5 Tips to Plan for a Perfect Destination – wedding planner orange county

5 Tips to Plan for a Perfect Destination – wedding planner orange county

When you tie the knot with your loved one, you’ll want it to be perfect. Your beautiful and wildest dream wedding realized. As an engaged couple, you might think of getting married at home. But how about a splendid and elegant, chic destination wedding? Do you want your toes in the sand when you exchange vows, or do you picture a snow- capped mountain top?wedding planner orange county

A lot of newly engaged grooms and brides living in the same general area of the country plan for a wedding ceremony at home to make their parents happy, preparing a guest list of 400 people. Backing up and punting, they consider all the options. At this time of the year, many engaged couples consult wedding planners, and are asking about an island wedding as their top options. They did their homework at home, and a consultation with a wedding coordinator furthers homework in destination options.

An initial consultation with a wedding coordinator does not oblige you, as an engaged couple to commit (to hire them) but it is a very educational interaction. From the preliminary session when you discuss the checklist, the budget, the time frame, etc. for your desired wedding ceremony, you can go away with a cautious knowledge of fake event planners in the islands, and realize as well that nothing is for free.

For example, if you choose a destination wedding at a big resort and the package requires a number of guests to commit to attend, you’re actually getting your wedding guests to subsidize the event. These are all- inclusive offers from such resorts, including a free welcome party, they’d say. But don’t be too impressed because you and your friends have already paid for it. Be particular about that professional marketing scheme.

What makes a good consultation with an experienced wedding planner orange county that sets you on the right path is primarily about giving you the right information. Don’t be a helpless victim of unproven wedding planners from major cities who promised to provide rental formal wear for the groomsmen but nothing was available. When you asked for “local music”, the musicians recommended by your planner might not exactly be what you had in mind. (Too local equivalent of somebody’s garage band at a wedding! Bad!)

If you did your homework and have considered a wedding planner, but are not yet sure, ask the following question:

  • Are the people I’m going to invite and can attend the people whom I really want to be in my wedding? Prepare a guest list of people you really want to invite and will actually accept the invitation.
  • Can you trust your wedding planner? You’ll have to know how to make decisions via the phone or the Internet and let somebody a thousand miles away control the details of your wedding. Listen to what the planner says, or else you’ll be asking for trouble.
  • Will you be able to stretch your budget for a destination wedding, especially if you’re from a major city?
  • Are your parents amenable to the idea of you not getting married at home? Or do you have an important family member who can’t fly because of a health issue? If there are blowbacks or rifts because of these at the beginning of your marriage, can you handle?
  • What destination do you want for your weekend wedding? Does the destination require for your guests to have a passport. Otherwise, if not all your guests have passports, stick to Puerto Rico for a Caribbean location and similar destinations where passports are not required.

If you’re sure that you want a destination wedding and found an expert wedding planner Orange County, start the planning!