Using Charger Plates Los Angeles for Decorating

Using Charger Plates Los Angeles for Decorating

Even though there are a lot of people who use charger plates merely to be a centerpiece or decoration for their table setting, there are more people now who are using charger plates as designs for different places inside their home. It is not even surprising anymore that there are some people who decorate their own charger plates Los Angeles. If you are not too familiar on how you could design your own charger plate, you would first have to know more about it.charger plates Los Angeles

In the beginning, charger plates were used for table duty only. This means that they are used under the usual plates so that the table will look more grand than usual. One of the techniques that people do is they use different shapes of charger plates and their normal plates. This way, the design of the charger plate will be obvious. Then, there are also times when people design large charger plates that they will use as their table centerpiece. The plate will then be put in the middle of the table. It would not hold food or any other item. It will just stay in the middle of the table as a decor.

Do remember that charger plates may be made of different items. Here are some types of charger plates that you would need to be familiar about:

  • Wood. This is usually the choice of a lot of people so that their guests will not make the mistake of using a wooden charger plate as their actual paint. It is also a plus factor that wood can be easily decorated on. You just need special paint, a bit of stencils and you would be able to make the design that you need.
  • Metals. Since metals always tend to look elegant, this is the chosen charger plate of people who would want their table setting to look more formal. The con of this is it may be harder to decorate it.
  • Glass. This is one of the favorites of people because the abundance of the designs seems to be never ending. Some glass is candy colored yet they appear translucent. There are also some glasses that are made of china but this may cost a lot of money.
  • Clay. The great thing about clay is you can usually design it while you are making it. This may be a problem if you would buy a readymade one since it is usually already hard. It may be harder to put the design that you want on it.

Do remember that you can always choose to design your own charger plate if you cannot find the charger plate that you are looking for. If you think that it is too much of a hassle, then you can always search different stores for unique looking charger plates. There are some stores that even carry vintage charger plates Los Angeles that people used before for their table setting. Just remember that collecting charger plates may become a great hobby if you would like it. If you do not like it, do not force yourself to do it. It may feel more like a chore that way.