Tips to consider as an event planner in Los Angeles-small weddings

Tips to consider as an event planner in Los Angeles-small weddings

There are any places in los angles that one can hold a beautiful wedding. For those people living in Los Angeles, one can choose to have his wedding either indoors or outdoors. This can be from the Pacific coast t o the mountains.  If you are an event planner in Los Angeles you can choose those areas that surround the city that provide great and wonderful atmosphere for your wedding day. These areas include   Venice, Santa Monica, Palos Verdes, and the Palisades among others. They have great venues and sites that you can consider in this regard.  However you can as well choose to have ea wedding in a church, a park or a small B&B setting, where you can invite a small group of people to grace the occasion.  These settings will be ample for those small wedding arrangements. However this does not mean t hat it won’t be costly. Actually if include all the traditional elements in the wedding, theses small weddings can also be very expensive.

There if you are a wedding planner in Los Angeles, and you want to go for a small wedding, it is good to decide in advance what you mean by a small wedding. You then need to have   a good wedding checklist, calendar and location for the wedding.

In planning for a small wedding you need to buy or print a wedding checklist which you will have to check and refer to. You need to go it carefully and eliminate unwanted elements. These include thing such those for large events but add the touches which might be important to you. It is again good to prioritize the components according to you vision.

The next thing is to make a good budget of your spending. In this, Add 10% over any expected costs for any issue which may arise or potential errors as you move through the stages /of wedding planning. It is wise to stick to your wedding as in many cases you fin d yourself being tempted to overspend in Los Angeles.

It is at this moment that you are supposed to open your calendar and mark the wedding day. This should be at least three months before the wedding day and also circle for those days that that you expected to have completed an issue in your checklist.

The next step is to make your guest list. At this, you need to do a head count for every guest that has been invited.  This is very important to make sure that the place and all facilities are enough.

Now you can book your location. Make proper and intense research. This depends on the number of people you have invited. However remember to go back to your budge which h will allow you to confine yourself in a couple of venues before making the final decision.

It is at this moment that you can choose someone to conduct the ceremony if this is not provided in the places you booked for the wedding. This is very necessary as an event planner in Los Angeles