Steps to Setting Up Your Table – Charger plates Orange Country

Steps to Setting Up Your Table – Charger plates Orange Country

We’ve all be accustomed to eating in restaurants and fast food chains that we sometimes forget the real essence of setting up our own tables especially during memorable events and occasions. Plus, if you’re trying to impress your mother-in-law, a classy table setting might just do the job.Charger plates Orange County

Don’t fret! You don’t have to be a professional to do your own table. You just have to follow these simple steps. Of course, you can try reading some books and looking for some table setting samples so you can have an idea on what you can do.

  1. 1.       Plan on what you’re serving.

You’re table setting will be based on the dishes you’re going to serve. Of course, you wouldn’t to place more plates than you’re actually going to use. For formal dinners, 5-7 courses are typical. Of course, be aware of the typical order the courses are served. For example, appetizers come first, soup comes second, and desserts normally come last and so on.


  1. 2.       Choose the utensils and dishes you’ll be using.

Before actually setting up the table, you’d have to make sure that you have everything prepared. Of course, it’s important to choose the appropriate ones. You can actually use different colors and styles. If you’re set is not enough, you can actually mix as long as they go well together.

Using Charger plates Orange Country would also be a great way to add some sophistication and design. Choose a design that will match your collection. Charger Plates Orange County has the widest selection of high quality charger plates you can choose from.


  1. 3.       Start setting the dishes.

The charger will be the centerpiece of the setting. This is a large decorative plate where the dishes will be placed on. You will not put food in it. It’s just like a plate holder. Another dish would be the butter dish.


  1. 4.       Next are the utensils.

Don’t worry about having to layout different utensils. It’s easy. Basically, it works by placing the ones you’ll use first outside and go inner as you move along. For example, on the left, place the fish fork on the outermost, followed by the salad fork and then the entrée fork. Above the plate, you can place your dessert spoon and fork.  Of course, once the utensils are used, they should be removed.


  1. 5.       Then the glasses

As for the glasses, they will vary depending on what you’re serving. Normally, you’ll have a water goblet and a wine glass. The water goblet should be located above the knife. Your wine glass goes at the right of the water goblet.


These are easy steps on setting up your table. If you want to know more, you can try to read through books and look at magazines. Of course, you have to take into consideration the kind of meal you’ll be preparing for. Will it be an exquisite dinner? A carefree lunch?  A family meeting? This will take a great toll on how you’ll be setting your table.