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Draping and Lighting For Weddings, Events Burbank

Why You Need Draping and Lighting for Weddings, Events in Burbank

Draping is important for weddings and events in Burbank because it enhances the décor, adds to it, and conceals elements of the venue you don’t like. Lighting for weddings and events in Burbank is another essential décor element.

The Importance of Draping and Lighting for Weddings and Events in Burbank

What is the purpose of draping and lighting for wedding and events in Burbank? This is not the first time this question has been asked. To create your dream venue, our event management and rentals company installs draping and lighting at weddings and events.

Both draping and lighting increase the charm of the venue, making it stand out and most importantly, making a lasting impression on guests. The draping will help your venue steal the show, but we can assure you that the spotlight will still be on you, thanks to our knowledge of lighting placement.

Draping— Here’s Why Weddings and Events in Burbank Need It

Regardless of the type of venue you choose, you can relax knowing that we have the tools to increase its appeal and improve its look. Leave it to BeDazzle My Events to transform your venue and bring out its beautiful features.

Your Venue Will Go from Simple to Glam in No Time

Whether you are hosting a wedding or corporate event, you do not have to worry about your venue looking bland and boring, even if it originally is, because we have the recipe to cast a magic spell and transform it completely.

Once our expert and talented event décor and management team is done with it, you will not even recognize it as the same venue you booked. With the help of draping, we will make your wedding and event an unforgettable experience.

We Can Adapt to Any Theme and Venue Size

Combined with our experience and creative mindset, we can create a multitude of draping styles and add props and décor to the venue to complete the look. If you have selected a certain theme for your wedding or event, we will select draping and décor that reflect your theme and combine them together to create a unified theme.
Moreover, the size of the venue does not matter. We have drapes of all sizes in our diverse collection of draping. Our time management skills are so on point that we will decorate the venue before your wedding or event is scheduled to begin.

We Can Mute the Bad and Enhance the Good of the Venue

As mentioned previously, draping for weddings and events in Burbank ensures the ordinary and boring aspects of the venue are hidden from view. When our clients ask for our assistance in helping them give a makeover to their venue using our weddings and events rental service, we provide them with the option of draping.

For instance, your venue has a stage. We cover the stage with a cover and skirting. If you don’t decorate the stage, it will stick out from the rest of the décor, and not in good way either. If you have hired a musician or band for your wedding or event, we will need to cover the stage, as they will be seated on the stage, not on the chairs.

Another reason for draping at weddings and events in Burbank is that it creates the perfect backdrop for pictures. At weddings, the couple might sit on the stage or in another spot. To highlight the area and make it picture-perfect for pictures, we will add a beautiful backdrop behind them. Just look at before and after pictures of venues with and without draping at weddings and events in Burbank to see the difference.

Lighting— Here’s Why Weddings and Events in Burbank Need It

After draping, lighting is the second most important design element we use to decorate the venue. Lighting adds depth and creates an ambiance at weddings and events in Burbank. Here are four elements of lighting at events and weddings:

Illuminate Your Surroundings
Lighting illuminates the venue. It shines a spotlight on the couple, speakers, performers, and other people such as the bride and groom’s family. For corporate events, lighting is extremely important. It keeps the audience engaged.

Creates Focus
Lighting in the form of a spotlight tells the audience who to focus their attention on. When it is time for the best man or maid of honor of the couple to speak, the spotlight will be placed on the person speaking to let others know who is talking.

The same goes for events. The spotlight will be shined on the speaker who is currently speaking at the event. Apart from focusing on who is speaking, lighting used in a creative way can also focus the beautiful elements of the venue and décor and take away attention from the dull and boring elements of the venue.

Sets the Mood

If you are opting for a certain theme, you need to use lighting to create and set the mood. To pull off different themes, you need different types of lighting. We have access to various lighting that we can use at your wedding or event. For outdoor events and weddings, we can place lights on the path to illuminate people way, hang lights, and decorate the surroundings trees with fairy lights.

Lighting can make your venue visually stunning and appealing. Some more ways to use lighting is as a center piece for tables, floral arrangements, buffets, walls, dance floors, stages, and more. When we visit the event or wedding venue, we can scope out the entire area and let you know the type of lights you need to add to your venue. We can use lights to darken and create shadows to hide the unattractive areas of the venue.

If you want to add magic to your venue, you need to do through draping and lighting. For draping and lighting for weddings and events in Burbank, there is no one better than BeDazzle My Events.

