Mistakes to Avoid While Planning Your Wedding – wedding planner

Mistakes to Avoid While Planning Your Wedding – wedding planner

The list of things that need to get done for wedding might seem endless. With all the pieces that need to be in place for your wedding day, it’s inevitable that there’s a lot of opportunity to make mistakes. That’s where hiring a wedding planner Orange County can be helpful.


There are many mistakes that can be made – that should be avoided – while planning your wedding. Here are just a few:

  • Not staying on budget. Weddings can be expensive. There are a lot of people to hire, things to buy, and guests to feed. Spending too much on a dress when you have other options or inviting too many people will mean you have less money to spend on another part of your wedding. Try to divide your budget so that your wedding is equal parts amazing.
  • Worrying too much about your budget. Remember, when it comes to your wedding, quality is huge factor for what you buy and whom you hire. If a photographer is extra cheap, consider why that is. Saving money is important, but as long as you’re keeping within a realistic budget, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have nice things for your wedding day.
  • Forgetting about the weather. Rain is a possibility. Mother Nature probably doesn’t think about your expensive white dress before sending a storm in. Don’t just hope for the best. Have a plan in place for weather problems that might come up, especially if you’re planning on having an outdoor wedding.
  • Picking flowers that aren’t in season. Floral arrangements don’t come cheap. Floral arrangements for flowers that aren’t in bloom will be even less cheap. Talk to your florist about what your best options are, and if you’re set on a specific type of flower, shop around to get the best deal.
  • Not hiring a photographer. Your wedding is undoubtedly important and special to you. When it’s over you’ll want to have pictures to remember it. Don’t depend on friends to be taking pictures throughout the wedding on their iPhones. There’s a good chance they’ll miss some important moments. They’ll be caught up celebrating your happy day with you. Find a good photographer to capture your wedding so that you’ll always have something to remember it.
  • Forgetting to tell the hotel that it’s your wedding night. The hotel will probably be extra accommodating if you’re a newlywed. They might even have a discount or a wedding package for you to take advantage of.
  • Putting off the planning till right before the wedding. Planning a wedding is a big job. Staying organized and planning in advance will save you some stress.

Remember your wedding day is about what you, as a couple, want. Avoiding the stress that comes with wedding planning mistakes is key to making your wedding day perfect. Having some help from a wedding planner or coordinator will make your day go more smoothly. A wedding planner Orange County will also be able to help you dodge any major mistakes so that you can save time and money.