Smart Tips for Party Themes and Party Rentals Orange County

Smart Tips for Party Themes and Party Rentals Orange County

You’ll want your party to be filled with gaiety and camaraderie, stress- free for you as the host, and your guests. The best thing to do is hire a party planner. Here are smart tips for party planning:party rentals Orange County

  • What is the exact date of your party? If you want your get-together to be perfect, plan as far ahead as you can. Reserve as early as you can for party rentals, too. For peak months, some party rentals centers are fully- booked and you may need to call for equipment reservations several months ahead. (E.g. peak wedding month of June).
  • Have you picked a party planner to prepare the details of the occasion? Choose one person to be your contact. That way, you avoid confusion.
  • Select a theme for your party. It’ll make the event truly memorable. Discuss with your event coordinator what your likes and dislikes are, and how you envision your party to be. An expert professional would be able to assist you in realizing your successful party, from choosing the perfect theme and throughout the whole event.
  • Establish trust with your professional party planner. If you’re in Orange County, think of your party planner as your most valuable resource for party rentals Orange County and event planning. As an established company, your party planning team works with other service providers such as entertainers, caterers, musicians, florists and more.
  • Keep your party simple, elegant and organized.
  • Do you want to serve beer to your guests? Make it one light beer and one regular beer.
  • Choose one merlot and one chardonnay to serve as wine to your guests.
  • Good choices for soft drinks to serve are Coke, Diet Coke and 7- Up.
  • Don’t forget bottled water and ice that should be served around at your party.
  • Think of one really good house drink that you want to feature.
  • Enough glasses should be available for the party, but not more than 5 kinds.
  • Are you serving martinis? They have to be served in a martini glass.
  • Remember the rule of thumb: 2 ½ glasses for each guest.
  • Get as many napkins as glasses for the party. Beverages need napkins. Get more napkins to use for passing hors d’ oeuvres.

Tips for Party Themes

What are top party themes you can choose?

  • Your party theme is the special flair of the holiday or whatever get-together/ occasion you might hold- indoors or outdoors. Ask you party planner, they usually have a party planning catalog that shows party theme ideas, equipment for party rentals and decorations.
  • Your special event- a birthday, graduation, anniversary, job promotion or any other occasion becomes more interesting if it has a theme. Theme decorations, specialty food items and theme- oriented games enhance the event.
  • A Renaissance Flair, for instance, will have you grill up some turkey legs and treat your guests to a dunk tank.  Palm tree party rentals set the theme for a Summer Luau party. Your guests will enjoy Sno- Kones and margaritas and have fun playing volleyball or horseshoes.
  • To any of your party themes, get a chocolate fountain party rental, too. It makes a splendid treat for a black- tie affair, but enough for any occasion- all you need is to change the dipping to match the formal or informal tone of the party.