Three Party Essentials

Three Party Essentials

If you’re thinking of throwing a Three Party, there are a few things that you should consider before you even begin imagining elements like your theme or location. You should always begin with the basic question of how many people will be attending the party, and what the party’s planned purpose will be. These may seem like incredibly simple questions, but they will open up a host of doors for your potential options in placement, design, and catering. However, no matter what your party’s specific details may include, there are some essentials that every great party should have and maximize to put your party into overdrive. Here are the top five party essentials, and how you can best acquire them for your event.


Three Party EssentialsThe first party essential is a proper venue. You may have your heart set on a beautiful seaside escape, but the ability to get catering and proper parking may hold you back. Because of these small issues that can quickly mount and cause problems for your event, you should have a venue that will balance your personal taste with functionality. You should select a venue that will enable you to have the right mood, but also increase the satisfaction of guests by providing comfort, convenience, and a welcoming atmosphere. Your party planners should always seek out a well-maintained and clean venue for the event.

The second party essential is good food. A party may be most enjoyable when the guests and occasion are perfect, but the food is a very memorable and tangible thing for the event. Be sure to seek out and hire a proper catering service for your guests, and take note of their allergies when making orders. Your food can reflect how courteous you are (and responsible, in many cases), because of the care involved in structuring a menu for your guests. Some areas may be more inclined to have proper catering services. For catering party rentals Orange County is among the top-ranked areas in the United States. Nearby services such as BeDazzleMyEvents are highly-rated and maintain a fantastic reputation for their pricing and catering abilities.

The third essential element for any good party or upcoming event is the lighting and overall design of your venue. You may have a perfect building picked out, of course, but you should have your pick tailored to the particular event and its requirements. A wedding will need a proper sound system and lighting rigs, especially for the reception, while events such as funerals or more subdued parties should have lighting that will not be distracting, but can still be functional for walking around and socializing. Lighting can run up an enormous charge, so you should certainly consider renting these out. Again, for lighting party rentals, Orange County is a dream come true. To find your perfect lighting setup, consider looking at galleries of previous events. You can find galleries in this style on, and request more information by phone or e-mail.