Lounge Furniture orange country for Modern Style Wedding Décor

Lounge Furniture orange country for Modern Style Wedding Décor

The venue sets the ambiance of an event. If it’s a wedding, the theme and décor done right make up an elegant and cozy atmosphere for celebrating romance and good cheer. Your coordinator typically contacts other vendors to organize the details of your wedding, including furniture rental suppliers. A significant amount of your budget is actually allotted to furniture rentals. The venue you contacted may have furniture for rent at set prices or recommend that you deal with their affiliate vendor. Either way- if you rent in-house furniture, rent from an affiliate vendor or ferret a supplier out, research about the average cost of wedding furniture rentals and bargain to get a good price.Lounge Furniture orange country

Round Tables

The party theme and décor largely focus on tables and table design. Pay more attention to the shape of the tables than the appearance because they will be covered with linens, anyway. Conversations among guests are comfortably spurred at round tables, and a 48-inch table that seats 6 guests’ costs around $8 for rent. Larger tables of 60- 66 inches seats 8 to 10 guests and costs between $8.30 – $8.50 rentals per piece. Renting larger tables is more economical because you’ll be renting fewer of the items and accompanying centerpieces.

Square and Rectangular Tables

Line up rectangular tables or arrange them standing alone for a vintage look in your Lounge Furniture orange country venue. Six- feet long rectangular tables that accommodate 6 to 8 people are rented out for $6.75 to $8.00 each. Longer tables of 8 feet that seats 10 people cost $7 to $8.50 each. The standard width of the tables (regardless of length) is usually 30 inches.

Party Chairs

The style and design of the party chairs is important, so choose wisely- unless you want them covered with rented linens instead. The chairs are basically more on display than the tables. The least priced chairs for rent are traditional white padded and stained wood chairs, $2 per item for rent. Even more economical at $1 per piece rent are folding chairs with no padding. The best choice for fancier chairs with a dining room appearance is Chiavari chairs. Chiavari chairs are more luxurious and often used in vintage and upscale weddings. Per piece costs $5- $8 rent.

Lounge Furniture

In modern style weddings, the “lounge” style or outdoor living room reception décor is a popular choice. Couches, ottomans and outdoor beds are elegantly arranged in the venue so that guests enjoy a relaxed cocktail experience.  Combined seating arrangements are set in place by placing square ottomans separately or pushing them together. Rent costs $55to $65. Instead of cocktail chairs, furnish the party venue with square beds, rented at $70- $85. If you want round beds, they’re pricier at $195 each for rent. Consult your coordinator about lounge furniture. You can buy them as combinable separates. Mix and match the pieces according to your budget so you can design an original theme suited to your space and the occasion.

If you’re from the area, ask about lounge furniture Orange County from an established supplier, for rent or sale. Look for quality and price, and be willing to pay for quality. It’s worth it.