Without Draping and Lighting for Weddings and Events in Burbank, Your Big Day Will Become a Flop

Unless you are opting for a dark and dreary theme, you need to choose draping and lighting for weddings and events in Burbank. If your friends and family have organized a skit for the newlyweds, how will the crowd see what they are doing on stage or floor if only a few lights are or they are improperly positioned?

If you are organizing a corporate event, you need to provide informational material to the audience via a slideshow presentation for instance. If you have placed signs throughout the event, you need to use lights to highlight them.

Lighting has a multipurpose, which is not just to enhance the beautiful aspects of the venue, but to also emphasize on other things taking place at the event. Once we know your purpose or what you want your audience to focus on at the wedding or event, we will go to work by ensuring all your requirements are met and all your concerns are resolved.

Get in touch with us for draping and lighting for weddings and events in Burbank. We will make sure your event or wedding is not a flop, but a hit! When your guests leave your event or wedding, they will have fond memories of their time there.

Reasons Why Draping and Lighting for Weddings and Events in Burbank Are a Must

To make it easier for you to understand why draping and lighting for weddings and events in Burbank are a must for the venue you book, here are some reasons that will make you say, “Yes to draping and lighting for weddings and events in Burbank:

 Draping and lighting add color to a mainly beige and neutral toned venue
 Draping and lighting can highlight the couple’s name or a business’s logo on the backdrop and walls
 We can adjust the brightness of the lights to achieve the proper ambiance throughout the venue and select the colors of the draping that complement the lights or have lights placed in a way that reflect the draping
 We can also provide you with LED lighting, which we have available in several different colors to create a dramatic effect
 We can use LED lighting to make the pictures and videos you play at the event or wedding look more colorful and vibrant
 Both lighting and draping will create a warming and inviting atmosphere for weddings and professional and sophisticated atmosphere for corporate events
 We can supply you with spotlights to place on the speaker, couple, guests, and more
 We can place draping and lighting all around the room to enhance the visual appeal of the venue
 If you have people streaming your event or wedding live, they will be greeted with a charming, intimate, and attractive environment
 We can manipulate the overall composition of the venue using different colored draping and lighting for weddings and events in Burbank
 By manipulating the overall composition using draping and lighting for weddings and events in Burbank, we will place more emphasis on the areas of the venue you want people to see more clearly and place less focus on the areas you do not want people to notice
 We can also use lighting and draping to enhance and highlight other elements of the venue such as advertising, décor, furniture and lounge rentals, and more
 If you have opted for a certain theme for the event or you want the theme of the event to match the colors of your company’s logo, we can use draping and lighting for weddings and events in Burbank to create that theme or use colors that complement the venue, décor, and colors you have chosen for your theme
 We can use lighting and draping to create fun and exciting effects or illusions, add an element of excitement and fun to the wedding or event, and combine the two in a creative manner

What You Need to Tell Us
We offer an incredible service of draping and lighting for weddings and events in Burbank. If you are a soon to be married couple or you are hosting a corporate event, please answer the following questions:

• What features of the venue do you want us to highlight?
• Which areas of the venue do you want us to place less emphasis on?
• What décor elements such as lounge and furniture rentals do you want us to highlight?
• Does the venue allow us to control the different types of lighting textures individually?
• What type of power does the venue have?

If you have hired a wedding or event planner, they can answer these questions on your behalf. If you want to make things even easier for yourself, you can obtain our wedding and event planning services. We will not only decorate your venue with draping and lighting, but we will also help you plan your wedding or event. Ask us about our draping and lighting for weddings and events in Burbank right now!

We Can Help You with Draping and Lighting for Weddings and Events in Burbank

Are you searching for an affordable, professional, and experienced company, providing draping and lighting for weddings and events in Burbank? If you are, you have found them! BeDazzle My Events provides draping and lighting for weddings and events in Burbank.

Apart from providing our clients with draping and lighting services, we also offer wedding and event planning service. If you want us to plan your event, contact us! By contacting us for both wedding and event planning and furniture, draping, and lighting service in Burbank, you will not have to bother with maintaining contact with two different companies.

We will communicate with you every step of the way. With us around, you don’t have to worry about a thing! We will make sure the décor of your wedding or event leaves you and your guests impressed. If you are looking for experts offering draping and lighting for weddings and events in Burbank, get in touch with us today!

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