Welcome to your Wedding Planner in Orange County

Welcome to your Wedding Planner in Orange County

We understand the challenges that comes with planning of special events such as weddings, birthdays, meetings, and other special occasions. Finding a perfect space for your event is even more challenging. To assist you in your event, BeDazzlemyEvents.com is here to give you a hand and take away the stress and the unnecessary pressures that comes with planning of events such as weddings and the best part is:

Our Consultation service is free for you!

Perhaps you are a resident of Orange County of you come from the neighboring Los Angeles but have chosen to hold your Wedding Planner in Orange County, all you need to do is give us a call and our team will swing into action.

Our expert planners are available for consultation via mail or call and they will guide and direct you on how to have your wedding set up without much stress and pressure.  But why do it yourself if we can do it better? Perhaps you should consider handing over the event to our expert planners and just sit back to receive progress reports, and perfection on the day of your wedding so, let’s see about;

How we Take Care of your Wedding in Orange County 

Between the best wedding planning strategies to successfully carry out weddings, there lies our role as wedding planners.

With our team of planners having been doing this for more than ten years, we could not do anything better than planning your wedding and events in Orange county. It’s not by default that we do this but by design because every wedding is unique in its own way.

The first process of getting your wedding professionally planned is by talking to an expert. Our team of experts is always ready to give you a listening heart and talk back to you. It’s what we do every day and it is what we do best. After we’ve receive your budget, set the location of your choice and got your color of choice, the team at BeDazzlemyEvents.com initiate the process towards your successful wedding. We give you an 8 hour coverage so they got to be the most enchanting 8 hours you will ever have in your life.

We oversee the design set for your venue. This is where we tell the difference. Venue decoration goes much beyond hanging the flowers and lighting up the room. As it determines the mood of the guests, venue decoration must define the event you are having and our team knows just how to get that done.

After everything is done and the wedding is done, we offer you and your groom night transport to your location and, the best part, clap for you for having had your wedding done by a team of professionals. That is not much of an appreciation but that’s what we can give to you.

1000 People Can’t be all wrong!

Perhaps we may be wrong about our expertise and capabilities but can 1000 people be wrong? Of course not, check out client testimonials and maybe yours could be nest to go up.