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Tips for choosing tent rentals Orange County that you need to know

When you are setting up a big outdoor event, such as a wedding reception or a company picnic or gathering, it can be important to make sure that the event is perfect for your guests, even down to the way that it is set up. At a big outdoor function, many party hosts consider using tent rentals Orange County to ensure that their guests have the best time possible, because tent rentals can protect guests from both rain and shade and they create a large seating are when you have a large amount of people attending your function. If you decide that tent rentals Orange County is the direction that you want to take your outdoor event, then there are several important decisions that you will have to make. What sort of tent do you want? How big of a tent will you need to accommodate all of your guests? Will you want to use more than one tent to ensure that your party or function is set up exactly as you want it to be? These are all important questions to be asking, and if you understand your party needs, they can make picking a tent much easier.


  • Style – There are many different types of tent rentals Orange County that you can choose from. Most party tents just have a canvas roof that is held up by several long poles, with open sides. This can be useful if you have a relatively open event with spaces that you want to be in the sunlight, because people can walk easily from the covered space to the uncovered space. This is one of the most common types of tent rentals Orange County that you will see. Another possibility is to go for a tent with walls. Walled tents can be good if you are trying to enclose the event within the space of the tent for the most part. You might be thinking that this type of tent will be too dark, but most walled party tents have windows built into the canvas walls so that light can get into the tents and you don’t have to spend extra on indoor lighting such as string lights or lamps.
  • Color – Most of the large party tents that you see are a plain white canvas, which can be nice if you are holding a more low-key event or an event that you want to have a feeling of calm and tranquility. White is also good for weddings because white is such a popular wedding color. But there are other color options for your tent rentals Orange County as well. Some party planners order striped colored tents, either white with red stripes or white with blue stripes. These can be nice if you are holding an event that you want to be viewed with an added level of fun and excitement. A little splash of color can turn any function from plain and boring to invigorating!

Now that you know some basic options to consider when researching tent rentals Orange County, you are ready to have a wonderful outdoor event that will please both you and your guests!

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