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Post- Engagement and Wedding Planning Orange County Tips- Keep It Smart and Sensible

The wonderful moment when the he pops the big question and she says yes! Congratulations. You are officially an engaged couple. You’ve posted your engagement ring photo on Facebook and updated your relationship status. As a couple, you’re both glowing with the joy of finding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Have you bought a ton of wedding planning books already? The post- engagement stage is also a dizzying time, and be prepared for unexpected things. Here are some tips to help you cope in the midst of the “haze”:Wedding Planning Orange County

  • Say thank you to all the congratulations, but deflect the endless questions. You’ll likely to be bombarded by “When are you two getting married”? “Where is your wedding going to be”? “Is your wedding going to be big or small”? “Who are your bridesmaids”? “What’s the motif of your wedding”? “Who will design your wedding dress”? Your friends and relatives are excited and want to know more, but in the beginning, while you’re intoxicated with happiness and uncertainty, you might not know what you’re doing. Get used to using the word “fiancé” and “fiancée” in reference to your significant other. After some time, you’ll realize that planning for your wedding is both exciting and demanding. In the early days when you want to avoid more stress, deflect uncomfortable questions with “We’re still deciding” or “I’ll let you know”.
  • Figure out your budget; be realistic. You’ll have an endless supply of wedding ideas from Pinterest- style, looks, themes and DIY projects, etc. but it isn’t a place for average people taking great pictures on their iPhone. Pinterest picture-perfect weddings are as meticulously designed and created as the pages of Vogue. Pin things all day long, but keep your feet on the ground. Decide on your budget and keep a budget- friendly approach when planning your wedding.
  • Choose your wedding venue wisely. Bride magazine says that December is the biggest month for proposals and by January, venues start booking quickly. You’ll be surprised when someone tells you about a great “new” location, but there are other 5 couples inquiring when you drop by, and even if you book nine months away, most will be booked. Choosing the venue for your wedding day is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make because it guides you in every other decisions such as the dress, number of guests, food and decorations, etc. When you have your budget, start searching for venues. Ask your wedding planner, married friends or relatives or search on the internet.
  • You decide when you want to get married, not your parents, or planners. Enthusiastic opinions of friends and family come splattering on your planning slate, but note that it’s your singular decision as a couple. Summer months are ideal for weddings because of the weather and people’s availability to travel; Saturday is the best day, but Friday and Sunday are cheaper. They say you need at least one year or months and months to plan a wedding, but realistically, tying the knot is a party, and one guest has the legal authority to marry people. You can organize your wedding as quickly as possible or you can take all the time in the world. Either way, choose when and where your wedding takes place, what makes you both happy as bride and groom. The rest will fall in line.

Wedding planning Orange County can be as hassle-free as you want. Choose the best wedding planner to make special occasion perfect.



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