’s birthday party? We can do this with draping rentals!

Whatever the case is, drapes can be used both to divide large space and to create private spaces. Do consult your lighting specialist for the event to make sure the spaces are properly lit.

To sum up, draping and lighting can be used in a variety of ways to serve numerous purposes. BeDazzle My Events can help you with draping and lighting for wedding and events in Anaheim in all possible ways. We operate in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Orange County, and Inland Empire. Contact us today to discuss your event details and let us take care of all the planning and decoration while you sit back and relax.